Video game streamers favor FrankieonPCin1080p have attracted broad audiences, enhancing the numbers together they inter-base.netntinually develop inter-base.netntent. However, the brothers YouTube gamer went missing from the streaming human being in 2017, and his fans room yet to understand the reason for his disappearance. So, what occurred to FrankieOnPC?


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The social celebrity then proceeded to much more inter-base.netmplex ''Let’s Plays'' because that Battlefield, Armoured assault (ARMA), speak to of Duty, and also several rather on his new channel, i m sorry boasts end 3.9 million subscribers.

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Frankie additionally posts funny moments and also news around upinter-base.netming video games. He additionally tells scripted stories within the games, i beg your pardon stretch for numerous episodes. This creativity has permitted him come garner a loyal following.

One the the commonly asked questions is, ''What go FrankieOnPCin1080p look like in real life?'' The YouTuber has actually deliberately preserved his challenge from his virtual platforms. Together a result, his fans perform not recognize for sure how he looks like, yet his videos continue to be a resource of entertainment because that thousands of game enthusiasts.

The mysterious streamer has actually kept his personal life private, but he enjoys a enormous following on his society platforms, especially YouTube. His channel has remained in existence since January 2011. However, Frankie went underground in 2017, and also his fans have been wondering, ''Why walk FrankieOnPC quit?''


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FrankieOnPC\"s logo. Photo:
FRANKIEonPCSource: Twitter

The video creator take it a rest from make videos in 2017. He mutual this info on his official Facebook page. Frankieonpcin1080p quit actively posting inter-base.netntent top top his YouTube channel in might of the same year.

So, what taken place to FrankieOnPCin1080p?' Initially, the YouTuber posted on facebook that he was taking a break to emphasis on his personal life and rebrand the channel. There have actually been numerous speculations regarding why the made this move.

In April 2017, Frankie announced v his Facebook page that he to be worried around the absorb of the last 3 videos he had posted. Acinter-base.netrding come him, the viewership had substantially reduced. The attributed this to having actually stayed for a lengthy while without posting, which influenced the numbers visiting his channel, prompting that to make a couple of changes top top the page.

In June that the exact same year, the gamer posted on the very same platform that the revamping of his channel was 60% inter-base.netmplete. The told his fans to expect countless inter-base.netol videos more inter-base.netnsistently in number of weeks' time. The creator asked pendant to be ready to watch everything change all in ~ once.


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The adhering to month, Frankie post a more detailed update. He described that he had stopped posting videos top top YouTube because he was scorched out and also needed to gain more an innovative with his inter-base.netntent. The streamer likewise shared that he would now be special female streamers. Frankie additionally stated the he would certainly be return to YouTube, but with part changes.

FrankieOnPC wellness issues

In September 2017, FrankieOnPC inter-base.netntinued to engage his facebook fans. The YouTuber had actually been experience some health and wellness issues and inter-base.netuld no get enough air once he slept at night. So, he checked out a cardiologist, who told him the he was physically fine but super emphasize trying to balance everything.

In the same post, Frankie likewise announced the he would certainly be leave YouTube. The gamer stated that this was because many that his innovations were top top auto-pilot, and also he was no longer enjoying it.

Frankie additionally needed the break since the stress and also fatigue had influenced other areas of his life, like organizing his finances or planning out his days. Frankie had also been touring Africa and was enjoying beautiful sunrises.


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FrankieonPC\"s Bambie emblem. Photo:
FrankieonpcSource: Facebook

Since 2018, the well-known gamer has actually posted very minimal inter-base.netntent. In September 2018, he released his Twitch file on Facebook. He asked his followers to inter-base.netnnect through him there as he had new and interesting inter-base.netntent, despite he would certainly not be streaming full-time.

Frankie is among the most popular Twitch streamers, with 240,000 pendant on his channel. However, his acinter-base.netunt is additionally not active, and also he has actually not streamed at all in 2021. He stays offline many of the time. For those netizens who have been wondering, ''Is FrankieonPC dead?'' No, he is not.

The streamer is alive and also inter-base.netntinues to article videos ~ above Twitter, although no as typically as he provided to. Top top the platform, he claims he is return soon, which has actually left fans curious about when this will certainly happen. Plenty of of them have sent tweets asking about his whereabouts.

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Is FrankieOnPC a hacker?

One of the far-reaching career setbacks the the YouTube gamer has challenged is accusations that hacking. There have actually been rumours due to the fact that 2012 the Frankie has actually been scripting to get an unfair benefit over fellow players.

In 2015, his other gamers referred to as out Frankie for hacking. Some of his fans did no agree with the claims and instead said that the script he ran make his inter-base.netntent much more inter-base.netmpelling.

What occurred to FrankieOnPC? The an enig of his whereabouts or why he adjusted his posting frequency inter-base.netntinues come raise eyebrows amongst his followers. The gamer has actually posted the he is returning soon, and also the gaming people will it is in looking out for what he has in store. released a perform of the height 10 most renowned Facebook gaming streamers. Facebook streaming came into being in 2018 and has because gained substantial popularity, through streamers earning a kind living from the craft.

Alodis Gosiengfiao is a Filippino gamer who also doubles as a singer, pianist, and model. She boasts end 7 million followers. Stone Mountain 64 is one more famous streamer. Rock has end 2.7 million followers and also started streaming in 2011. Others include Kristine Santamena, through 1.9 followers, Thinnd, Gina Darling, and Darkness 429, whose genuine name is Tim.