Outriders players have actually plenty of little passive attributes to understand, with Firepower and also Weapon damage Bonus being two of the an ext confusing stats.

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Outriders players have the right to enhance their capabilities and cater to their playstyle by raising passive Attribute statistics. Firepower is one of the game’s main player stats and also is really important in determining a player’s damage, in addition to Weapon damage Bonus.

searching down equipment with the right features is especially beneficial in the endgame that Outriders. Part Attributes, together as status Power, will improve a player’s condition Effects, while rather can aid players heal and also regenerate health.

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exactly how Firepower works:

Firepower, in addition to Anomaly Power, is among the key player stats in Outriders. The Firepower number that players can see towards the top-left corner of their inventory screen, is a basic rating of how powerful a player’s at this time held weapon is. This rating is a mix of the basic Firepower of their held weapon and also any Bonus Firepower that a player may have actually from ability tree perks and also gear Attributes. That is vital to note that a player’s Firepower stat can readjust whenever they switch to their secondary weapon or Outriders pistols.

player damages stat rating for weapons
when players start Outriders, your Firepower will certainly be incredibly low, but as lock level up, prey drops will become much more powerful too, permitting players to tackle harder opponents and higher World Tiers. In the situation of weapons, more Firepower typically equals an ext damage, but players have the right to see a weapon’s damages by trying to find the “DMG” number in the weapon’s stat block.

how to rise Firepower:

A player’s main technique of raising their basic Firepower is to simply replace their old, short Firepower weapons with new higher Firepower ones. Alternatively, players have the right to level up your weapons through Crafting which will raise your Base Firepower stats to a level-appropriate number.

However, Firepower is very closely linked with an additional player Attribute called Weapon damage Bonus, which deserve to increase a player’s Firepower by adding on a ratio of their current Base Firepower as Bonus Firepower.

exactly how Weapon damage Bonus Works:

Weapon damages Bonus is another means of boosting a player’s Firepower by including bonus Firepower. The Weapon damage Bonus can vary depending on a player’s selections in skill tree unlocks and also their gear’s Attributes.

A player’s Weapon damage Bonus deserve to be watched in 2 places and also in two various formats. Firstly, once a player opens up their stats web page on their inventory screen, they can see their Weapon damages Bonus expressed together a percentage. This is the percent of a player’s present Base Firepower that will be included on.

player attribute statistics mirroring extra weapon damage
Secondly, as soon as a player hovers the cursor over the Firepower number, the Firepower stat will certainly be broken down right into the player’s present Base Firepower add to the Bonus Firepower included on in gold. This is rather confusing, for this reason players need to understand that the gold number the is being added to your Base Firepower and also the Weapon damages Bonus portion are various ways of showing the same information, i m sorry is just a bonus to a player’s Firepower stat.

exactly how to boost Weapon damages Bonus:

A player’s Weapon damage Bonus deserve to be increased in 2 ways. Part classes will have skill tree nodes that increase weapon damage. Because that example, the Pyromancer class can boost its Weapon damages Bonus by selecting the Inferno Weapon node ~ above the Ash Breaker path. Inferno Weapon increases weapon damages by 8%, which gets permanently added to a player’s Weapon damage Bonus stat on your stats page.

trickster course skill tree perk an increasing damage for shotguns
various other classes have skill tree nodes the increase damages for particular weapon types. The Shotgun master perk uncovered in the Trickster’s Assassin path increases only Shotgun damages by 15%. If a player chooses to unlock this node, your Weapon damages Bonus stat will always increase through 15% at any time they space holding a Shotgun.

The second an approach for raising Weapon damages Bonus is by equipping gear with the Bonus Firepower Attribute. Confusingly, this is not stood for as a percentage and also as an yes, really number which is added straight top top a player’s basic Firepower. However, football player should understand that Bonus Firepower from gear attributes is still reflect in the Weapon damage Bonus percentage.

glove gear with bonus firepower weapon damage attribute boost

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as an example, if a player is stop a 1000 Firepower assault Rifle, their Base Firepower will certainly be 1000. If they then equip a helmet v 10 Bonus Firepower, your Firepower failure will say 1000 + 10 v the +10 in gold and also their Weapon damage Bonus stat will reflect this and also be 1%.

since Firepower deserve to be raised in so numerous different ways, Outriders football player attempting to handle endgame exploration missions, should experiment through Bonus Firepower Attributes and also skill tree perks to maximize your weapon damage.

Outriders is accessible now because that PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and also Xbox collection X|S.

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