Things acquire much more intense after the moment skip in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses. Here are some useful things to know around this component of the game.

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Time skips assist make any video clip game story amp increase the intensity, drama, and also excitement. Fire Emblem has actually done the with Mystery the the Emblem, Genealogy of the holy War, Awakening, and also recently, Three Houses. Once the trailer for the moment skip to be shown, specifically at E3, fans were in awe at exactly how the key lords looked five years later, with Dimitri being the many shocking as he was seen wearing an eye patch and also telling his army to death every last one of them.

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Three Houses" time skip shows that things are gaining serious and the options storywise you make really execute matter. This will encompass some serious and also not-so-serious spoilers, so be wary of going in if you have not played every one of Three Houses. Here is whatever you need to know around the time skip in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses.

As the moment skip heads straight right into war after five years the Byleth gift in a sleeping state, points have readjusted for the better and worse. You will reunite with among the house leaders in the damaged Garreg Mach Monastery v a smile, or with disdain. Alongside that, the personalities in the specific house will additionally reunite in fight (or in the monastery if Crimson Flower i do not care the route).

Don"t intend the time skip to be choose Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations where nearly everyone survives. If friend don"t have characters from other houses recruited, they will certainly be eliminated off when fighting versus them.

Crimson Flower bring away an incredibly interesting approach to identify itself from other routes. We view a perspective of Edelgard that justifies her factors for wanting to make Fódlan free from a system of nobility and also disregard the usage of crests.

However, the route has actually been criticized for being shorter compared to the various other routes and there are little-to-no cutscenes, simply CG arts for when a details moment happens. By having actually three less chapters, be certain to grind as much as you can to deal with the last chapter, especially on Maddening.

Some personalities have paralogues pre-time skip, while others unlock their if they are recruited prior to the time skip. For example, Petra and Bernadetta"s paralogue have the right to only it is in completed in the time skip. Marianne"s paralogue is also available if she is recruited or you picked the gold Deer house. Sometimes you will have to acquire students outside of your chosen residence to get the paralogue, like Mercedes and Caspar, that will challenge the death Knight, and also Linhardt with Leonie, who are searching for a treasured weapon.

for the first time in Fire Emblem games, the outcomes in clearing a specific paralogue will determine the fate of the character. This is only in the Blue Lions house, but much more on that later. Clearing the moment skip paralogues room really worth it together you can get strong weapons, grind for more levels, and see special dialogue from whose paralogue you"re playing.

due to merging v Sothis to get out that the void from the pre-time skip, she have the right to only be heard once Byleth awakens 5 years later, yet that will be the last of her unless you chose to take her hand in marriage. Together you room able to gain support point out from her from conversation choices, Intelligent systems sneaked their means in.

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prior to going top top the final battle in one of two people route, an option for S-ranking will have Sothis appear with "???" and her faded image. It is quite strange to walk for someone who basically resides inside her head, but much more power come you since she is an interesting character.

DLC is not necessarily required for the finish Three Houses experience, however if you really love this game, climate it is a must-buy to gain an additional story dubbed Cindered Shadows, recruit the Ashen wolf after beating the extra story, and also unlock supports v them and in-game characters. By the time you obtain to the 2nd chapter, girlfriend will be able to head right into the Abyss and recruit lock immediately. Also if they will certainly not have any relevance in the main story, they quiet have distinct dialogue that what wake up in the chapter you are in depending upon the route.

If friend desire extra units to train up and also use after that in the time skip, be sure to recruitment them prior to the twelfth chapter. If you carry out not recruitment them, they will certainly not appear in the time skip and their fates will certainly be unknown.

Three Houses takes a different method to how supports room unlocked. An in similar way to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, supports take it time to be available. C and also B-rank support are fast to acquire out the the method with the help of gift-giving, lost items, or tea parties. A-rank support are just obtainable throughout the time skip, giving characters closure ~ above the events they went through and being one step closer to get an S-rank on who you select to marry.

Dimitri"s support to A-rank because that those that can connect with particularly takes time as he is no able to support anyone or take it anything during his dark and also stubborn state. However as lengthy as you have taken numerous meals with him and another support partner and taught him throughout the pre-time skip, he will come around once you with the thing his support is obtainable again.

Dedue"s role is very vital in Azure Moon, as he is not just exclusive to that route, yet in the pre-time skip, he has a paralogue, dubbed War because that the Weak, that will certainly have results if no done. By merely not act it, Dedue will sacrifice self to spare Dimitri from being executed.

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If you have invested into Dedue, climate it is necessary to complete his paralogue to spare the defensive tank"s life. During his absence, Gilbert will certainly take over through decent stats, but whenever Dedue comes back, Gilbert have the right to act as a defensive adjutant for someone who is squishy.

worry not if you missed some characters once the moment skip rolfes over. Relying on the courses you picked, except for silver Snow, you will obtain a opportunity to have actually a character to add to her team. Due to story scenarios, the personalities Lysithea, Lorenz, and Ashe have the right to be recruited also if you had actually not obtained supports or had no intention of getting them. However, they have to be defeated by Byleth in battle, since any kind of other unit will result in lock dying.

by playing black Eagle, girlfriend will be able to recruit Lysithea. Simply by defeating her, she will have a distinct dialogue and also ask to sign up with you by sparing her. The very same goes for Lorenz and also Ashe in Blue Lions and gold Deer respectively. As long as Byleth is the one that takes castle out, girlfriend will obtain an extra unit to use as adjutants.

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It can be hard to number out which home to begin with, however if you do not want to experience déjà vu, be certain not come play Verdant Wind and also Silver Snow back to back. Among the game"s major drawbacks is exactly how eerily similar Claude and Rhea"s courses are. Given, it does no play totally the same, as the paths have different final maps and also cutscenes. However for what is similar, it deserve to be disappointing depending upon which route you have actually chosen first.

lock share one map that has to do through Those who Slither in the Dark and a cutscene that occurs after clearing the claimed map. Verdant Wind has an ext exposition about Fódlan"s history, if Silver snow focuses an ext on Rhea. Every little thing route friend would like to take on first, just be certain not to do both consecutively.

If you want a happier ending in Three Houses, do your finest to recruitment every college student possible, uneven Hilda, Hubert, or Dedue are not available on specific routes. If part students do not have a required support location or not have reached a level in the weapon, stat, or movement, they will eventually face their demise in the thing Blood that the Eagle and Lion in Azure Moon, Verdant Wind, and also Silver snow (offscreen).

no counting DLC, the just character the does not appear in the moment skip, uneven recruited or in the particular house, is Marianne.

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