History >> ancient EgyptThe Nile flow played crucial role in shaping the stays and culture of ancient Egypt. The Nile listed the ancient Egyptians v food, transportation, structure materials, and also more.

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About the Nile River
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The Nile flow is the longest flow in the world. It is over 4,100 mile long! The Nile is situated in northeast Africa and also flows through many different African nations including Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and also Burundi. There are two significant tributaries that feed the Nile, the White Nile and the Blue Nile.Upper and Lower EgyptThe Nile flow flows north through Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. Old Egypt was split into two regions, upper Egypt and also Lower Egypt. This watch a little bit confusing top top a map because Upper Egypt is come the south and Lower Egypt is come the north. This is because the names come native the flow of the Nile River.
Fertile LandThe most essential thing the Nile provided to the ancient Egyptians was productive land. Many of Egypt is desert, yet along the Nile flow the floor is rich and great for growing crops. The three many important crops were wheat, flax, and papyrus.Wheat - Wheat to be the key staple food the the Egyptians. They offered it to do bread. They also sold a lot of their wheat throughout the Middle east helping the Egyptians to become rich.Flax - Flax was offered to make linen cloth for clothing. This to be the main kind of cloth used by the Egyptians.Papyrus - Papyrus was a tree that prospered along the shores that the Nile. The ancient Egyptians found numerous uses because that this plant including paper, baskets, rope, and sandals.FloodingAround September of each year the Nile would overflow that banks and also flood the surrounding area. This sounds poor at first, yet it was one of the most crucial events in the life that the old Egyptians. The flood lugged rich black color soil and also renewed the farmlands.Building MaterialThe Nile flow also listed a many of building materials because that the ancient Egyptians. They supplied the mud from the riverbanks to do sundried bricks. This bricks were used in structure homes, walls, and also other buildings. The Egyptians likewise quarried limestone and also sandstone indigenous the hills follow me the next of the Nile.TransportationSince many of the major cities of ancient Egypt were developed along the Nile River, the river can be supplied like a significant highway transparent the Empire. Boats constantly traveled up and also down the Nile transporting people and goods.Seasons that the NileThe Egyptians even constructed their calendar roughly the Nile River. They divided their calendar up into three seasons. Akhet, or inundation, was taken into consideration the first season and was the moment of the flooding of the Nile. The various other two seasons were Peret, the farming season, and also Shemu, the harvest season.
Fun Facts around the Nile RiverThe ancient Egyptians called the affluent black soil from the floods the "Gift that the Nile".Today, the Aswan Dam keeps the Nile indigenous flooding modern cities.The ancient Egyptians referred to as the Nile the "Aur", which method "black" and comes from the black color soil.The Egyptians measure up the elevation of the yearly flood using a Nilometer. This aided them to determine how an excellent the plants would be the year.The cause of the flood each year was hefty rains and also melting snow to the south close to the resource of the Nile. The old Egyptians believed that the overwhelming was led to by the tears the the goddess Isis as she cried for her dead husband Osiris.

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