Noore desires you to move in top top Paul now before he leaves, pointing out that you can sneak right into his link via a distribution of fresh “meat” the receives. The warehouse is located much to the south, so if you have a rapid travel allude close by, usage it; otherwise, you’re in because that a lengthy journey. As soon as you acquire there, it’s imperative the you execute not get detected, together the convoy will not leave and also you will fail.

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Go to the ago of the building and through the feet in the fencer, note the enemy that’s ago there. There’s also another enemy inside the warehouse, who should be clueless as you sneak by him. You can kill people, however you need to do that silently, so simply going with the ago and death those in your means would be best. Approach the earlier of the truck and also sneak onto it.


Depending on who you face with, you’ll have various objectives in the mission other than the key one. Sabal desires you come rescue hostages, when Amita wants pictures of the interrogation rooms.

Depending on who you sided with, there will be a distinction here on your extra objectives. Amita wants you to picture the interrogation chambers, if Sabal will want you to rescue any type of hostages. There will certainly be three of them, one of two people way, and also you will desire to continue to be silent the totality time, so keep to the shadows and don’t carry out anything unnecessary. Be mindful of the guards within the room with the hostages if you decided Sabal.

If you happen to death anyone, mental to carry out it silently and make sure you hide their bodies, especially if they’re in the open. It could be best to move along the perimeter that the link at first, together this will permit you to usage your camera to tag enemies and learn the layout the the place. Girlfriend can additionally use the rooftops together a method of travelling, as none that the guards are up there.


Take pictures of the interrogation rooms if you choose Amita (left), or rescue hostages if you choose Sabal (right).

Once you’ve controlled to cost-free the slaves for Sabal or take away the pictures of the interrogation chambers because that Amita, you have the right to now go after Paul. Store your stealth and slowly do your method to De Pleur’s office, going to the ago to find some rope and also ladder come climb and get v the window inside. Walk downstairs and into the yes, really office, climate watch the ensuing cutscene.

Well, De Pleur has actually been knocked out and also you must escape the link while delivering him. You deserve to make every the noise you desire now, which will certainly be needed to get to the vehicle. Stash De Pleur’s human body somewhere safe, then entice the enemies’ attention, using the area near Paul’s office together a safe haven for now.

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Go with the remainder of the compound, clearing the way, climate go earlier to take Paul’s body. This will permit you come not have to worry around dropping the body and also having to fight much more enemies. When you get to the vehicle, placed De Pleur into the trunk and then gain into the driver’s seat. Ignore any enemy and also just drive, just going after ~ the lone van or two chasing you. When you gain to the final marker, the mission will certainly end.