household Guy: 10 many Controversial Moments, Ranked household Guy is no stranger come controversy, and also here room 10 boundary-pushing episodes that ended up causing an ext than a couple of controversies because that Fox.

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family Guy’s dark humor is among the points it does better than south Park, but, sometimes, the present doesn’t recognize where the line is, making recommendations to everything from Celebrity tragedy to historical travesties.

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Though recognize comedy in anything may be a optimistic outlook to have actually on life, the authors of the show may not understand that what they find humorous other world might discover offensive. Or maybe they do recognize that, and they are actually do the efforts to violation people, which could be just as likely.

This is just one of the couple of jokes which even Seth Macfarlane, the creator himself, admitted went as well far. The joke comes from an unknown character the we’ve never seen before. In “A Hero next Door,” a child’s john F. Kennedy PEZ dispenser gets blown up once it’s accidentally shot at.

The son isn’t as well upset, together he pulls another dispenser out of his pocket, this time in the type of Bobby Kennedy. The two guys were assassinated in 1963 and 1968, respectively, and it’s a recommendation that Macfarlane regrets.

9 Prom Night Dumpster Baby


Based top top the story of Melissa Drexler, who reportedly gave birth during prom and threw the infant in a dumpster, only to return to the to meet to dance the night away. In “Prom Night Dumpster Baby,” family members Guy does what it does best, by turning the tragic into pure unapologetic humor, together the baby involves life and sings through a backing band of many other regrettably dumpster babies.

There space a lot of damaging things the Peter has actually done, yet “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire” functions one of the worst thoughts Peter has ever before had.

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In this episode, physician Hartman is in the hospital and also must phone call a patient that he has actually AIDS. Only, he can’t execute it, therefore he lets a barbershop front by Peter phone call him, instead. The tune that they sing, the aptly titled “You have AIDS,” happens to be one of the catchiest music numbers in a show that is filled with them.

7 Turban Cowboy

One month prior to the terrorist strike at the Boston Marathon, “Turban Cowboy” aired, and it featured a ton that parallels come the catastrophic event. The episode adheres to Peter together he joins a team of Islamic Terrorists that plot to ruin the Quohog Bridge.

Not just are over there parallels to the bombing, yet it also comes off as ignorantly racist. It’s one of the darkest episodes of Family Guy, and the illustration was traction from being transfer not lengthy after the event.

Being one of the funniest yet most bizarre characters in the household Guy pantheon, Herbert has a paedophilic infatuation v Chris. Even the quiet murmur that the character’s voice is sufficient to send shivers down viewers’ spines.

The personality is plainly very controversial, but it arguably walk too far in “German Guy,” when he accurate fights for Chris’ love versus a Nazi, that was when Herbert’s captor once he was in the air Force.

5 ann Frank’s household Hideout

Family Guy’s dark tone is one of the means it has changed since season one, but, in “If I\"m Dyin\", I\"m Lyin,” the went so much that Fox has actually done everything they can to store the clip from ever surfacing online, though it hasn’t stopped civilization from trying.

In the cutaway, Peter inadvertently gets anne Frank and also her family caught by the Gestapo, as he’s in the attic with them eating potato chips loudly.

family Guy might have had a lot of an excellent guest stars, however one of lock is not Michael J. Fox. In “Tiegs because that Two.” Fox is a sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease, and also its main symptom is uncontrollable shaking. Not just that, however the back to the Future star is a huge advocate and also is constantly raising funds for the disease, which provides Peter’s joke all the an ext tongue in cheek. Peter’s white shirt it s okay stained through red wine the Fox spilled on him as result of his uncontrollable shaking.

3 Partial regards to Endearment

possibly the most questioned subject in recent history was the source of plenty of jokes in “Partial terms of Endearment,” i beg your pardon was an additional episode the was tipped “too warm for TV,” and also was instead offered a DVD-release.

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The prohibition episode follows Lois, that has become a surrogate mother and also has to decide whether she wants to store the baby or have an abortion after ~ the to-be-parents are eliminated in a auto crash. The illustration doesn’t pull any kind of punches, yet it is in reality logical and isn’t as offensive as it certainly could have been.

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In “When You great Upon A Weinstein,” Peter frustrates himself as he struggles with his knowledge of bookkeeping and basic financial know-how. It’s in ~ this minute when Peter desire up the most anti-Semitic thought possible. The ignorantly attack character division in to song with another offensive number, “I need A Jew.” because of this song, the episode was traction by Fox for two totality years.

1 Handicap only Establishment

Joe is among the best recurring characters, and also he has actually a prominent function in “No Meals top top Wheels,” in i beg your pardon Peter opens his very own restaurant. The restaurant end up becoming massively successful, but Peter still isn’t happy. The spot becomes the regional for Joe and every one of his wheelchair-bound buddies, i beg your pardon is once Peter declares the he doesn’t desire the restaurant to be a “handicapped-only establishment.”