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Watch Yukihira together he once more has to confront the freckles master, Akira Hayama, as well as the difficulty of cooking bear meat. I didn’t also know bears wherein edible.

Japanese initial Episode Title: リベンジ・マッチ


Yukihira is being separated from anyone else and thrown right into a kitchen come experiment v bear meat for this reason he can challenge Akira, the newest member that the elite Ten. And at this point, ns just need to ask one more time, why nothing they simply expel everyone and also be over v it?

Apparently, food preparation bear meat is quite the an obstacle due come its stinky-stinky aftertaste. While you will do think Yukihira would be dazzling to job-related with something therefore disgusting (he has, after ~ all, a passion for gun food), he starts trying out by trying come conceal the stench. Somewhere close to the center of the illustration Kuga jumps in because that no noticeable reason and offers Yukihira his help, along with his comprehensive knowledge that Chinese spices. Yukihira walk on a pilgrimage to the mountains and also discovers some neighborhood berries the could help him properly season the meat. He also realizes the should more than likely be working v the stench quite than against it; and also while he’s learning all that, Akira is already done the cooking and also strolls around showing turn off his dish.

The episode ends v a fully unnecessary shoot of Rindo-senpai’s ass. Its prestige to the breakthrough of the plot stays unknown come me.

Episode Highlights

Akira transforming douchebag: I believe, fine no, stop say i hope there is some sort of backstory come Akira’s decision in joining the upstream Ten. His partnership with the quick spice lady seemed an extremely important come him for this reason I’d be surprised to view this totality subplot gift brushed ~ above the side.

Erina obtaining grabbed: What the hell was that all about? I median it’s one thing being bossed around and also humiliated by her dad and also another to have his lackeys personal forcing friend to follow them. What a cheap attempt at drama.

Dojima-senpai: Unlike anyone else taking this means too seriously, Dojima-senpai is the voice of reason and feels comfortable sufficient to explain himself together neutral. *slow clap*

Kuga-senpai: That quick guy of questionable ethnicity that can only chef mapo tofu is quiet on the show? Wow. Go anyone in reality really care?

Megumi’s human body language: Seasons come and also seasons walk but negative Megumi, no matter just how much she improves, doesn’t seem to construct on the confidence lot – she does, after all, must keep that ‘shy/cute’ persona going. Ns swear she always keeps she hands folded in the front, forming tiny fists. This should be painful.

Great cooking knocks you out: In yet an additional display of the display being ridiculously extra, Akira Hayama’s food preparation when involvement the upstream Ten is actually shown to knock world out. Why not send them come the shadow realm, says I?

Weird fire person: What is that weird firey figure that appears just prior to the titles between Akira and also Yukihira? more than likely yet one more hard effort to show how essential all this is.

Themes & Trivia

Bear Meat: Yes, the Japanese, particularly in the North, eat bears. Matagi, famous bear hunters of Hokkaido, practice old-school bear hunts to this day. In my humble opinion, that much far better to eat any sort of video game rather 보다 meat it is come the end of a torture factory, therefore the totality controversy about this concern seems a little bit pathetic, as soon as pigs, among the many intelligent pets in the world, are being slaughtered and also consumed ~ above a day-to-day basis.

Schisandra berries: Schisandra Chinensis, whose fruit is referred to as magnolia berry or five-flavor-fruit, is a deciduous woody vine aboriginal to forests of northern China and the Russian much East. You can buy food supplements of it online, and also it’s quite famous in natural medicine.

At the very least the food trivia is good this season…

…unlike in the ahead one, whereby we had actually to put up through Kuga-senpai’s nonsense.

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