Which debate did President Abraham Lincoln usage against the secession of the Southern States?- Slaincredibly was not profitable- The government was a union of world and also not of states.- The Southern States did not permit their people to vote on secession.- As the Commander in Chief, he had actually the duty to safeguard the United States versus foreign invasion.

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The abolitionist movement, the women"s suffrage motion, and the 1960"s civil civil liberties activity are all examples of redevelop efforts that- thrived without leading to major controversy- arisen considerable renowned support- completed their objectives without government action- failed to affect the nation as a whole
Which statement best explains President Abraham Lincoln"s justification for the Civil War?- As an abolitionist, President Lincoln wanted to end slaexceptionally in the USA.- President Lincoln wanted to keep the South economically dependent on the industrial North.- President Lincoln"s oath of office compelled him to safeguard and preserve the Union.- To store the assistance of Great Britain and also France, President Lincoln had to try to finish slavery automatically.
A significant outcome of the Civil War was that the- financial mechanism of the South involved dominate the USA economy- Federal Government"s power over the States was strengthened- members of Congress from Southern States acquired control of the legislative branch- nation"s industrial advance pertained to a standstill
Sectional distinctions occurred in the USA mainly because- the Federal Government adopted a plan of neutrality- financial problems and also interests in each region varied- just northerners were stood for at the Constitutional Convention- at an early stage Pcitizens favored metropolitan locations over rural areas
"By the 1850"s, the Constitution, originally framed as an instrument of national unity, had become a source of sectional discord."This quotation suggests that- substantial distinctions of opinion existed over the issue of States rights- the Federal Government had actually come to be even more interested in foreign affairs than in domestic problems- the Constitution had no provisions for governing new territories- the Southern States continued to import slaves
Early in his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln asserted that his main goal as President was to- enpressure the Emancipation Proclamation- keep the Union- end slaincredibly throughout the whole country- encourage sectionalism
The rulings of the Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857), Plessy v. Fergukid (1896), and also Korematsu v. United States (1944) all demonstrate that the Supreme Court has- continued to extend voting legal rights to minorities- safeguarded itself from interior dissent- occasionally faicaused defend the rights of minorities- often applied restrictions on cost-free speech throughout wartime
"Compromise Enables Maine and Missouri To Get in Union" (1820)"The golden state Admitted to Union as Free State" (1850)"Kansas-Nebraska Act Sets Up Popular Sovereignty" (1854)Which worry is reflected in these headlines?- enactment of protective tariffs- expansion of slavery- voting rights for minorities- universal public education
Before the Civil War, slaextremely expanded in the South fairly than in the North because- the Constitution included a clause that outlawed the importation of slaves right into the Northern states- Congress passed a regulation forbidding slaextremely in the North- Northern says passed affirmative action legislation- geographical conditions in the South encouraged the development of big plantations
Which expression finest completes the title for the partial outline shown below? I. Reasons for the ______________________ A. Increasing sectionalism B. Disagreements over states" legal rights problems C. Breakdvery own of damage D. Election of 1860 - Start of the Revolutionary War- Adchoice of the Bill of Rights- Failure of the Whiscrucial Rebellion- Secession of Southern States from the Union
"A house separated versus itself cannot stand also. I believe this federal government cannot endure permanently fifty percent slave and fifty percent free." -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 According to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln believed that - slaincredibly was imethical and must be aboliburned immediately- sectional differences endangered to ruin the Union- the Southern claims should be allowed to secede- to conserve the country, the North should deteriorate via the South on slavery
"A home separated against itself cannot stand also. . . . I execute not expect the Union to be dissolved; I carry out not intend the house to fall; yet I execute expect it will certainly cease to be separated. It will become all one point, or all the other. . . ." -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 The "split house" referred to in this speech was caused mainly by - expansionism- war with Mexico- slavery- the suffrage movement
The election outcomes displayed on this map the majority of clearly reflect the influence of - nationalist motives- sectional differences- political stability- ethnic conflicts
As the Civil War began, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that his primary goal was to- finish slavery- collection new national boundaries- increase congressional powers- keep the Union
The Civil War impacted the north economic situation by- bring about a significant depression- increasing joblessness rates- decreasing demand for farming products- stimulating industrialization
Which statement is ideal sustained by the information in the table? - The Confedeprice troops shed the Civil War as an outcome of their higher numbers of injuries and also fatalities.- The Union army had better generals in the time of the Civil War.- The Civil War had more casualties than any other war.- More soldiers died from illness than from wounds.

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The North"s quick economic growth in the time of the Civil War was engendered by- the elimicountry of taxes on defense industries- a reduction in the variety of immigrants- increased government demand for many kind of products- enslaved persons filling commercial jobs
Prior to the Civil War, abolitionists reacted to the instance defined in the poster by- sustaining the Underground Railroad- opposing the Emancipation Proclamation- banning freed servants from Northern states- proposing a stricter fugitive slave law
What is the a lot of precise title for this map?- Closing the Frontier- Results of Reconstruction- A Nation Divided- Compromise of 1850
In the 1850s, why did many type of runaway slaves go to Canada?- They feared being drafted into the Northern army.- The Fugitive Slave Act kept them at danger in the United States.- More factory jobs were available in Canada.- Northern abolitionists refprovided to aid fugitive servants.
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The AmericansGerald A. Danzer, J. Jorge Klor de Alva, Larry S. Krieger, Louis E. Wilboy, Nancy Woloch
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