I assumed it was a an insect and simply reloaded the last checkpoint, yet it constantly happened after being a if in that negotiation (the castle).

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At one point I determined I had actually it v those unthankful bastards and also killed them every (half of the settlers). When I looted your bodies, i realized few of them carried synth components.

Where lock synths? has my settlement been infiltrated?


not knowingly. Have only played the key story until finding Virgil in the glow sea. I m sorry is my current quest (not yet completed). So various other than death dozens that synths in the discover Kellog mission, no ... No that i know

Where castle synths? has my settlement been infiltrated?

Yes and also maybe. No all synths establish they're synths.

I know it's simply a game, yet that shit is fuckin crazy. Currently I totally get the paranoia of the people of Diamond City.

I probably had the same problem. The symth settler attacked me, therefore making all the other settlers struck me. Supposedly I to be there to aid defend the castle versus a group of synths. After all the synths died, that synth settler struck me, and all the settlers assaulted me.

Killed every one of them, load earlier up my quicksave and not defend the castle. Fail it and also went back, the synth settler shooting me, however the other settlers shoot the synth settler till death.

Edit: friend can inspect if thay settler is a synth by hovering castle in the VATS, and also see your armor. If they have actually some energy armor they can be a synth, suspect they're no equipping any special armor. But normally all settlers I encountered has actually no to small normal armor however never energy armor so it is to it.

I had this take place at greygarden. If you display up ~ the reality the various other settlers kill the synths. Back in my situation quite a bit of the settlement gained trashed too. My presumption now is that about 20% that my settlers are synths, and probably capable of randomly attacking any kind of of my settlements whenever they decide to go rogue.

If friend go through the main story and also do pursuits for the academy you'll discover out why human being synths in your negotiation randomly attack you. Spoilered below.

Free synths ultimately go crazy and also forget they room synths. While the academy is instead of people and also "disposing" of the humans, those synths don't death people, the totally free synths do.

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Im at that component but my question is, if ns am alligned through the institute do they stop sending hordes that synth come acctack mine settlements?

It's just the lock for me too. Ns tried the console command to force affinity, it didn't work. The to explode happens and also the settlers all turn hostile. Every this before beginning Defend The castle quest.