Ethyl acetate, also known together ethyl ethanoate, is crucial chemical compound really used as solvent in plenty of chemical reactions.

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Formula and structure: The ethyl ethanoate chemical formula is CH3COOCH2CH3 and also its condensed formula is C4H8O2. Ethyl acetate is typically abbreviated EtOAc. That is molar mass is 88.106 g mL-1. Ethyl acetate is one ester which derive from the change of hydroxyl team by one ethoxy group in the acetic acid. There is an C sp2 in the carbonyl group, but the other part of molecule has tetrahedral geometry. Its chemical structure can be composed as below, in the common representations used for necessary molecules.


Occurrence: Ethyl acetate is no widely existing in nature. However, it can be uncovered in wine and other alcohol addict beverage. In this drink are added a small quantity that acetic acid which reacts with ethanol to type ethyl acetate, that is responsible for the taste of part old wines.

Preparation: There room some methods to prepare ethyl acetate. The an initial method is the reaction in between ethanol, acetic acid and also sulfuric acid, in ~ 60-70 ºC to encourage the esterification of carboxylic mountain to ester.


This esterification reaction is a reversible reaction, for this reason that, it have the right to be included an overfill of reagents to enhance the yield.

Physical properties: Ethyl acetate is a colorless, with fruity smell liquid. That melting and also boiling point are -83.6 ºC and also 77.06 ºC and its density is 0.894 g mL-1. Ethyl acetate is no soluble in water, but it is dissolve in many of the organic solvents such as benzene, acetone, chloroform and also toluene.

Chemical properties: Ethyl acetate and also other esters can be hydrolyzed to the equivalent carboxylic acid and also ethanol. In the situation of ethyl acetate, the reaction is all set using acids or bases as catalysts and the products: acetic acid and also ethanol are created after a two step mechanism. Other necessary ethyl acetate reaction is the transesteriferication, whereby the metoxy group from the ester have the right to be substituted through R- group from an alcohol.

Uses: Ethyl acetate is crucial solvent, life material and also intermediate widely supplied in organic synthesis. Particularly, it is provided as solvent in the production of paints, rubber, resins, adhesives, leather, fiber and cellulose. Ethyl acetate, comparable to other esters, is a raw product to obtain flavors together as: banana, pineapple and also strawberry.

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Health effects/safety hazards: Ethyl acetate deserve to irritate eyes and other mucous membranes. The is stable yet it is not compatible with solid oxidizing agents. Ethyl acetate is extremely flammable and also the vapor mixtures deserve to explodes.

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