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There"s something the I desire to sayBut indigenous sometimes acquire in the wayI just want come showMy feelings because that youThere"s nothing the I"d rather doThan spend ev"ry moment with youI guess: v you need to knowI love friend so(Chorus 1:)You room my ladyYou"re ev"rything i need and also moreYou room my ladyYou"re all I"m life forThere"s no means that I deserve to resistYour valuable kissGirl, you"ve gained meSo hypnotizedJust say that you"ll stay with me"Cause our love was intended to beI promise to love youMore each day(Chorus 2:)You room my lady, mine loveYou"re ev"rything ns need and moreYou space my ladyYou"re every I"m living for(Repeat chorus 2)(Bridge:)I love her shine, shine, shineLet"s make it last till the end of time(Repeat chorus 2, advertisement lib, and fade)
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