-Synergy: If the player additionally has Shotgun full of Hate, magazine size is enhanced by 50%.

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Kill through Kindness

"The preferred weapon the Hespera, the proud of Venus, a beloved Gungeoneer."


This pistol is a fantastic room clearer, especially on later on floors wherein you challenge bigger, stronger, and more complicated enemies. The opportunity to charm is almost like a far better freeze on many enemies, acquisition them out of commission fine you emphasis on others. Permits for basic clearing of overfilled or attention rooms.

I don't acquire the other's comments. This has always felt prefer a high damage shotgun to me, and also the opportunity to charm enemies may no be consistent yet it's tho a great help as soon as roomclearing. That, and also shooting candy and also teddy bears at adversaries is cute + fun!

A great gun TBF. Quite damage and a possibility to charm enemies. Got only one time with normal gameplay. The isn't a run carry yet it helps a little in the so late game. Still, Void Shotty is better, yet i'm biased towards it.

For me this pistol is an instant win. V its long selection and cartridge bounce it's a perfect opener. Get in a room and pop this twice. Many weak opponents will it is in dead and strong enemies will be charmed yet weakened, enabling you to take out the stragglers with another gun or also the starting pistol. Used in this method room clean is trivial and you won't run out of ammo till the Lich.

Amazing weapon, can carry you v the entirety game. Fires quickly, good damage, lots of ammo, charms really effectively. I like to charm the entirety room to reap the ensuing fight royale. Awesome the you can often buy it really cheap also from Cursula. Clearly specialised for room clearing but still does a kind job versus bosses. Among the gungeons best weapons.

I would certainly opine that iiit type of sucks contrasted to the peers. Meh-level. I've never had actually the synergy effect so probably that bump it, yet as that stands I never ever favour it. Just another shotgun.

Eh, it's alright. Charming enemies is always an excellent but i feel charmed bow is much better at the niche.

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Enter the Gungeon is a gunfight dungeon crawler adhering to a tape of misfits seeking to shoot, loot, evade roll and table-flip their method to an individual absolution by reaching the legend Gungeon’s can be fried treasure: the gun that deserve to kill the past.