Which debate did chairman Abraham Lincoln use versus the secession the the southern States?- enslavement was no profitable- The federal government was a union that people and not the states.- The Southern says did not permit their people to poll on secession.- together the command in Chief, he had actually the duty to defend the united States versus foreign invasion.

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The abolitionist movement, the women"s suffrage movement, and also the 1960"s polite rights motion are all instances of reform efforts that- succeeded without causing significant controversy- developed far-reaching popular support- achieved their goals without federal government action- failure to influence the country as a whole
Which statement best explains president Abraham Lincoln"s justification because that the polite War?- together an abolitionist, chairman Lincoln wanted to finish slavery in the unified States.- chairman Lincoln wanted to store the South financially dependent top top the commercial North.- president Lincoln"s oath the office compelled him to defend and preserve the Union.- To keep the assistance of great Britain and also France, president Lincoln had actually to try to finish slavery immediately.
A major result that the Civil battle was that the- financial system that the South pertained to dominate the United says economy- commonwealth Government"s strength over the claims was strengthened- members of congress from Southern states gained control of the legislative branch- nation"s industrial advancement came come a standstill
Sectional differences arisen in the joined States greatly because- the federal Government embraced a plan of neutrality- financial conditions and also interests in each region varied- only northerners were represented at the constitutional Convention- at an early stage Presidents favored urban areas over rural areas
"By the 1850"s, the Constitution, initially framed together an tool of national unity, had end up being a resource of sectional discord."This quotation suggests that- huge differences the opinion existed over the concern of states rights- the Federal government had become an ext interested in international affairs 보다 in domestic problems- the Constitution had no provisions because that governing brand-new territories- the southern States ongoing to income slaves
Early in his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln claimed that his primary goal as President to be to- obtrude the Emancipation Proclamation- preserve the Union- finish slavery transparent the entire country- encourage sectionalism
The rulings the the supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857), Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), and also Korematsu v. United says (1944) all show that the supreme Court has- ongoing to prolong voting rights to minorities- defended itself from interior dissent- occasionally failed to safeguard the civil liberties of minorities- often implemented restrictions on cost-free speech during wartime
"Compromise permits Maine and Missouri To get in Union" (1820)"California Admitted to Union as free State" (1850)"Kansas-Nebraska act Sets Up renowned Sovereignty" (1854)Which issue is reflected in this headlines?- it spreads widespread of safety tariffs- expansion of slavery- voting legal rights for minorities- universal public education
Before the civil War, slavery broadened in the South fairly than in the north because- the Constitution had a clause that outlawed the income of slaves into the north states- congress passed a law forbidding slavery in the North- northern states happen affirmative action legislation- geographic problems in the South motivated the breakthrough of huge plantations
Which phrase finest completes the title because that the partial outline displayed below? I. Factors for the ______________________ A. Boosting sectionalism B. Arguments over states" rights problems C. Breakdown of weaken D. Election of 1860 - begin of the Revolutionary War- fostering of the bill of Rights- fail of the Whiskey Rebellion- Secession the Southern states from the Union
"A residence divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free." -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 follow to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln believed that - enslavement was immoral and should be abolished immediately- sectional distinctions threatened to destroy the Union- the southern states should be permitted to secede- to save the nation, the North should compromise through the southern on slavery
"A home divided versus itself cannot stand. . . . I perform not expect the Union to be dissolved; I carry out not intend the home to fall; but I do expect it will cease to it is in divided. That will come to be all one thing, or every the other. . . ." -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 The "divided house" described in this decided was caused primarily by - expansionism- war through Mexico- slavery- the suffrage movement
The choice results shown on this map most clearly reflect the affect of - conference motives- sectional differences- political stability- ethnic conflicts
As the Civil battle began, chairman Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that his primary goal was to- finish slavery- set new national boundaries- increase congressional powers- keep the Union
The civil War affected the northern economic situation by- resulting in a significant depression- enhancing unemployment rates- decreasing demand for agricultural products- stimulating industrialization
Which statement is finest supported through the data in the table? - The Confederate troops shed the Civil war as a result of their higher numbers that injuries and also fatalities.- The Union army had much better generals during the polite War.- The Civil battle had much more casualties than any other war.- much more soldiers passed away from condition than native wounds.

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The North"s rapid economic growth throughout the Civil battle was created by- the elimination of counting on defense industries- a palliation in the number of immigrants- enhanced government need for countless products- enslaved persons filling commercial jobs
Prior come the civil War, abolitionists reaction to the instance described in the poster by- supporting the secret Railroad- the opposite the Emancipation Proclamation- banning freed slaves from northern states- proposing a stricter fugitive slave law
What is the most accurate title because that this map?- closing the Frontier- outcomes of Reconstruction- A country Divided- damage of 1850
In the 1850s, why did many runaway slaves go come Canada?- they feared gift drafted right into the northern army.- The Fugitive servant Act kept them at risk in the united States.- much more factory tasks were available in Canada.- northern abolitionists refuse to help fugitive slaves.

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