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can be fried Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight finishers Chan Sung Jung and also Brian Ortega will certainly clash tonight (Sat., Oct. 17, 2020) within Flash Forum on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, unified Arab Emirates.

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This bout is gift advertised as a location eliminator, for this reason the stakes below are clear. For Jung, it is a step that renders sense, as “Korean Zombie” has actually leveled increase in the last pair years. He is hitting harder and scoring knockouts with a viciousness the is quite intimidating, to the suggest that fans were already arguing he obtain a title shot. Ortega is in something of an opposite situation, having sat on the sidelines for practically two years following his beating in ~ the hands of Max Holloway. Somehow, this may additionally be a location eliminator for “T-City” together well, which would certainly be quite the reversal the fortunes.

Let’s take a closer look at the secrets to victory for every man:

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UFC proceeds its live occasions schedule from Abu Dhabi top top Oct. 17 with its “Jung vs. Ortega”-led struggle card obtainable to currently RIGHT below — don’t miss out on a single second of face-punching action!
Chan Sung Jung

Record: 16-5Key Wins: Dustin Poirier (UFC top top Fuel TV 3), Renato Moicano (UFC hit Night 154), Frankie Edgar (UFC 231), Dennis Bermudez (UFC hit Night 104), note Hominick (UFC 140), Leonard Garcia (UFC fight Night 24)Key Losses: Jose Aldo (UFC 163), Yair Rodriguez (UFC fight Night 139), George Roop (WEC 51)Keys to Victory: Jung has always been a crafty and also dangerous kickboxer, yet now he is a knockout artist. In addition, Jung continues to be an underrated clinch wrestler with real skill ~ above the mat.

Fourteen that his professional wins ended inside the distance.

Opposite Ortega, Jung wants a kickboxing match. He’s been putting adversaries down tough with his hands, and also Ortega is generally there to be hit. Top top paper, that sounds prefer a wonderful recipe for an early stoppage.

However, Ortega has tendency to prosper on adversaries who plan on avoiding him early. He’s inhumanly durable and also mentally difficult as lock come. If Jung empties the gas tank wrecking Ortega’s skull and also does not produce the finish, that puts self in position for among those damnable third-round (or later in this 25 minute contest) finishes.

As such, I’d like to check out Jung focus more on respond to punching. Ortega can have the center, however Jung deserve to still out-strike him from the ago foot, difficult jabs and the sometimes kick together Ortega stalks his foe. At part point, Ortega will certainly walk right into something major, and also if that doesn’t create the finish, Jung is less likely to exhaust self or take lots of shots while being a bit much more defensive.

Brian Ortega

Record: 14-1 (1)Key Wins: Frankie Edgar (UFC 222), Cub Swanson (UFC hit Night 123), Renato Moicano (UFC 214), Clay Guida (UFC 199), Thiago Tavares (UFC fight Night 68)Key Losses: Max Holloway (UFC 231)Keys to Victory: Ortega is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu professional with some slickness to his boxing, yet really, the male is a bruiser. He walks enemies down and also forces lock to do a mistake, attacking constantly and wearing them out till he’s able to capitalize through a large shot or by capturing the neck.

Walking straight right into Jung’s newfound knockout strength is no the best idea, by it’s almost impossible to watch Ortega win this fight there is no walking with some fire to execute so. Still, there’s a difference in between getting touch up early and getting certain demolished, and a big part the that needs to do v feints and also distance work.

First and foremost, Ortega doesn’t desire to gain Moicano’d. The Brazilian want to develop his jab at an early stage — smart! unfortunately for him, Jung to be well-aware of the concept, wait on a hair cause for that very first jab then immediately smashing him v an overhand.

Sticking Jung v some lengthy jabs would advantage Ortega too, yet he needs to feint and give various looks to avoid a comparable fate. In general, I’d choose to see Ortega more willing to fire body or low kicks will progressing on Jung. He loves to profession in the pocket, but really forcing the close in street will get him punched. Jung will be looking come counter; let that be his entrance into close quarters.

Bottom Line

A location shot is on the line.

Jung is talk a substantial wave that momentum. He might not be on one overly expanded win streak, however he’s been demolishing his opposition. Plus, pan love “The korean Zombie” — he’s on a warm streak, plainly just one step away indigenous a 2nd chance in ~ UFC gold.

As because that Ortega, the situation is less clear. Would a solitary victory really elevate him over the winner between Zabit Magomedsharipov and Yair Rodriguez? that doesn’t it seems to be ~ reasonable to me, however then, UFC’s matchmaking in location fights has been erratic in recent years, so who knows!

Title shooting or no, Ortega hasn’t winner a fight in rather some time. If he is to remain a member of the peak 5, he needs to return come the win tower here, or at the very least remind the human being of his fighting talent.

Remember the will supply LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage the the entire UFC hit Island 6 fight map this weekend, beginning with the ESPN+ “Prelims” matches, i beg your pardon are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. ET, then the remaining main card balance at 7 p.m. ET (also on ESPN+).

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At UFC fight Island 6, Chan Sung Jung and also Brian Ortega will duel in the key event. Which guy will knife the victory?