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I"m a fairly low level phibìc American counter Strike: global Offensive player. I"m looking come get better and desire to join an amateur team to perhaps play brackets and also that kind of point in.

I"m because of this looking in ~ ESEA and/or ESL. ESL appears to lean towards the European group (but they do have a NA subsidiary) for this reason I"ve set them next (and point out it only for completeness).

Anyway, I"m leaning towards ESEA as they seem much more suited come an NA player. My question is as a low level player, is utilizing this company worth mine time and also money in ~ this point?

Is there a balancing system (whether like enhance making or not)? and also am I most likely to find games together a Solo player (I"m hoping to uncover a team to sign up with while playing).

Update: i posted mine first-hand suffer with ESEA together an answer; my conclusion is there too.

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Honestly, when CEVO and AltPUG room great, the matchmaking algorithm appears much far better in ESEA. Alt-PUG ranges from low ability to high an abilities players and also doesn"t do an extremely well at equivalent you up.

Considering Alt-Pug is free, ns would shot this very first and probably use that to acquire used to playing on 128 tick.

I would certainly really introduce trying them all and using her favourite platform. I would say ESEA is the best considering how long they have been around, it is in polite to people, don"t be fear to ask for help. Girlfriend will obtain smashed by part players yet use it as an opportunity to far better yourself. Watch her pug demo"s back, watch what the other player did and also what you could have done in different way to change the outcome.

Putting yourself out of your very own comfort zone against much better players will force you to action up your game and ultimately end up being a much better player.


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I think your best bet would certainly be to go onto reddit and also have a look in ~ teams heralding for brand-new players top top there, or short article on there yourself searching for a team.

Before involvement a league acquire a few scrims indigenous IRC, the is a more informal way of getting games against other teams.

Or just use complement making v your brand-new found 5 stack.

Once you"ve discovered yourself a team that you gain playing with and also are willing to help you boost then that"s the moment to join ladders.

Especially when it pertains to ladders you have to pay come use.

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This site Pcw Finder has an embedded IRC customer and will affix you directly to a scrim channel, unfortunately being an european player i wouldn"t understand which networks are an excellent for choose up phibìc American teams, although i guess it depends on time the day!

It is hit and miss as part high skill players will respond come low/mid.

With scrims it usually requires you to have actually your very own passworded server but you have the right to search for off games. I.e. De_dust2 low off