Elvis Duran considers himself the organize of the party on his national radio show. Broadcasting live from new York’s Z100, Duran and his on-air crew entertain listeners v up-to-the-minute entertainment and pop culture news, celebrity guests, struggle songs, and regular features such as the gossipy “Entertainment News” and also the ever-popular prank “Phone Taps” — all of which have actually made Elvis Duran and also the Morning present the most-listened-to peak 40 morning display in the U.S. Originating indigenous Z100 in brand-new York, the program consistently ranks No. 1 throughout multiple demographics and top markets, and attracts one audience of much more than 5.5 million weekly listeners throughout 80 stations.

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tune in every weekday morning indigenous 5-9 am!

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Hey the me… Elvis Duran, organize of the show. Your host of the party, her Maitre’d of the mornings. You acquire the picture.Thanks because that listening to the Morning display every day. That an honor and also a privilege to broadcast to several of the greatest cities in the world!I’m a person who loves traveling and enjoys great movies, books, wines and also restaurants. I’m also hooked on such TV mirrors as The Voice, American fear Story, Dexter, game of Thrones, and Celebrity Apprentice.


Hi! I’m Danielle! I carry you the entertain news every day! I’m additionally obsessed v vampires, zombies, my two adorable boys and also my husband Sheldon (he’s a Brit)!SHOES are the second love in life (after my family members of course)…. Hello or low, high-quality or cheap, i LOVE ‘EM ALL! The more the better, right?


Hello everyone. I’ve been v Elvis since the show’s inception earlier in 1996. In enhancement to my task as executive, management Producer and doing phone call taps, i spend half the display digging myself out of a feet from something i said, yet I’m yes, really a sweet guy! i swear! It’s all in great fun. My brutal honesty might be the Brooklyn Italian in me and also I simply can’t assist it! I contact life the method I see it..even if it’s through a cracked lens! #NoFilter


GANDHI is a good storyteller with a dynamic personality and also that’s what morning radio is all about,” said WHTZ (Z100)/NEW YORK PD note MEDINA. “We’re excited to welcome her to new YORK and the ELVIS DURAN and also THE MORNING SHOW.”

GANDHI join from iHEARTMEDIA peak 40 WXKS (KISS 108)/BOSTON, wherein she offered as Exec.

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Producer and co-host because that MATTY IN THE MORNING. Before that role, she served as an on-air talent and executive producer that the DAVE & JIMMY display at iHEARTMEDIA optimal 40 WNCI/COLUMBUS, OH.