Several of the operations-associated activities of Hard Rock Caf encompass developing meals and also analyzingthem for ingredient price and labor demands. True (Global agency profile, easy) 2.

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The manufacturing process at Hard Rock Caf is limited to meal preparation and serving customers. False (Global company profile, easy) 3.

All establishments, consisting of company firms such as financial institutions and also hospitals, have a manufacturing function. True (What is operations management? moderate) 4.

Operations monitoring is the set of activities that develop value in the create of products and servicesby transforming inputs into outputs. True (What is operations management? easy) 5.

An example of a "hidden" manufacturing attribute is money transfers at banks. True (What is operations management? moderate) 6.

One reason to examine operations management is to learn just how human being organize themselves forabundant enterpincrease. True (Why research OM, easy) 7.

The operations manager percreates the monitoring tasks of planning, arranging, staffing,leading, and managing of the OM attribute. True (What operations supervisors perform, easy) 8.

"How much inventory of this item should we have?" is within the important decision area of regulating top quality. False (What operations supervisors perform, easy) 9.

In order to have a career in operations monitoring, one have to have actually a level in statistics orquantitative techniques. False (What operations supervisors execute, easy) 10.

Henry Ford is well-known as the Father of Scientific Management. False (The heritage of operations administration, easy) 11.

Shewhart s contributions to operations monitoring came in the time of the Scientific Management Age. False (The heritage of operations administration, easy) 12.

Students wanting to pursue a career in operations administration will certainly uncover multidisciplinaryexpertise helpful. True (Wright here are the OM jobs? easy)


Customer interactivity is regularly high for production procedures, however low for solutions. False (Operations in the organization sector, moderate) 14.

Productivity is even more difficult to enhance in the service sector. True (The performance challenge, moderate) 15.

Manufacturing now constitutes the biggest financial sector in postindustrial cultures. False (Operations in the business sector, moderate) 16.

In the past half-century, the variety of world employed in manufacturing has even more or much less heldstable, however each manufacturing employee is production about 20 times as much. True (Operations in the organization sector, easy) 17.

A understanding society is one that has actually moved from job-related based on expertise to one based onhands-on work-related. False (The efficiency difficulty, easy) 18.

Productivity is the complete worth of all inputs to the transformation procedure divided by the full valueof the outputs created. False (The efficiency difficulty, easy) 19.

Measuring the influence of a resources acquisition on efficiency is an instance of multi-factorefficiency. False (The efficiency challenge, moderate)


Ethical and also social crises arise bereason stakeholders of a company have conflicting perspectives. True (Ethics and also social duty, easy) AACSB: Ethical Reasoning MULTIPLE CHOICE 21.

At Hard Rock Caf, work that reflect operations or operations administration includea. creating mealsb. trial and error meals (recipes)c. analyzing meals for the expense of ingredientsd. preparing emplo yee schedulese. all of the over e (Global agency profile, easy) 22.

An operations task performed at Hard Rock Caf isa. borrowing funds to build a new restaurantb. advertising transforms in the restaurant menuc. calculating restaura nt profit and lossd. preparing employee schedulese. every one of the above d (Global company profile, moderate)

3 23.

Operations administration is applicablea. largely to the company sectorb. to solutions exclusivelyc. greatly to the production sectord. to all firm s, whether manufacturing and also servicee. to the manufacturing sector specifically d (What is operations management? moderate) 24.

Which of the adhering to are the primary attributes of all

organizations?a. operations, marketing, and also humale resourcesb. marketing, human sources, and also finance/account ingc. sales, high quality control, and operationsd. marketing, operations, and finance/accountinge. study and develo pment, finance/bookkeeping, and also purchasing d (Organizing to develop goods and also services, moderate) 25.

Budgeting, paying the bills, and collection of funds are tasks connected via thea. monitoring functionb. regulate functionc. finance/accounting functiond. production/operations functione. s taffing function c (Organizing to create items and solutions, moderate) 26.

Which of the following would certainly not be an operations function in a fast-food restaurant?a. advertising and also promotionb. developing the layout of the facilityc. maintaining equipmentd. making h amburgers and friese. purchasing ingredients a (Organizing to produce products and also solutions, moderate) 27.

The marketing function"s major concern is witha. creating items or offering servicesb. procuring products, gives, and also equipmentc. building and maintai ning a positive imaged. generating the demand also for the organization"s assets or servicese. securing monetary resources d (Organizing to develop products and also services, moderate) 28.

Reasons to examine Operations Management includea. examining why world organize themselves for totally free enterpriseb. discovering just how items and services are consumedc. expertise what huguy resource supervisors dod. discovering around a costly part of the enterprisee. every one of the over d (Why study OM? moderate)

4 29.

Reasons to examine Operations Management incorporate learning abouta. why world organize themselves for fertile enterpriseb. just how products and also services are producedc. what operations supervisors dod. a costly part of the enterpriview. all of the over e (Why study OM? easy) 30.

The 5 aspects in the administration process area. setup, straight, update, lead, and superviseb. accounting/finance, marketing, operations, and managementc. org anize, plan, regulate, staff, and also controlled. setup, organize, staff, lead, and contduty. plan, lead, organize, regulate, and also regulate d (What perform operations supervisors do? easy) 31.

Illiteracy and also negative diets have actually been recognized to expense countries as much as what percent of theirproductivity?a. 2%b. 5%c. 10%d. 20%e. 50% d (Productivity variables, moderate) AACSB: Multiculture and Diversity 32.

Which of the adhering to is not an aspect of the monitoring process?a. controllingb. leadingc. planningd. pricinge. staffing d (What do operations supervisors do? easy) 33.

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An operations manager is not likely to be involved ina. the architecture of products and also services to accomplish customers" desires and also needsb. the quality of items and solutions to fulfill customers" wants and also needsc. the identification of customers" desires and also needsd. occupational scheduling to satisfy the due dates promised to customerse. maintenance schedules

c (What perform operations supervisors do? easy) 34.

All of the adhering to decisions autumn within the scope of operations monitoring other than fora. financial analysisb. style of products and processesc. place of facilitiesd. controlling qualitye. All of the over fall within the scope of operations management. a (What do operations supervisors do? easy