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Friday, October 21, 2016

El shade de la Pasion #32 (Uni/Hulu #31), Thursday, October 20, 2016: mine Achy-Breaky Heart


Repeated Scenes:
- Amador intimidates Vinicio and tells him the he best turn down that project offer.- Marcelo goes come Trini to check on Lucia, yet it\"s not a good time.- Alonso goes turn off on Nora, and also then on Rebeca! He\"s going come divorce MC Becky and also Nora is walk to have the baby!Thursday, the brief version:- Alonso desires to divorce Rebeca and also kill Rod.- 90s Flashback! poor Alonso is having a helluva day. And also he is clutching his left chest side/shoulder means TOO MUCH.- Amador is walking to do Rod marry Nora.- Alonso is walk to make Nora marry Rod.- Mags and also later, Marcelo, try to acquire through to Lucia, however she\"s left stricken by all that went down, and also wants come leave town to think things over.- Nora and also Rebeca make points worse, of course.- Alonso rushes to protect against Lucia, yet when he finds her, that collapses on the street! #SaveAlonsoThe Recap:- Brigida has dubbed Amador to come home due to the fact that Rod has locked self in his bedroom. Amador chastises her yet Brigida is insistent the he check on Rod. Lock go approximately his locked bedroom and also Rod does not respond to Amador\"s yelling in ~ him to open the door. For this reason Amador busts in and also they find Rod guzzling some liquor.

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- Amador calls that an imbecile (heh) yet quickly numbers out he\"s drunk. Pole slurs the Lucia knows everything. Amador speak Brigida to go prepare some strong coffee.- Rebeca is sit stunned ~ above the stairway of death by herself, as Alonso has gone the end to look because that Rod. Nora finds her and wants to know what Alonso plan to perform with Nora. Rebeca doesn\"t know what come tell her. Yet she to know Alonso will certainly forgive Nora in the end, since she is his daughter; on the other hand, he desires to divorce her. Nora claims that it\"s her fault. Rebeca desires a donate from Nora. She desires Nora to say she was NOT conscious of every one of this prior to Lucia\"s wedding. Nora is together baffled as I am and asks how that alters things? Rebeca states something follow me the currently of due to the fact that if ns did that, i can insurance claim that ns did it to defend you and also avoid deceiving your sister. Nora doesn\"t understand if she can go together with this, and that Alonso won\"t believe her and also it will certainly make points worse. (I think I\"m v Nora.) Rebeca tells Nora that they space in the together, and what helps Rebeca help everyone. Yikes.- Amador offer up the solid coffee and forces pole to take it some. He desires Rod to tell him every little thing Lucia heard, in order. Pole confirms the Lucia knows everything: the he was with Nora before the wedding, Nora pressured that to not marry Lucia, and Nora is expecting a mini-Rod. Amador asks why the told her all this, however he replies the she knew it, and he merely couldn\"t deny it. They all of sudden hear Alonso yelling in the hallway and also Brigida trying to tell him the Rod doesn\"t feeling well. Uh-oh! Alonso busts in, mayhem in his eyes, yelling the he\"s walk to kill Rod for all that he did to his daughters! Amador make the efforts to pull him turn off Rod.

- Amador is able come hold ago Alonso enough for Brigida come hustle Rod the end of the room. Amador lets Alonso recognize that he\"s conscious of the situation and understands how Alonso feels. He will make certain Rod pays favor a man for what he has done. Alonso is still hysterical and Amador wants to wait until the following morning to comment on this sitch. He to know Rod must pay, but Alonso have to go ago to his house and also they will discuss things when he\"s calm. Alonso desires to know just how Rod will certainly repair the resides of his 2 daughters. Amador claims that he will certainly come by Alonso\"s residence tomorrow to discuss this together. Alonso claims that it\"s been a work of bad surprises and deceptions, and the one point he to know is the it cannot stay as that is now. He shakes a finger in ~ Brigida guarding Rod\"s new hideaway room and also leaves. Brigida goes come Amador and also demands to be informed.- Lucia is talking with Magdalena. She will certainly go load her garments up in ~ Alonso\"s tomorrow to leaving town. Magdalena thinks she\"s just trying come hide indigenous Rebeca and also Nora. She reassures Lucia that many human being care about her and also what has happened to her - her father, Trini and Naz, and also Magdalena. Lucia says she to know this. Magdalena mentions the Trini has actually told her that she believed Marcelo would certainly be an excellent for Lucia. Lucia says at this minute she can\"t think around Marcelo or anyone else.- Rafiella and Marcelo talk about how that is came to with Lucia and how she is no as pertained to with him, as well as that Alonso had actually filled in Momster around Lucia\"s not-wedding and that Lucia might not more than Rod therefore that renders things difficult. Basically this scene is FF>>- Amador phone call Rebeca come warn her that Alonso had actually stopped by, he\"s mindful of everything, and it\"s immediate Amador and Rebeca speak. They make plans to fulfill at a cafe the next morning. Alonso returns home, Rebeca make the efforts to talk to him, yet he slams that bedroom door in she face.- now alone in the bedroom, Alonso treats us all to a 1990s recall of the good times through Adriana when he to be Horacio Pancheri and didn\"t have impending chest pains.

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- bad Alonso then cries because that his shed love and for all that has actually just gone down through his family.- The following morning, Lucia is praying in ~ church. The Padre asks if he can assist and Lucia confides in him about her feelings of resentment towards someone who has hurt her. He advises her to forgive the person yet Lucia is not sure she can forgive her. The padre claims that she will must do this in order to find the tranquility she is seeking.- Magdalena and also Trini discuss Lucia - mostly rehashing the situation. Trini mentions the she is concerned for Alonso (in an alarming explain of foreshadowing), because he to be crying after ~ speaking through Lucia. Magdalena points the end that Nora and Rebeca\"s involvement renders it doubly tough for Alonso, due to the fact that they room his daughter and also wife too. Trini notes the it\"s too lot pressure because that one person.- Alonso access time Adriana\"s grave. He speak Adriana the he wanted a family for Lucia and also he believed Rebeca would certainly be choose a mother to her. He claims that was a mistake and also he failed Adriana and also Lucia. Over there he go holding his shoulder, yikes with the foreshadowing!- in ~ the factory, Marcelo asks Naz exactly how Lucia is doing. Alonso hasn\"t called him and also Marcelo wants to understand if Lucia is alright. Naz claims that he\"s not allowed to say. Marcelo pleads because Naz knows he feeling a lot for Lucia. Naz provides in and also fills Marcelo in ~ above the Nora/Rod sex/wedding fiasco/pregnancy. Naz blames Rebeca and also her cold-bloodedness for ruining the family. Marcelo goes turn off to uncover Lucia and also asks Naz come cover because that him.- together Marcelo leaves, he find Lucia parking in the factory lot and tells she he was going come look for her. She many thanks him for asking about her the night before at Trini and Naz\"s. He speak Lucia that he\"s worried about her, and she tells him that she feeling empty. He wants to assist her, yet she declines, saying the she is going to leaving town. She doesn\"t recognize where, but Aunt Magdalena will help her uncover a calmer place to live. The asks she if she realizes the she is to run away? She knows, however she can\"t be about her sister that she hates and that is pregnant through her ex-fiancé\"s baby. That can\"t think that all she cares around is that her sister will be tied to Rod because that the remainder of her life. She claims that Marcelo doesn\"t understand, if she feeling Rod betrayed her, the real problem is she sister\"s betrayal. They\"ve destroyed Lucia\"s life and she needs to do this to feeling better. The asks why don\"t you present them you\"re stronger? Lucia claims she doesn\"t have the stamin to prove anything to anyone. Marcelo asks she to look at in his eyes and also answer one point - doesn\"t she feel a small bit of something because that him? Lucia doesn\"t know, yet she knows the right now she\"s not ready for a brand-new relationship with anyone. (I agree v Lucia ~ above this.) Marcelo speak her that he just wants she to it is in well. She excuses it s her to view Alonso, and also Marcelo tells her he\"s not there. She it s okay in her car and takes off.- Amador and also Rebeca satisfy at the cafe and also negotiations and beverages commence. Amador appears to have the upper hand, together he points out how poor this every is for Rebeca. Castle agree come pretend like they knew nothing until after the wedding. Amador mentions the he and Alonso space in accord that Nora and Rod should acquire married. Rebeca states that Alonso claimed nothing to her about this, and also Amador insists, for sure she doesn\"t want Nora to it is in a solitary mother? She won\"t permit Amador to case victory, however Amador reminds her his sins are little compared to Nora and also Rod\"s situation.- Brigida (who finally knows the situation) often tends to Rod\"s hangover, but he doesn\"t desire her aspirin, her OJ or she thoughts. Too bad! Brigida thinks that it\"s no as poor as that seems and also all this woe is just in his head. He simply needs to male up and also accept the he should marry Nora and things have the right to go ago to the way they were! easy Peasy! pole has had enough and so has Brigida.- at the factory, Alonso still has not confirm in. Naz and also Marcelo talk about Lucia. Marcelo thinks she\"s tho in love with Rod, yet Naz doesn\"t think so. Naz think she\"s yes, really upset about her sister\"s deceptions. Marcelo make the efforts to to convince her to continue to be home, but she to be stubborn and headstrong. Naz compares this to exactly how Trini is, and also mentions the he hung in there and look exactly how it rotate out. (I had trouble knowledge their conversation, for this reason if ns missed anything, please to fill in.)- Alonso has actually showered at home when Rebeca comes in. She speak him the in the morning, she will not it is in in the house, and she just wanted him to recognize that she to be not aware of what taken place with Rod and also Nora until after the wedding. Alonso tells her not to justify her actions since there is no justification. She tries to continue, but he cuts her off. She insists they need to speak about their daughter, to which Alonso replies that Nora must marry Rod. Rebeca points the end that pole doesn\"t love Nora and objects. Alonso asks walk she want his blessing or his applause? well he wanted Lucia to live in the house and she won\"t carry out that unless Nora and also Rebeca room gone. Rebeca clarifies the she won\"t acquire the residence in the divorce. Alonso clarifies the this is the house of the true mother of Lucia and that counts much more than Rebeca does. The kicks her out so that can acquire dressed.- Magdalena and Lucia speak more. Mags doesn\"t want to assist Lucia leave town. Lucia says she\"s simply doing what Mags did when her wedding became a fiasco. Mags states that it\"s different and Lucia has actually some things Mags didn\"t have actually - a career, a father who loves her and also a man who loves her. Lucia claims the last point she demands is a brand-new relationship (I agree) and all she desires is peace. Mags asks if her father to know of she plans, and also Lucia replies she\"s been searching for him to tell him. She will just send a post through Mags. This triggers painful memories for Magdalena of as soon as she had decided to leave the convent just as she learned the Adriana\"s death. She blamed herself since Adrianna had actually begged her not to go off. Lucia asks her what she desires Lucia to say, and also Mags offers it to her - she wants her to prevent thinking just of herself. Lucia exclaims that she only requirements a tiny time come think v things.- Meanwhile, Nora tells Rebeca the no method will she marry Rodrigo and also begs her for help. Rebeca states she tried, yet she couldn\"t convince Alonso. Rebeca advises her to look at the marital relationship as a way to heal points with her father. Nora points the end that she will be the spouse of an imbecile and also Alonso will need to support them and she doesn\"t desire to need to ask for that. Wow. Rebeca mentions the Nora will have to obtain Lucia\"s forgiveness come truly turn things approximately with Alonso. Nora says that won\"t happen and also Rebeca only is fear of shedding her home. Rebeca hauls off and also slaps she (Drink!) and also yells that she\"s only doing this for Nora.