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hatchet Ethernet frame begins with:A. PreambleB. Source MAC addressC. Cyclic redundancy checkD. Destination MAC address
Definition A. Preamble
Term Which an innovation does the IEEE 802.11 specification describe?A. Wireless networksB. Network securityC. Logical attach ControlD. Ethernet LANs
Definition A. Wireless networks
Term In which two layers of the OSI design do NICs belong?A. Physical and also Data link layersB. Presentation and also Application layersc. Network and Data connect layersD. Transport and Network layers
Definition A. Physical and Data attach layers
Term Network features are associated with only one layer of the OSI model.A. FalseB. True
Definition A. False
Term _____ is the procedure of reconstructing segmented data.A. ReassemblyB. ReengineeringC. ResegmentingD. Realigning
Definition A. Reassembly
Term In i m sorry of the following situations would it be most desirable to use a connectionless transfer layer protocol?A. When retrieving a spreadsheet from a busy file serverB. As soon as connecting come a graphics-intensive net siteC. As soon as viewing a movie top top the WebD. Once sending one e-mail message to a long list that recipients
Definition C. Once viewing a movie ~ above the Web
Term i beg your pardon layer of the OSI version encapsulates Network layer packets?A. Conference layerB. Data connect layerC. Move layerD. Physics layer
Definition B. Data connect layer
Term i m sorry layer of the OSI model is responsible because that issuing acknowledgments (ACKs)?A. Data link layerB. Applications layerC. Carry layerD. Network layer
Definition C. Deliver layer
Term In i m sorry OSI version layer does IP operate?A. Data LinkB. PhysicalC. TransportD. Network
Definition D. Network
Term i m sorry OSI version layer manages data encryption?A. PhysicalB. SessionC. ApplicationD. Presentation
Definition D. Presentation
Term i beg your pardon OSI model layer is responsible for maintaining open a interactions path between your computer and also the server when you dial in to a remote accessibility server?A. SessionB. PresentationC. PhysicalD. Data Link
Definition A. Session
Term The ____ is a solved number linked with a device\"s NIC.A. Physics addressB. Gmbh addressC. Logical addressD. Frame address
Definition A. Physics address
Term her supervisor has actually asked you to correct several cable management troubles that could be slowing down the network. I m sorry organization\"s standards will guide you in assessing your firm\"s present cabling situation?A. ISOB. IEEEC. ITUD. TIA/EIA
Definition D. TIA/EIA
Term transport layer protocols break large data units into _____.A. SegmentsB. FramesC. Block IDsD. PDUs
Definition A. Segments
Term If the TCP protocol walk not obtain an acknowledgment because that data it transmitted, what would certainly it do?A. Problem a warning framework to tell the recipient it would retransmit the data if the did not receive the acknowledgment in ~ a details time frameB. Retransmit the data to the recipientC. Worry its very own acknowledgment, indicating to the recipient that it walk not get the acknowledgment it expectedD. Reestablish the connection with the recipient
Definition B. Retransmit the data to the recipient
Term which OSI design layer generates and also detects voltage so regarding transmit and receive signals delivering data?A. PhysicalB. Data LinkC. TransportD. Network
Definition A. Physical
Term In which OSI design layer carry out hubs operate?A. Physical and also Data LinkB. PhysicalC. NetworkD. Data Link
Definition B. Physical
Term at what OSI model layer perform protocols regulate data shipment priorities?A. PresentationB. SessionC. TransportD. Network
Definition D. Network
Term _____ monitor the IAB (Internet style Board).A. ISOB. ICANNC. EIAD. ISOC
Definition D. ISOC
Term which IEEE standard defines specifications for wireless transmissions?A. 802.11B. 802.5C. 802.3D. 802.1
Definition A. 802.11
Term The Preamble of an Ethernet structure is make of:A. 128 bitsB. 32 bitsC. 7 bytesD. 16 bits
Definition C. 7 bytes
Term Cyclic redundancy examine (CRC) of an Ethernet frame is design to: (select all the apply)A. Administer authenticationB. Check data integrityC. Detect any accidental alters to data
Definition B. Check data integrityC. Detect any type of accidental changes to data
Term which statement accurately defines the OSI model?A. It defines how software program programs communicate with humans.B. It defines a theoretical depiction of what happens between two nodes connecting on a network.C. It explains how software programs communicate with other software programs.D. The prescribes the type of hardware or software that must support every layer.

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Definition B. It defines a theoretical depiction of what happens in between two nodes communicating on a network.
Term You room configuring client to interact over an Ethernet LAN. Which of the following IEEE specifications will determine which frame type your client should use?A. 802.11B. 801.2C. 801.16D. 802.3
Definition D. 802.3
Term MAC addresses:A. Is composed of 48 bitsB. Is likewise known together a physical addressC. Deserve to be presented by typing ipconfig command in windows command-line utilityD. Is composed of 64 bitsE. Has actually a component called OUI, which identifies the maker (NIC)
Definition A, B, C and also D are correct. The OUI identifies the NIC manufacturer, no the NIC.
Term The ____ is a specialized United Nations company that provides arising countries with technological expertise and also equipment to advance those nations\" technological bases.A. ISOCB. ANSIC. ISOD. ITU
Definition D. ITU
Term every network node has ____ types of addresses.A. ThreeB. FourC. FiveD. Two
Definition D. Two
Term i m sorry Data attach sublayer manages flow control?A. LLCB. MACC. Monitoring layerD. Addressing layer
Definition A. LLC
Term great 5 that the OSI model is likewise referred come as:A. Carry layerB. Applications layerC. Conference layerD. Data attach layer
Definition C. Conference layer
Term i m sorry OSI model layer initiates the flow of information?A. PhysicalB. ApplicationC. SessionD. Presentation
Definition B. Application
Term mean your network is linked to one more network via a router. Which OSI version layer gives the information essential to direct data in between the 2 networks?A. Data connect layerB. Physics layerC. Network layerD. Conference layer
Definition C. Network layer
Term Under what situations would the transport layer usage segmentation?A. When too numerous data frames are flooding into a receiving node\"s NICB. When an ext than 10 percent of transmitted frames are damagedC. When the location node cannot expropriate the size of the data blocks transmitted by the resource nodeD. Once the resource node requests the data blocks be segmented for faster processing
Definition C. As soon as the destination node cannot accept the size of the data blocks transmitted by the resource node
Term one IP deal with is an example of what type of address?A. Physics layerB. Network layerC. MAC sublayerD. Data attach sublayer
Definition B. Network layer
Term Which component of a MAC address is unique to each manufacturer?A. The destination IDB. The OUIC. The physics node IDD. The SYN
Definition B. The OUI
Term What is the function of the trailer field added to a frame in the Data attach layer?A. To indicate the amount of the error-checking algorithmB. To signal the price at i beg your pardon a node can receive the dataC. To note the end of a frameD. To represent the frame\"s succession number
Definition C. To note the finish of a frame
Term What room the sublayers the the Data connect layer as characterized in the IEEE 802 standards?A. Logical connect Control sublayer and also Media accessibility Control sublayerB. Transport regulate sublayer and also Media access Control sublayerC. Logical connect Control sublayer and also Physical Addressing sublayerD. Transport regulate sublayer and Data attach Control sublayer
Definition A. Logical connect Control sublayer and also Media access Control sublayer
Term intend that, in ~ the receiving node, a frame\"s FCS doesn\"t complement the FCS it to be issued at the transmitting node. What happens together a result?A. The receiving node\"s transfer layer assesses the error and corrects it.B. The transmitting node\"s Data link layer assesses the error and also corrects it.C. The receiving node\"s Data connect layer inquiry a retransmission.D. The transmitting node\"s transfer layer immmediately concerns a replacement frame.
Definition C. The receiving node\"s Data link layer requests a retransmission.
Term i m sorry of the adhering to would be found in a Data connect layer header?A. The packet\"s fragmentation offsetB. The packet\"s sequence numberC. The source\"s reasonable addressD. The source\"s physical address
Definition D. The source\"s physical address
Term by default, what is the largest data payload that packets on an Ethernet network can accept?A. 64 bytesB. 128 bytesC. 1500 bytesD. 2400 bytes
Definition C. 1500 bytes
Term 802.2
Definition The IEEE traditional for error and also flow control in data frames.
Term 802.3
Definition The IEEE standard for Ethernet networking devices and also data managing (using the CSMA/CD accessibility method).
Term 802.5
Definition The IEEE traditional for token ring networking devices and also data handling.
Term 802.11
Definition The IEEE conventional for wireless networking.
Term ACK (acknowledgment)
Definition A an answer generated in ~ the carry layer that the OSI version that confirms to a sender that its framework was received. The ACK packet is the third of three in the three-step process of developing a connection.
Term ANSI (American nationwide Standards Institute)
Definition An organization composed of much more than 1000 to represent from industry and also government that together recognize standards for the electronics industry in enhancement to various other fields, such as chemical and nuclear engineering, health and safety, and also construction.
Term API (application programming interface)
Definition A set of routines that make up part of a software application application.
Term applications layer
Definition The saturday layer the the OSI model. Applications layer protocols enable software programs to negotiate formatting, procedural, security, synchronization, and also other needs with the network.
Term checksum
Definition A method of error checking the determines if the contents of an getting here data unit match the materials of the data unit sent by the source.
Term connection oriented
Definition A kind of transport layer protocol that requires the establishment of a connection between communicating nodes before it will certainly transmit data.
Term connectionless
Definition A type of move layer protocol that services a request without requiring a verified session and also without guaranteeing shipment of data.
Term CRC (cyclic redundancy check)
Definition An algorithm (or mathematics routine) supplied to verify the accuracy the data had in a data frame.
Term Data attach layer
Definition The 2nd layer in the OSI model. The Data link layer bridges the networking media v the Network layer. Its primary duty is to division the data that receives from the Network layer right into frames that can then it is in transmitted by the physical layer.
Term EIA (Electronic sectors Alliance)
Definition A trade company composed of representatives from electronics manufacturing firms across the United says that sets requirements for electronic equipment and lobbies for regulation favorable come the growth of the computer and also electronics industries.
Term encapsulate
Definition The procedure of pack one layers\"s PDU with protocol info so that it deserve to be understood by a lower layer. Because that example, Data attach layer protocols encapsulate Network layer packets in frames.
Term Ethernet
Definition A networking modern technology originally occurred at Xerox in the 1970s and also improved through Digital equipment Corporation, Intel, and Xerox. Ethernet, i m sorry is the many common type of network infection technology, complies with the IEEE 802.3 standard.
Term EUI-64 (Extended distinct Identifier-64)
Definition The IEEE standard specifying 64-bit physics addresses. In the EUI-64 scheme, the OUI part of an deal with is 24 bits in length. A 40-bit expansion identifier renders up the remainder of the physical address to total 64 bits.
Term expansion identifier
Definition A unique collection of personalities assigned to every NIC through its manufacturer. In the traditional, 48-bit physical addressing scheme, the extension identifier is 24 bits long.
Term FCS (frame inspect sequence)
Definition The field in a frame responsible for ensuring that data lugged by the structure arrives intact. It offers an algorithm, such together CRC, to achieve this verification.
Term flow control
Definition A an approach of gauging the appropriate rate the data transmission based upon how fast the recipient deserve to accept data.
Term fragmentation
Definition A Network layer service that subdivides segments it receives native the deliver layer into smaller packets.
Term frame
Definition A package because that data that includes not only the raw data, or \"payload,\" but also the sender\"s and recipient\"s addressing and control information. Frames are produced at the Data attach layer the the OSI model and are issued to the network at the physics layer.
Term HTTP (Hypertext move Protocol)
Definition An application layer protocol that formulates and interprets requests between Web clients and servers
Term IAB (Internet style Board)
Definition A technical advisory team of researchers and also technical professionals responsible for net growth and also management strategy, resolution of technological disputes, and standards oversight.
Term IANA (Internet Assigned numbers Authority)
Definition A nonprofit, United says government-funded group that was developed at the university of southern California and also charged with controlling IP resolve allocation and the Domain surname System. The oversight for plenty of of IANA\"s attributes was offered to ICANN in 1998; however, IANA proceeds to perform internet addressing and Domain Name mechanism administration.
Term ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
Definition The nonprofit corporation right now designated by the joined States government to maintain and assign IP addresses.
Term IEEE (Institute the Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Definition An international society composed of design professionals. Its objectives are come promote advance and education and learning in the electric engineering and computer science fields.
Term IETF (Internet engineering Task Force)
Definition An company that sets requirements for exactly how systems connect over the web (for example, just how protocols operate and interact).
Term IP (Internet Protocol)
Definition A main point protocol in the TCP/IP suite that operates in the Network layer of the OSI model and also provides information about how and where data have to be delivered. IP is the subprotocol that permits TCP/IP come internetwork.
Term IP address
Definition The Network layer attend to assigned come nodes to uniquely recognize them ~ above a TCP/IP network. IPv4 addresses consists 32 bits divided into four octets, or bytes. IPv6 addresses are composed of eight 16-bit fields, for a total of 128 bits.
Term ISO (International company for Standardization)
Definition A repertoire of standards organizations representing 162 countries with headquarters situated in Geneva, Switzerland. Its goal is to establish international technological standards to facilitate the global exchange the information and also barrier-free trade.
Term ISOC (Internet Society)
Definition A expert organization v members native 90 chapters roughly the world that help to establish technical requirements for the Internet.
Term ISP (Internet organization provider)
Definition A organization that offers organizations and individuals with Internet access and often, other services, such together e-mail and Web hosting.
Term ITU (International Telecommunication Union)
Definition A united Nations company that regulates worldwide telecommunications and also provides occurring countries with technological expertise and equipment to development their technical bases.
Term gmbh (Logical connect Control) sublayer
Definition The top sublayer in the Data link layer. The LLC provides a usual interface and also supplies reliability and also flow control services.
Term MAC (Media access Control) sublayer
Definition The reduced sublayer of the Data attach layer. The MAC appends the physical attend to of the destination computer system onto the frame.
Term MTU (maximum transmission unit)
Definition The largest data unit a network (for example, Ethernet or Token Ring) will accept because that transmission.
Term network address
Definition A distinctive identifying number for a network node that complies with a hierarchical addressing scheme and also can it is in assigned with operating device software. Network addresses are added to data packets and also interpreted through protocols at the Network layer of the OSI model.
Term Network layer
Definition The third layer in the OSI model. Protocols in the Network layer analyze network addresses right into their physical counterparts and also decide how to path data native the sender to the receiver.
Term OSI (Open equipment Interconnection) model
Definition A version for understanding and also developing computer-to-computer communication occurred in the 1980s by ISO. That divides networking functions amongst seven layers: Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application.
Term OUI (Organizationally unique Identifier)
Definition A 24-bit character sequence assigned by IEEE that shows up at the start of a network interface\"s physical attend to and identify the NIC\"s manufacturer.
Term PDU (protocol data unit)
Definition A unit that data at any type of layer the the OSI model.
Term physical address
Definition A 48- or 64-bit network interface identifier that consists of two parts: the OUI, assigned by IEEE come the manufacturer, and also the expansion identifier, a distinctive number assigned to each NIC through the manufacturer.
Term physical layer
Definition The lowest, or first, layer of the OSI model. Protocols in the physics layer generate and also detect signal so regarding transmit and receive data end a network medium. These protocols also collection the data infection rate and also monitor data error rates, but do not provide error correction.
Term Presentation layer
Definition The 6th layer that the OSI model. Protocols in the Presentation class translate in between the application and the network. Here, data space formatted in a schema the the network can understand, v the style varying according to the type of network used. The Presentation layer also manages data encryption and decryption, such together the scrambling of device passwords.
Term reassembly
Definition The process of reconstructing data units that have actually been segmented.
Term RIR (Regional web Registry)
Definition A not-for-profit company that manages the distribution of IP addresses to private and public entities. ARIN is the RIR because that North, Central, and also South America and sub-Saharan Africa. APNIC is the RIR for Asia and the Pacific region. RIPE is the RIR for Europe and also North Africa.
Term route
Definition To intelligently straight data between networks based on addressing, fads of usage, and accessibility of network segments.
Term router
Definition A device that associate network segments and also directs data based on information contained in the data packet.
Term segment
Definition A unit the data that results from subdividing a larger protocol data unit.
Term segmentation
Definition The procedure of to decrease the size of data devices when moving data from a network that can handle larger data devices to a network than deserve to handle only smaller data units.
Term sequencing
Definition The process of assigning a placeholder to each piece of a data block to allow the receiving node\"s move layer to reassemble the data in the correct order.
Term session
Definition A connection for data exchange between two parties. The ax session may be used in the paper definition of Web, far access, or terminal and also mainframe communications, for example.
Term session layer
Definition The 5th layer in the OSI model. The session layer establishes and also maintains communication in between two nodes top top the network. It have the right to be considered the \"traffic cop\" because that communications, such as videoconferencing, that require exactly coordinated data exchange.
Term standard
Definition A documented commitment containing technical specifications or other precise criteria that are offered as guidelines come ensure the materials, products, processes, and also services fit their to plan purpose.
Term SYN (synchronization)
Definition The packet one node sends out to inquiry a connection with one more node top top the network. The SYN packet is the very first of 3 in the three-step procedure of creating a connection.
Term SYN-ACK (synchronization-acknowledgment)
Definition The packet a node sends out to identify to one more node that it has actually received a SYN inquiry for connection. The SYN-ACK packet is the 2nd of three in the three-step process of establishing a connection.
Term terminal
Definition A device with small (if any) the its own processing or disk capacity that depends on a host to supply it with applications and data-processing services.
Term three-way handshake
Definition A three-step process in which deliver layer protocols develop a connection between nodes. The three procedures are: Node A worries a SYN packet come node B, node B responds v SYN-ACK, and also node A responds with ACK.
Term TIA (Telecommunications sector Association)
Definition A subgroup the the EIA that concentrates on standards for information technology, wireless, satellite, fiber optics, and also telephone equipment. Probably the finest known standards to come indigenous the TIA/EIA alliance are its indict for just how network cable must be mounted in advertising buildings, well-known as the \"TIA/EIA 568-B Series.\"
Term token
Definition A special control frame that shows to the remainder of the network the a details node has the appropriate to transmit data.
Term token ring
Definition A networking technology developed by IBM in the 1980s. It relies upon straight links in between nodes and a ring topology, making use of tokens to allow nodes to transmit data.

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Term deliver layer
Definition The fourth layer the the OSI model. In the transfer layer, protocols ensure that data are transferred from allude A to suggest B reliably and without errors. Transport layer services encompass flow control, acknowledgment, error correction, segmentation, reassembly, and sequencing.