Enter the Gungeon players have the right to use this quick guide to discover out exactly how to start the co-op multiplayer setting so that a friend deserve to join in on the fun.

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Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell roguelike video game that comes from Dodge role Games and Devolver Digital. In it, players deserve to choose between four different characters with unique an abilities and then head right into the attention dungeon listed below to view how much they can acquire without dying. Every time players die, they are taken back to the key hub area and will need to start the dungeon end from scratch, losing every one of their valuable guns and other items.

Being that Enter the Gungeon is a difficult game, players could be wondering if lock can bring a girlfriend to help them the end on their bullet-hell adventure.

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Is enter the Gungeon Multiplayer?

Enter the Gungeon players will certainly be happy to understand that the game does indeed support co-op multiplayer, but it deserve to only be done locally, and also it\"s only meant for as much as players at a time. While there are 4 playable characters to pick from, only among the personalities can be favored by the command player, and the second person gets to manage a fifth character well-known as The Cultist.


how to begin Multiplayer in enter the Gungeon

To have a 2nd player sign up with in ~ above the fun, they need to attach a 2nd controller to the console of choice. The lead player should now head to the hub area wherein the four personalities are at. Come the appropriate of these personalities is the Cultist, who is wearing a violet robe. Speak come them, and also they will certainly ask the player if they want to begin co-op mode. Enter the Gungeon football player should select \"yes,\" and also then the 2nd player will have the ability to control the Cultist and aid the other player loss the dungeon bosses.

If one of the football player dies during a run, the various other player will have the ability to bring the dead player back to life by recognize them within of a chest. Football player can also use Enter the Gungeon\"s heart item that the Cultist starts v to lug them ago to life, but this deserve to only be provided once.

as soon as players obtain a 2nd person to assist them out in Enter the Gungeon, they should have less trouble gaining through the tough enemies the await them.

Enter the Gungeon is currently accessible for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and also Xbox One.

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