The beginning of the end! The very first thing you’ll do here is income your information from every tale you’ve completed as much as this point. Any type of Tale that was not completed - or i beg your pardon you, for everything reason, choose not to import - will have aftermath for the end game, commonly via shed party members, items, and opportunities for much more items. We’ll acquire into this consequences much more in a bit. Any items you’ve collected in the imported tales will currently be in her inventory, money continuing to be at the finish of each story will be included together, and your characters will be at the same levels as they were as soon as you last conserved in their respective Tale. Good times.

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During this tale you’ll be fighting Rydia’s Eidolons. It is important for you not to inflict as well much damage to this guys during your battles, and also instead simply focus on survival. After a set variety of rounds the Eidolons will involved their senses, and you’ll gain them as summons for Rydia.
You’ll step off the airship through a party that Luca, Rydia, Edge, and the ‘Man in Black’, who, c’mon, we’re simply gonna call Golbez. Step into Baron come start and you can discover items in the usual spots: a Phoenix Down outside the inn, a Small Tale in the well next to Cid’s house, a Hi-Potion alongside the armour shop, one X-Potion and also a Silver Hourglass in the southeast water, and a Cottage, Dry Ether, X-Potion, and also Small Tail in the grass on the northwest next of town. There space soldiers hike ‘round below who will certainly fight girlfriend if friend speak come them, however they’re really basic to kill. Speak to the Namingway by the enntrance gate if you need to buy anything. Cid’s home is the just one that will open for you, yet there’s nothing inside as well as plot.
Return to the airship. You have the right to now usage it to paris pretty much everywhere in the world, which, contrasted to the bulk of The ~ Years, is a significant amount that freedom. The said, a lot of of areas have been completely blocked off. There’s tho a lot to see and also do nevertheless, therefore let’s acquire started…
… though prior to you go as well far, watch on the island juuuust east of Baron. There’s a small Tail surprise in the area right here represented through a solitary tree. Similar to Tails in other sections that the game, tiny Tails will be valuable for getting much better items later on in The after Years.
Head come Mist first, together it’s the the next location, to the phibìc of Baron. You’ll hit a cut scene i m sorry reveals few of the allude of this chapter, namely to free the Eidolons and put them earlier under Rydia’s command. Check the grassy plots in town for Bomb Cranks and also a Bomb Core.
Once you’ve completed the tasks noted below - namely recruiting, or killing, Ramuh, the Sylphs, Ifrit, Shiva, and also Titan - go back to Mist. The fog will clear, and also after a reduced scene Rydia will acquire the Dragon summon.
You’ll find both Yang and also Ursula in Kaipo, in the usual home for noble people, and, yes, they’re both bedridden. You’ll have to uncover a means to cure lock of their ails. The town has actually been overrun by Sylphs, together well, and they’ll assault you if approached, though they’re fairly weak.
As a next note, the deserts about Kaipo are good for quick-levelling any characters who room lagging a little. Golbez deserve to murder anything right here with Quake, assuming you got him to level forty-two.
Located to the phibìc of Kaipo, Damcyan has been overrun by Antlions. You deserve to fight or disregard them as you prefer. Head to the throne room to discover a cut scene, and also Harley will certainly hop top top the airship… though she won’t join the party. Boo.
There’s many of treasure in Damcyan. You’ll discover a Decoy and a Bomb Core ~ above the east side that the Castle, a Small Tail in Harley’s room in the west, and also a Phoenix Down, an Emergency Exit, 2 Ethers, a Diamond Shield, 3 X-Potions, a Hi-Potion, a Blue Fang, a White Fang, and a Red Fang in the treasury ~ above the east side that the castle walls.
Located eastern of Damcyan, Fabul is additionally plagued by Sylphs. Come below after visiting Kaipo and head to the throne room because that a cut scene. Sheila, Yang’s wife, will provide you a Frying Pan and also a Ladle. Girlfriend can find a Phoenix Down, a Cottage, and a Decoy in the throne room’s mystery door (right next of the throne), and an X-Potion in the pot come the left that the throne. You’ll likewise find a Cross, a Phoenix Down, a Bronze Hourglass, and also Hermes Sandals in the west tower, and also a Bacchus’s Wine and also Hi-Potion in the east. In ~ the height of the east tower girlfriend can discover a Small Tail in the flower pot through the bed.
Take the Frying Pan and also Ladle back to Kaipo and also use lock on Yang and Ursula. No of them will rejoin the party yet, yet Rydia will obtain the Sylphs as a summon. Huzzah!
This tiny island city on the eastern island chain hasn’t changed a entirety lot, and the items you deserve to buy are pretty much worthless. You can find a Heavenly Wrath and a Remedy in the grass behind the northern buildings, and a Cottage in the grass in the east.
Located southeast of Baron, Mysidia is pretty dead till you technique the room of Prayers. Doing therefore will cause Ramuh to strike Rydia. This is a ‘boss’ fight, but all Ramuh does is hit her party through a selection of lightning attacks, namely Thundara, Thundaga, Lightning Bolt, and Judgment Bolt, the latter of two are the only assaults you really have to fear. Last long enough and also Ramuh will concerned his senses and become a summon for Rydia. Porom’s within the room of Prayers, and also will sign up with your collection of pcs on the airship.
You’ll discover this tiny cave to the eastern of Mysidia, ~ above a next island. (It’s accurate the southeast cavern on the map, despite that’s challenging to call if you never look in ~ a map.) There’s a small Tale in a box near the entrance and also an Elixir in the back.
Located south of Baron, Agart is right now overrun by arbitrarily monsters. Strategy the fine in the middle of town and you can descend right into the Agart Subterrane, a small, simple ‘dungeon’ comprise a Decoy, a Diamond Armlet, one Ogrekiller (down stairs come the best of the an initial set of stairs you’ll find), and, ~ above the bottom floor, a… dead end. Shrug.
Head earlier to Agart and also head north of the well. You’ll find a familiar challenge waiting, and also then another, Titan, will difficulty you come battle. It’s a fairly basic fight, as Titan can only struggle you through physical attacks. Struggle during any Moon Phase wherein physical strikes aren’t boosted and you shouldn’t have actually trouble outlasting Titan. Players acquainted with Titan will probably feel the urge to cast Float, however don’t issue - you obtain covered because that this halfway through. Beating Titan will earn girlfriend the very same summon for Rydia.
Once the mysterious Girl leaves Agart will be clearing of monsters, however you won’t be able to enter many of the buildings. Inspect in the northwest of town for a Gaia Drum, concealed in grass, and also pop right into the Observatory to uncover a Small Tail in a globe on the lower floor.
Located west that Baron, the city of Troia is reasonably boring. Girlfriend can find an Ether, a Dry Ether, a Decoy, and also an X-Potion in the grassy clearing come the northwest, available via the water. Friend can also find a Small Tail in the alleyway beside the weapon and also armour stores. The castle is one more matter; head come the crystal Chamber and you’ll establish that anyone is frozen solid. You’ll then be directed northeast to the Lodestone Cavern.
The Cavern is the same as ever, despite the magnetic field that mucks increase metallic weapons and armour is gone, therefore don’t worry around that. Do your way through the dungeon together you ever before have. There’s a restore Rod and a Unicorn Horn ~ above B1, a Couerl Whisker, a Cottage, and Hermes Sandals top top B2, a Silver Hourglass, a Diamond Helm, a Dry Ether, and a Cottage top top B3, a Light Curtain, a Remedy, and also a White Fang on B5 (accessible via one invisible route on the leg on B4), and also Diamond Gloves top top B4. There’s additionally a Small Tail in the skeleton discovered by the decision Chamber in ~ the end of the Cavern.
Save just outside the decision Chamber, together you’ll fight Shiva inside. Shiva is ridiculously weak come fire, and also a few shots of Golbez’s Firaga will outright kill her (unlike many other Eidolons, which generally wake up prior to you have the right to do enough damages anyway). Fight her with spells till Rydia claims something, then walk on the defensive and also heal up till Shiva returns to normal and becomes a usable summon. Her team will then collect Palom and also Leonora and stick castle on the airship for later.
Grabbing Shiva will ‘unlock’ Troia Castle, permitting you come grab a tiny Tail from the western moat’s dead end.
Located southwest the Troia, Eblan… is… ~ above fire. No two ways around it. Head to the east tower come start and you’ll uncover a Melt Golem ~ above the 2nd floor; garbage it with Blizzaga. Collection the Cottage, Bacchus’s Wine, and X-Potion indigenous the chests near the Golem. There’s a comparable Melt Golem in the west tower; go with the southern wall on the second floor and also head east to with it. You can find a Small Tale in the fit of armour near the Golem when you’re increase here. If / when you run right into Ifrit if wandering roughly the Castle, just run - girlfriend can’t to win him.
Eliminating the Golems will open the castle proper. Head come the throne room to create two scripted battles, after i beg your pardon Rydia and Edge will find out the Inferno Band. Now you’ll have to fight Ifrit in earnest. He’s a an effective Eidolon, yet he’s usually the same as the rest, just fire-based. Batter him v Blizzagas till he involves his senses and becomes a summon. As soon as Ifrit is unable to do you can proceed plundering the castle; there’s a Boltslicer and an Elixir in the west tower and also a Red Fang, a Silent Bell, and a Remedy in the east.
In addition to Eblan chin you can enter the cavern of Eblan and also wander around. Within you’ll uncover a Remedy, an Ether, a Phoenix Down, an X-Potion, and a Hi-Potion top top B1, a Spider Silk and also a Phoenix Down top top B2, a Phoenix Down, 3 Hi-Potions, a Spider Silk, one X-Potion, a Dry Ether, a Lilith’s Kiss, Hermes Sandals, a Vampire Kiss, a Bacchus’s Wine, 2 Ethers, a Cottage, a Mallet, a Potion, and also a Black Cowl, all in the cumulative path to Tower of Babil.
At the really end, just prior to the (sealed) enntrance gate to the Tower that Babil, you’ll fight a reduced scene that’ll pressure you come fight a Marquis Malboro; you have the right to kill it quickly enough by making use of a Spider Silk to slow-moving it, climate pepper that with just physical attacks, as it will certainly Reflect itself. This will certainly earn you a Kiku-ichimonji.
In the second section that the path to Tower that Babil you’ll find a Tail Collector that will trade you for the small Tails discovered in this chapter; fourteen little Tails will net friend a Rainbow Tail, while 7 will net you any kind of of the other coloured Tails. Friend can find enough Tails in this chapter for one Rainbow Tail and also one other Tail or 3 of any type of other Tail.
Though many of the locations on the people map have been closed, there are a couple of new areas you can discover by paris around. They’re regularly represented as yellow point out on the map, commonly surrounded by three or four normal craters, though not always. They’re in the complying with locations:
Northwest the Baron - tiny Tail (hidden in the grass)South of Kaipo - Small Tail (location is in the middle of 3 craters in the desert; items is in a rock block)Southeast the Kaipo - Monster-in-a-box; autumn a Black Belt Gi (location is in a irradiate patch the grass on the southeastern edge of the continent - can additionally find a Small Tail in one of the stones here)East that Damcyan - Small Tail (check the large crater close to the Castle, and also the skeleton in the mini map)East of mountain Hobs - Faerie Rod (can likewise find a Small Tail by walking with the tree to the ideal of the chest and also searching the bus come the south)Southeast the Fabul - Small Tail (check the shrub in the rear)Southwest of mountain Ordeals - Monster-in-a-box; drops a RibbonSoutheast of mountain Ordeals - Elixir (in a cave)South the Troia - Monster-in-a-box; fall a Mage MasherEast that Troia - small Tail (in an eastern bush)North the Troia - Ice Whip (go with the trees on the ideal side that the clearing; likewise a Small Tail hidden here, in a bush to the left)North the Eblan - Small Tail (represented as a tiny tree - the Tail is surprise in the grass)East of Eblan - Small Tail (another small tree top top the map)East of Agart - Diamond Armor (yet another small tree)
Head back to the center of trouble when you’ve saved the Eidolons throughout the world. (This consists of the Mist Dragon that Mist, as well, so don’t forget to go there.) The haze extending Baron Castle will certainly lift, allowing your team to enter. After a scripted fight and a bunch of dialogue her team will gain shuffled around, and you’ll need to fight the real boss.
Yes, an additional one. They’re weird satisfying come battle, however. This secret Girl is similar to she kin in the she mostly uses black color magic - hell, she only uses black magic - but she doesn’t have a summon to fall ago on, unequal the others. Consequently, her black magic is a lot much more painful than it would normally be.
Your team now consists of Golbez, Rosa, Ceodore, Rydia, and Edge. If you have actually a way of casting Reflect through Rosa (namely through hitting level forty beforehand, presumably in Kain’s Tale) you have the right to do so on your entire team, one in ~ a time, and also render the Girl’s attacks harmless. If not, Rosa might have a little of trouble maintaining up through the Girl’s damages output. Ns recommend putting either Ceodore or Rydia ~ above item-based healing duty while anyone else wails on the Girl. She’s no that hard, yet you don’t desire to take an ext than 2 hits from she without healing. Shell and also Slow, together ever, do this fight lot easier.

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Be warned! Though many of the moment the secret Girl supplies black magic, she will, once you acquire halfway through, begin pulling out more powerful all-hitting attacks. An initial comes Leviathan; climate Bahamut; climate Meteor. They’re all fairly strong, despite so long as everyone’s over 1,000 hp and has Shell cast they need to be okay. Sluggish will, again, make your life substantially easier.