Welp, the looks prefer you’ve been recorded by Yuma and also Pagan and also it’s approximately you to escape. After ~ regaining manage of Ajay, head right into the cell across from you and also read the keep in mind to learn around escaping via a grappling hook. The only difficulty is the you’re walk to must assemble one, through there being 2 parts. There’s a ledge ~ above the outside portion of your cell that leads to another area.

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As you will certainly see right away, there is among the demons native Shangri-La in the area and it will hunt girlfriend down and kill you, need to it see you. As soon as it start moving, crouch and also move directly ahead, turning left when you deserve to until you come to a room with two big braziers. There will certainly be an leave here that will certainly lead into a room with one of the 2 pieces necessary for her grappling hook.


Your sole objective in the an initial part that the mission is to conference the two pieces essential to build a grappling hook, therefore you have the right to escape the prison.

Start to run as soon as friend grab it, not the way you came in, as it’s likely the demon will begin chasing after ~ you. Once you get back to whereby you started, you’ll it is in safe and a door will open up up because that you, permitting you to access a new area. This ar is a little bit like a maze and also there’s one more demon here, so be extra careful and also listen to your heartbeat to recognize when you’re close come it.

You’re looking for a room through a male that’s hanging, which will be her rope because that the grappling hook. As soon as girlfriend grab it, the demon will be comes after you, so get running back to your cell, whereby you’ll uncover a grapple point to walk downwards. You’ll need to keep making use of the grapple to swing come ledges, as well as get onto various other grapple points, till you get knocked under by the demon chasing you.

After regaining regulate of Ajay, you’ll have actually to continue your escape, however there’s one slim problem. You have actually no weapons, no camera and also not also a knife ~ above you, meaning you’ll desire to be extremely careful. Relocate down the slope till you point out an adversary (Heavy) and a dog in the distance, avoiding until they relocate out the the way.

If you go onto the upper ledge, then you’ll be able to grab a throwing knife, as well as a few more stuck into a human body below. Progressively descend much more until you check out a typical enemy, for this reason wait till he stops and also kill him with the cram knife. Take his weapon and keep relocating down till you see an enemy on a building, and another Heavy.


You don’t have any kind of weapons, including your melee one, therefore make certain you pick up the few throwing velvet pictured to help defend yourself till you can discover weapons.

Since you don’t have a normal knife yet, you can’t execute stealth kills, so leave the heavy alone. Sneak your means over to the other enemy and impale him with one of your cram knives, then rise up when feasible to disable the alarm. Friend should have the ability to sneak over to the other alarm in the area and also disable the one as well.

Ignore the Heavy and head under to the broken tower, i m sorry if you check out a keep in mind along the way, you’ll recognize that part weapons are stored there. There’s a sniper on optimal of the tower, and also two dogs, two much more Heavies, two new alarms and other men. As you’re dealing with north on her minimap, stick to the left side and kill the male roaming there before heading inside the tower.

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Stock up on the goodies and also begin climbing and grappling your way to the top of the tower, where you’ll uncover a sniper rifle and RPG. Luckily, enemies can’t climb up here, return they will shoot you, but you’ll be able to retreat temporarily to heal. Use your brand-new goodies to take out all of the enemies, then you’ll be able to escape via the locked door. Keep moving forward until a cutscene starts, finishing the mission.