Ed, Edd n Eddy speak the story of three finest friends, that band together to handle life’s many daunting an obstacle - puberty. Despite they have the same first name and live ~ above the exact same cul-de-sac in the suburbs, the three youths have really different personalities, which contribute to the confusion, contradiction and just level awkwardness that defines farming up.

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Ed, Edd n Eddy speak the story that three best friends, who band with each other to handle life’s challenges. Despite they have actually the same very first name and also live ~ above the same cul-de-sac in the suburbs, the 3 youths have an extremely different personalities.


1. The Ed-Touchables/Nagged come Ed

Edd is mad since someone has been in his room poignant his stuff. Then, the Ed... More


2. Pop Goes the Ed/Over her Ed

At Nazz's sprinkler party, the Eds shot to present off in front of the kids and end ... More


3. Teacher Ed-A-Lot/A Pinch to flourish an Ed

Ed has to baby-sit Sarah. Edd and also Eddy show up, and also Sarah has them offering her an... More


4. Dawn that the Eds/Vert-Ed-Go

On their way to view a brand-new sci-fi movie, the Eds' imaginations run amok. Lock cra... More


5. Check out All about Ed/Quick shot Ed

When Eddy finds out you gain paid to have a file route, he indications the Eds up. Edd... More

6. An Ed too Many/Ed-N-Seek

Sarah develops a like on Edd and follows the Eds everywhere. Fed up through the lo... More

7. Look into My Eds/Tag Yer Ed

When Edd it s okay a hypnotizing pinwheel in the mail, Eddy offers it to hypnotize ever... More

8. Fool on the Ed/A Boy and His Ed

Eddy decides he's going to play practical jokes on the ar kids but the... More

9. Laugh Ed Laugh/It's way Ed

The cul-de-sac is deserted when the kids come down through chicken pox. Then, the n... More

10. A Glass of heat Ed/Flea Bitten Ed

The guys discover Ed is sleepwalking right into people's houses and also eating the end of thei... More

11. Who, What, whereby Ed!/Keeping Up v the Eds

The Eds decision they desire an egg native Rolf therefore they have the right to hatch their really own chick... More

12. Eds-Aggerate/Oath to an Ed

When the Eds rest Kevin's window, Eddy lies to cover that up. Then, as soon as Eddy see... More

13. Button Yer Ed/Avast Ye Eds

Eddy loser his voice, and Edd and Ed can't interact with him. When they disco... More

Know It every Ed: The Eds uncover a box of turkey basters in the junkyard. Eddy selling them to the neighborhood kids as Imported Canadian Squirt Guns. The cul-de-sac soon turns into the Wild West./Dear Ed: when the Eds discover out Jonny 2x4 and also Plank had actually a fall out, they type a matchmaking service. They shot to collection Jonny up v a litany of household objects but the dates are disasters.
Knock, Knock, Who's Ed?: sarah locks the Eds the end of the home just as a Cyclops movie marathon is about to start. Once their attempts come get back inside fail, they shot to acquire into the other kids' residences to clock the show./One plus One equates to Ed: Edd tells Eddy and also Ed that if you want to understand something, you have to take that apart. The males start taking apart every little thing in the cul-de-sac and before also long, also reality isn't safe.
Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Ed: Eddy decides to play a hoax on Ed's overactive imagination and also convinces him that Edd is yes, really a creature from one more world./Ready, Set…Ed: excited by Kevin's insurance claims he's setting world records, Eddy thinks he and also his pals have the right to do better. The Eds effort to to win Kevin at his own game.
Hands throughout Ed: ~ watching Ed execute an instant song-and-dance routine, Eddy decides to put on a show. The Eds notice a neighborhood telethon come raise money for Ed's eyebrow operation./Floss Yer Ed: Ed has actually a loose tooth. Edd and Eddy make miscellaneous attempts to traction it out yet it proves how amazing resilient. Eddy invites the neighborhood youngsters to join in, promising to share his this Fairy money.
In favor Ed: Eddy is convinced Kevin should be a spy, so the Eds collection up an agency to track Kevin's movements. Eddy vow to foil Kevin's sinister plan, if they might only figure out what that is./Who permit the Ed In?: lost in one of his moments, Ed introduce Eddy and also Edd to his imaginary friend Jib. At first, Edd and Eddy feeling him, but before too long, Jib's whims and whines are running the show.
Homecooked Eds: Eddy find the Kanker sisters' trailer parked ~ above his lawn because that their household vacation. The girls attack Ed, Edd and also Eddy's lives, and Eddy resolves to uncover the Kankers a new holiday spot./Rambling Ed: Worn the end by his sisters Sarah's demanding methods Ed to package his room right into a pair that suitcases and also moves out. Eddy and also Edd help Ed scour the ar for a new place to live.
Key to mine Ed: Ed find a crucial in the street, and also Eddy is determined to uncover out what it opens. But when naught unlocks, Eddy decides to organize the crucial for ransom, certain that the owner is desperate to obtain it back./To Sir with Ed: Eddy's parents room out because that dinner and hired Nazz to baby-sit. Nazz's adolescent girl behavior baffles and also frightens the Eds: castle think she's there because that a day with Eddy.
Urban Ed: Eddy thinks the pace of life in the cul-de-sac is too slow-moving so he schemes to revolve the community into a bustling cityscape./Stop, watch Ed: all over the Eds look, there's a authorize saying they can't perform something. Eddy convinces Ed and also Edd that those rule don't use to them. Chaos reigns together everyone walk the things they always wanted to.
Honor thy Ed: Ed, Edd and Eddy wander into an abandoned house and also discover the Kanker sisters have collection it up because that a triple wedding ceremony. It i do not care a home of horror as the Eds shot to escape your brides./Scrambled Ed: Eddy has actually come up with a an excellent scam. Too negative Edd's seriously sleep deprived. Eddy and Ed put Edd to work yet Edd can't think directly so his plans prosper increasingly bizarre.
Rent-A-Ed: Eddy and also Edd kind a repair agency using Ed together their multi-purpose tool. The Eds go into kids' dwellings to repair broken things. Unfortunately, Ed breaks every little thing he touches./Shoo Ed: Jonny 2x4 irritates Kevin through hanging around him all the time. As soon as Kevin asks the Eds to eliminate him, Eddy realizes they could run a lucrative Jonny pest control business.
Ed in a Halfshell: leaving for she ballet class, buy it puts Ed in fee of Jimmy. Once the males attempt come play v Jimmy, Eddy decides to present him what it's choose to it is in a grown-up./Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed: The Eds sign up with the neighborhood youngsters in a video game of truth or Dare. They challenge one one more to switch personalities and also imitate one another. By the end of the day, no one have the right to remember who's who.
Hot Buttered Ed: Ed, Edd and also Eddy wake up up early so they deserve to be the first ones in ~ the swimming hole. When they arrive, they find all the an excellent spots room taken. Eddy resolves to scam his method to a better spot./High Heeled Eds: Ed, Edd and Eddy uncover all the guys in the neighborhood are far at the go-cart races. Every that's left is girls and also Jimmy. Eddy have to adapt his scams to feminine desires.
Fa-La-La-La-Ed: Ed becomes encouraged Santa Claus is the town hall his every move so he prevents doing anything that can be understood as naughty. Meanwhile, Edd refuses to stand under Ed's mistletoe./Cry Ed: Eddy is desperate because that attention. When he sees part neighborhood kids rescue Jimmy native trouble, Eddy decides to have actually some crashes of his own. Shortly Eddy and also Jimmy are an accident duel.
Wish You to be Ed: with Rolf pining because that the old country, Ed, Edd and Eddy construct a cheat to take him there. After producing a replica the Rolf's village, the Eds soon find themselves getting a class in his culture./Momma's little Ed: Edd won't go exterior to play till he's finished his chores therefore Eddy and also Ed play a handy joke top top Edd by placing up fake difficult notes native his parents with increasingly bizarre jobs to complete.
Once ~ above an Ed: ~ they obtain stuck in Jonny's bedroom wall, Ed, Edd and also Eddy every tell their variation of exactly how they finished up there./For her Ed Only: A scam gone wrong ends through the Eds crash-landing in Sarah's bedroom, wherein they obtain a host of her secret diary.
It came from external Ed: Ed wants to execute his very own scam based upon a comic book he's reading yet it turns right into a day of fear for Edd and also Eddy./3 Squares and an Ed: Ed has been grounded by his parents and can't leave his bedroom uneven Edd and Eddy can discover a method to bust that out.
Dueliing Eds: when Eddy coincidentally offends Rolf, Rolf difficulties him come a duel./Dim Lit Ed: Edd is frustrated because every one of the neighborhood kids are exhilaration dumb, therefore he resolves come smarten them up.
Will work for Ed: as soon as Rolf searches because that hired help, Eddy make the efforts to to convince him the Ed is the man for the job./Ed, Ed and Away: Ed, Edd and Eddy clues a drifting balloon and become obsessed with catching it.
X point out the Ed: Eddy gets a zit top top his face and also refuses to it is in seen. No matter what that does, anyone is attracted to the blemish./From here to Ed: ~ a an especially ugly incident, Eddy declares war on Kevin.
Ed or Tails: Ed shows up with a parcel containing 2 Jawbreakers. Yet two Jawbreakers plus 3 boys equates to one large fight./Boys will Be Eds: all of the community boys are trying to impress Nazz through the battle soon escalating right into a war for she attention.
Gimme Gimme never Ed: Eddy discovers Plank will certainly pay because that thrill rides but the Eds' attempts to accomplish Plank lead to real danger./My fair Ed: ~ the neighborhood youngsters complain about their obnoxious behavior, Edd tries to turn Eddy and Ed into gentlemen.
Rock-A-Bye Ed: ~ Ed has actually a nightmare about Jonny 2x4, he i do not care terrified that him and relies ~ above Edd and also Eddy to aid calm his nerves./O-Ed Eleven: Ed, Edd and also Eddy find a covert treasure map that leads them into the Kanker sisters' trailer park.
The lucky of the Ed: Eddy asks Ed to hide his Frisky magazines because that him however Ed forgets where he put them./Ed...Pass that On…: To obtain some respect in the neighborhood, Eddy start a rumor the his older brother is comes home.
Brother have the right to You spare an Ed: Sarah sends Ed come the candy store with money for fudge, but he safety the cash on Jawbreakers instead./The work the Ed was standing Still: Eddy and also Edd make a monster fit for Ed. But as quickly as Ed puts that on, he thinks he's a genuine monster and starts terrorizing the neighborhood.
Someone in the cul-de-sac is framing Ed, Edd and Eddy, and now lock must discover a way to clear their names.
Don't Rain on my Ed: The candy save is providing away complimentary Jawbreakers, but on their method there, the Eds uncover their course blocked by one endless series of obstacles./Once Bitten, double Ed: The neighborhood youngsters are propelled to distraction once Eddy keeps recycling the very same scam over and also over again.
An Ed in the Bush: The city Rangers go for a camp-out in the woods, wherein Ed, Edd and also Eddy fix to provide them a great scare./See No Ed: Ed, Edd and Eddy space nowhere to it is in seen. Kevin investigates, convinced it's all simply a devious Ed plot.
Is over there an Ed in the House: buy it is ailing in bed. Ed insists ~ above staying house to take treatment of her, which drives Eddy crazy./An Ed Is Born: Ed, Edd and also Eddy decision to film a video for Eddy's brother to present him exactly how cool castle are.
One size Fits Ed: Eddy think he'll make big bucks by fattening Jimmy up and also shipping him come Japan to be a sumo wrestler./Pain in the Ed: as soon as Ed is forced to take it up violin, Eddy spends the whole day do the efforts to destroy the lattice instrument.
Ed Overboard: Eddy and also Edd must turn to the metropolitan Rangers for help after the Kanker sisters kidnap Ed./One of Those Eds: everyone in the community competes to be the first to eliminate a quarter that's stuck to the sidewalk.
They contact Him Mr. Ed: Ed, Edd and Eddy spend the day attempting to move up in the world./For the Ed, through the Ed: when Jimmy nominates Plank to be King of the Cul-de-sac, Eddy decides to operation an election campaign against him.
Little Ed Blue: Eddy and also Ed are propelled to your breaking points once Ed inexplicably i do not care bitter and difficult./A twist of Ed: Edd convinces Ed and Eddy that they deserve to turn turn off the Kanker sisters for great if they pursue them romantically.
Your Ed Here: Eddy is horrified as soon as Kevin finds out that Eddy's center name is Skipper./The good Ol' Ed: Ed, Edd and also Eddy reminisce about past exploits once Edd asks them to add to his new time capsule.
Thick together an Ed: Eddy is captured in the middle when Edd and Ed fight over Ed's stinky jacket./Sorry, dorn Ed: Ed, Edd and also Eddy run afoul that Rolf's cursed phone.
Robbin' Ed: Eddy vow revenge once a masked stranger makes off v the proceeds the his recent scam./A situation of Ed: After reading a medical textbook, Edd becomes convinced he has symptoms the a terminal disease.
Run for your Ed: The Kanker Sisters are combing the cul-de-sac for a lacking heirloom as soon as Edd and also Eddy uncover that it's grounding on Ed's finger./Hand Me under Ed: A mysterious neighborhood toy is passed indigenous one human to another and changes everyone who touches it.
Stiff top Ed: Eddy is unhappy around his height so Edd and Ed attempt to make him taller. Eventually, Edd makes him a pair of hydraulic communication shoes that work great until the Kankers get hold of the controls./Heres mud in your Ed: Rolf and Jimmy cheat Eddy into buying seed that grow into a money tree.
Stuck in Ed: Eddy has actually a poor case of cheat block and also is compelled to go to Jimmy because that help./Postcards native the Ed: as soon as Plank's parents concerned town, Ed irritates Eddy by offering to show them approximately the cul-de-sac.
After Eddy opens up a job counseling center, that imagines what life would certainly be like when he and also his pals room old.
Mission Ed Possible: ~ school, Edd sets out to deliver Eddy and also Ed's abysmal report cards to their parents. Come Eddy and also Ed, this means war./Every Which method but Ed: The Eds acquire lost in a collection of escalating flashbacks and also find themselves unable to return home.
Boom eight Out goes the Ed: Panic and fear operation rampant once Ed, Edd, and also Eddy's quiet cul-de-sac is plunged right into darkness by a strength outage./Cleanliness Is next to Edness: Edd is compelled on a desperate journey of an individual hygiene, as soon as his parents renovate your bathroom.
Ed, Edd, and Eddy endure the ultimate injustice: the final day of Summer Vacation and the an initial day that school.
I am Curious Ed: Jimmy and also Sarah embark ~ above a journey v the cul-de-sac in find of an answer to the age-old question of where babies come from?/No Speak Da Ed: It's pen pal day at Peach Creek small High and Ed's correspondence v his pen pal is make Rolf mysteriously angry.
Cool Hand Ed: Eddy decides he's had enough of the daily drudgery of school and also hatches a setup to bust out./Too smart for His very own Good: Edd i do not care the institution pariah once he loser to Ed in the yearly school spelling bee.
Who's Minding the Ed: Ed ropes Edd and Eddy into taking treatment of Rolf's pets while Rolf attends a household reunion./Pick an Ed: Suspicious that the other youngsters are badmouthing him, Eddy goes undercover as new kid Carl from Ecuador.
Truth or Ed: Under the school file pseudonym Bobby Blabby, Eddy fabricates every manner that juicy gossip around the children for cash!/This Won't pains an Ed: when Eddy finds the end Kevin has a crippling phobia that needles, that decides it's time he takes the school superstar under a peg or two.
Tinker Ed: as soon as the Eds break Jimmy's love because that unicorns, pixies and also all points enchanting, Sarah needs they do things appropriate or else./The Good, the Bad and the Ed: Eddy challenges Urban Ranger Rolf to go head to head for the hardest badge over there is: the Hairy Chest the Resilience badge!
Tight finish Ed: school spirit is in ~ an all-time low, therefore cheerleader Nazz decides it's time to lug the legend Peach Creek Cobbler mascot out of retirement./ 'Tween a Rock and also an Ed Place: come Eddy's disappointment, Plank's groovy Arbor work bash isn't the rip-roaring schmooze fest he hoped it would certainly be.
All Eds space Off: Fed up through one another's stroked nerves habits, the Eds do a bet who can offer them increase the longest./Smile because that the Ed: Eddy's established to acquire a good school photo for his mom however due come an ill-timed cry the dork, this doesn't go as planned.

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Run Ed Run: Jimmy and also Sarah prank Ed into believing the skies is falling, putting Edd and Eddy's trip to the jawbreaker manufacturing facility in jeopardy!/A Town referred to as Ed: Eddy learns he's descended from the founding family members of Peach Creek and also sets the end to earn the respect, and ago rent, he therefore richly deserves.