If this includes you, climate I\"m hope this post makes it easier for friend to create effective facebook posts.

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Yep... The type that obtain crazy Likes and also Comments. :)

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3 best Facebook articles to acquire Likes Every Time (examples included)

Posting an excellent content on on facebook starts with knowing what type of articles are possible. I\"ve damaged them down right into six types:

ImagesTextVideosOther People’s ContentWebsite/Blog postsPodcasts

Here\"s a mind-mapping infographic mirroring the 6 types:


Now I\"d favor to failure the very first 3 of this post types -- and also give you part examples.

1. Images

Images room the cornerstone of Facebook.

Why? because fans love pictures.

People room so overloaded with information these days the they naturally gravitate toward things that are straightforward to consume and also absorb.

Images room both.

And I\"m right here to phone call you that if you article the right pictures on Facebook, friend will gain crazy Likes and also Comments.

Funny Images

Facebook customers love funny pics.

But as a business, girlfriend should always remember your audience. They might not appreciate unlimited streams of random LOL photos. Sure, the images may acquire you part viral share -- however in the end, too plenty of of them could do much more harm 보다 good.

So exactly how should you usage funny images?

Let\"s take it this example of a funny egg photo.

If you\"re a restaurant through a fan page, this image can be a great opportunity to cracked a joke around eggs (pun intended).

Or maybe you might use the picture as a jumping off suggest for a story. Because that example, perform you have a story of pertained to your organization or niche that have the right to be concerned a negative broken egg?

For me, together a society media specialist, I\"d talk about that one service owner who didn\"t implement social media right into their marketing -- and also this is what taken place to his business. :)

That\"s simply an example, obviously. Yet my allude is if you\"re creative, girlfriend can always find a clever method to relate a funny image to her niche.

Does this mean you should short article endless cat photos?

Not necessarily. Cat photos are definitely popular top top the net -- and I’m not against using them. However you should use them wisely.

For example, the image to the best is funny -- but a bit obnoxious. It\"s an example of what\"s out there -- but it could not it is in the best post for a business.

The an essential here is moderation. Don\"t just post a bunch of funny pictures on your page with no rhyme or factor behind it.

For example, if you space a dentist and also you\"re posting nothing however cat pics all the time -- world will more than likely start to doubt your authority, and might even unlike her page.

So usage funny photos wisely.

Eye-Catching Images

Below is an eye-catching photo I discovered on Pinterest -- it\"s unique and makes friend look in ~ it twice.

Images like this can absolutely get stunner Likes and Comments. However they have to be unique record people\"s eyes.

The one listed below is so amazing that it renders you questioning yourself, “Is this real?” It\"s additionally cool enough that it provides you desire to re-superstructure it through your friends.

And it is the goal: to obtain your content common -- so an ext people have the right to Like and Comment top top it.


One great source for eye-catching images that I check all the time is the ns love an imaginative designs and unusual ideas Facebook page.

They have awesome take trip images and also tons that eye-catching photos. The image below is simply one example:


Once again, I\"m no advising the you simply randomly article images to gain shares. You need to relate the image to your page, service or niche -- or come a stylish topic.

If i were to use the above image and also relate it to social media, for example, I\"d compose something like:

Does society media occasionally feel choose a never finishing tunnel? Why?

Asking a inquiry with the image -- particularly one regarded your company -- keeps the product focused.

Another of my favorite facebook pages because that photos is swimming pool Supply world’s page.

They have an extremely visual business and page.

They write-up photos of exotic pools choose the one come the ideal -- photos the grab your eye & makes you dream around pools and travelling.

Pool supply is fortunate to it is in in together a good visual organization -- but they also do terrific job of questioning for Shares, Likes and Comments on their posts.

This is a web page to watch!

Images v Tips

At 15 Minute Social, we produce a many of images with our own tips. We then brand the picture with ours logo.

This is a good move due to the fact that even if your picture gets shared, then her brand goes through it.

Adding a reminder to picture is simple.

write under the height 20 most generally asked concerns in her nicheanswer the concerns with brief 1-2 sentence answers (these room your tips)add the tips to your images

You deserve to either (1) hire a graphic designer to optimize the image, or (2) find photo yourself & usage a site choose iPiccy or PicMonkey to add the text.


Images with Quotes


Quote images are very similar to the guideline images.

You can uncover quotes regarded your market -- or even create some yourself -- and then turn them into an image.

To the appropriate is an instance of a quote image.

Office and also Business Images

If you have an office location, carry out you short article images indigenous there?

Office antics, perhaps? photos of clients?

I work with fairly a couple of Orthodontists, because that example. Among them, Lakeville Orthodontics, supplies lots of photos from their office.

What type of photos do they post?

kids spinning the “birthday wheel”\"after\" pictures of clients once they acquire their braces offpatients goofing aroundstaff picturesand more!

Below is one example:


So if your company is in a visual industry or niche -- a Contractor, Realtor, or internal Designer, etc. -- climate you should have actually a ton of pictures to present off.

My husband and also I own a contractor agency -- for this reason we usage the images of each project on our pan page.

Another firm that does fantastic job reflecting off their jobs on your Facebook page is Lennar Homes.

They build homes all over the nation -- so they have plenty that awesome homes to show off. Prefer this one:


What if you don’t have actually a intuitive business?

No problem. Mock at write-up Planner created a great blog article on an excellent places to uncover awesome pictures for Facebook.

He additionally mentions the accuse on sharing other people\"s picture -- yet it doesn\"t hurt because that me to cite them again:

It is essential when you take something turn off the web, the you reference where it came from. Referencing is not only for legitimate purposes, however it is proper “netiquette”.


Infographics space getter hotter & hot every month.

What is one infographic?

It\"s a visual image that teaches (my definition).

Here\"s Wikipedia\"s definition:

Information graphic or info-graphics room graphic visual representations of information, data or expertise intended come present facility information quickly and also clearly.

Here\"s an instance of a teaching infographic from ReadWrite.com that in reality relates come this blog post:


Cool, right?

You may be speak to yourself, my service doesn’t have actually anything I deserve to teach in an infographic.

I highly doubt this.

Think hard. I bet you can come up with something.

What are the 10 height questions customers ask? might you turn the answers right into something visual?

Sure friend could!

Is over there a story behind your business? Or amazing data the you\"ve collected via your operations?

The ideas are endless.

Infographics, most likely, are not miscellaneous you can do yourself uneven you are an excellent with graphic design and also have the moment to put right into it.

If you rental out, friend should pick a ide that can be offered over and also over for your business -- since the time a graphic designer has to put right into these pictures is no cheap.

2. Text


Questions are at the top of the perform for message content because they generate engagement.

What\"s the ideal kind the question?

Short, an easy and to-the-point! below are some examples:

Facebook or Twitter?Couch, Loveseat or Recliner?What\"s the best means to check out a book: audio, kindle or hard copy?

Multiple an option questions favor this are an excellent because they offer people selections -- and also make them much more likely come answer.

Wouldn’t you rather take a multiple an option test 보다 an open finished question test?

Multiple choice, of course.

Why? because the questions are easier and also quicker come answer.

And this is specifically why they\"re much more likely to get engagement ~ above Facebook.

You probably currently know that post Planner has a substantial Status concepts Engine through thousands of questions you can write-up -- and totally remove the problem of comes up with the principles yourself.

You can try it out here for free.


People crave a little motivation. They want to learn. Estimates are a simple means to motivate and teach.

You have the right to use organization quotes, success quotes, quotes about different holidays -- the perform goes on and on.

Below are 4 ways to get different quotes for her business.

GoogleA Motivational Quote CalendarQuote Apps on her iPhoneSeeing a quote on facebook then conserving & reusing the later

Just remember no to just steal the quote and also not offer credit come the human who wrote it.



A pointer is a simple means to educate her fans.

How do you come up with tips?

As disputed above: the best method is to write a list of frequently asked concerns in your service -- and then prize each inquiry with a tip.


Fill-in-the-blanks are comparable to questions. Castle are an easy and have tendency to gain crazy Likes and also Comments.

Here room some instances (again indigenous the article Planner Status concepts Engine):

My favourite social media site is _______________.I’ve lived in ___________cities in my life.Fill in the blank. Ns laugh every time ns think about ______.

Have fun v these -- however be careful not to leave the blank too open-ended for a potentially negative response.

Again, I need to give a substantial shout-out to post Planner due to the fact that they have thousands of fill-in-the-blank ideas in their application too -- numerous of which have obtained tons of comments on mine pages.


Any time you can display off your service with testimonials and also success stories, girlfriend should.

It gives social evidence to your business.

There are various ways you have the right to make a testimonial post, but plain text works fine.

One straightforward example is to grab screenshot the a testimonial indigenous a recent online evaluation -- and then encompass the connect to the in the caption of the image.

For example, walk your company recently acquire a testimonial on Google Places, Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, etc.?

Looks choose you got some product then. :)

3. Videos

Video is a super warm marketing tool appropriate now.

And if you are willing to be in the videos yourself, climate you have the right to connect and also build trust through your audience faster than any kind of other type of content.

It\"s crazy exactly how many service owners don\"t recognize that Google owns YouTube.

Why is this important?

Because YouTube has crazy an effective SEO benefits. Because that example, I\"ve to be able to index countless of mine clients’ videos on the 1st page of Google in ~ days, not months.

This is a vast benefit of videos around your business.

What need to you produce videos about?

Here are 4 ideas:


Happy client testimonials give social proof to how great your product is.

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Record her customers talking around your product and how they’ve obtained results and also love it.