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Even aside from its racist and also openly Fascist central message, The Fable of the Ducks and also the Hens: A Dramatic Saga of Intrigue, Propaganda and Subversion was never ever going to make George Lincoln Rockwell an icon of children’s literature. For a start, pre-schoolers were unlikely to uncover the title an especially meaningful or quotable. Illustrator Robert Edwards’ art format is distinctive, yet the book is as well long and has also many comparable pictures to host the attention of a young child. That lacks identifiable characters.

It is filled v polysyllabic political terms — reactionary, discrimination, atrocities — and finishes v the Latin expression ad infinitum. That covers part pretty dark topic matter, including the usage of tough drugs and the execution of a goose for battle crimes. The is clearly no Green Eggs and Ham. Nonetheless, the blurb promises that “children and also adults alike will be delighted” by the story. Once it pertained to political propaganda, Rockwell was a shameless optimist.

The Author


George Lincoln Rockwell, respectable 1967 (Wikimedia Commons)

Rockwell was born in Illinois in 1918. The studied viewpoint at Brown University and served in the U.S. Marine in the 2nd World War. He spent number of years in civilian life, painting signs, researching art, and also working in advertising before returning to energetic service top top the outbreak the the oriental War in 1950.

Over the following decade, his national politics became an ext and more extreme and his personality less and less stable. In 1958, he started the national Committee to free America from Jewish supremacy with anti-Semitic millionaire Harold Noel Arrowsmith, Jr. Then, in 1959, he produced the human being Union of cost-free Enterprise nationwide Socialists (WUFENS) which would certainly evolve under his leadership into the American Nazi Party (ANP).

Leaders the white supremacist and far-right movements normally make the initiative to moderate their rhetoric and appear reasonable in an initiative to tempt followers. Rockwell go not. He openly wore a swastika, hung the flag of the third Reich indigenous his house in Arlington, Virginia, and devoted his memoir come Adolph Hitler. Together Frederick James Simonelli created in his Rockwell biography, American Fuhrer, Rockwell “didn’t effort to hide his anti-Semitism, come cleverly conceal that within code phrases”. He offered ranting speeches around Jewish conspiracies and deliberately attracted dislike to rise his public profile. In the middle of his politics rise, in 1959, Rockwell supplied his lift in proclaiming to produce The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens.

The Book

The plot of the publication is basic enough, and also its allegory is incredibly heavy-handed. The white Americans are the ducks, and also the hens room the Jews. The story begins “many, plenty of years ago, when animals could speak” in the happy little community that Duckville, home of the peaceful and industrious, although rather naïve, ducks. One day the burned and bedraggled hens rotate up at the gate and beg to be let in, declare they’ve narrowly escaped a fire. The duck welcome them, and they settle into the community. The hens adopt duckish ways, waddling and quacking, but don’t do any of the building, farming, fixing, or cleaning. Instead, they “teach and write and entertain, and also buy and also sell”, gaining manage of the Duckville school and its newspaper, The everyday Quack. Lock become an ext and powerful, and also any duck who stands as much as them is denounced together ‘anti-hen’.

Finally, the hens seize control of Duckville itself via a puppet mayor and trick the ducks right into attacking the neighbouring geese, that haven’t fallen for the hens’ duplicity. The hen also kind the ‘Council of unified Birds’, push drugs on the ducklings, and also force the duck to marry crows. This episodes respectively illustrate Rockwell’s beliefs that the Jews cheat the Allies right into attacking the Axis powers in the 2nd World War, developed the united Nations, were behind the narcotics industry, and also started the civil Rights activity in America in order to promote miscegenation and also undermine the white race. The book ends with few of the ducks fleeing and founding a brand-new colony — just to find the hens transforming up on their doorstep again. The story go on again and again — ad infinitum.


On 25 respectable 1967, Rockwell to be shot and also killed through a sniper if backing his vehicle in front of an Arlington laundromat. His assassin was john Patler, who had actually been expelled indigenous the ANP because that “Bolshevik leanings”. Without Rockwell’s leadership, the ANP fractured, although that still operates today and some of Rockwell’s pendant went ~ above to uncovered other groups. They consisted of David Duke, who reacted to the news of Rockwell’s assassination by lamenting that “the biggest American who ever lived has actually been shot down and also killed”, and William Luther Pierce, author of the white superior novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter.

Unsurprisingly, The Fable that the Ducks and the hens has never found a wide audience. Yet it continues to attract interest online, one of two people from Neo-Nazis or (more likely) the just curious. That is passed around in pirate editions, and, controversially, was sold at one point on Amazon. Fortunately, it is a weak and poorly conceived piece of propaganda. Rockwell may have actually been thinking of George Orwell’s an easy and clever Animal Farm, yet his convoluted and heavy-handed picture book was never ever going to have actually much appeal amongst people that hadn’t already bought into his conspiracies.

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As bizarre as the book is, though, it is additionally important no to merely dismiss it as a joke. Its presence shows the there was a small but growing anti-Semitic activity in post-war America, and also it isn’t an overwhelming to find Rockwell’s successors online today. There constantly seem to it is in those who blame the Jewish ar for their real or imagined troubles — ad infinitum.