I walk a find on this sub on exactly how to usage these, but I can't find it anywhere. I'm a little brand-new to the game, and I've never obtained one of these before, where perform I usage them? i can't find them in mine inventory anywhere and I'm very confused.

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Scroll down in the occasion menu and go come the hall of Rites, there you deserve to exchange every items native this event.

I make it come the room of Rites, but.....I don't even know which characters I'm going come get immediately from the remainder of core dungeons!? ns see posts on the front of the sub about Warrior, therefore I got that, yet I don't understand which personalities I need to be gaining at all. I could waste a soul. Characters I want encompass Yuffie, Tifa, Vincent, any kind of of the IX characters, or VIII characters, Locke, Celes, Moogle, or Terra.

I don't understand if you can see them if they're locked (I've progressed too much to not have the ability to see every little thing already), but go come the 'Realms Dungeon'. Up top, close to your party, room two options: Look at the doors OR look in ~ a development map. You want the one ~ above the best (the development map).

It speak you who unlocks when and where. The should assist you out.

You deserve to look in ~ the classic dungeons in the timeline list form and see exactly where and also when you'll unlock characters when. Girlfriend can additionally look in ~ the bonus quest list and see that unlocks indigenous which quest. I determined to to speak "screw it" and used my souls on personalities I liked, Paladin Cecil, Auron, Y'shlote (or but you spell her name), and Zidane. Ns don't think it's wasting a heart on a personality you yes, really like and also will use, even if you acquire them native a search eventually. All that happens is that once you execute that quest, you'll obtain a development egg rather of the character.

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If just Ramza might be a Paladin

Yuffie and Vincent aren't in our version of the game yet. Numerous of the VIII and also IX characters, Mog, and Terra room all obtainable through the "bonus quests" the you deserve to take by selecting "quests" ~ above the home screen.

Beyond that....based ~ above what you said, you're an extremely new, therefore you're walking to have to make part hard options on which personalities you want.

This topic.....


Has a perform of when we expect specific characters come be easily accessible again. I'll note that of the human being you mentioned, Locke literally just had his event, so we have no ETA on when to expect him again, therefore you'll more than likely need to grab him. Additionally of note, Cecil (Paladin) has actually not had actually a re-issue yet, so maybe take into consideration him as well. There space a pair of other personalities like that together well, yet I don't recognize everything.

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