Gary Drayton is a renowned metal detecting expert and treasure hunter. He climbed to prestige after his illustration on the history channel’s most well-known treasure searching show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island,’ wherein Rick and Marty Lagina offer as the primary treasure-hunting team leaders. Born in 1961, Gary Drayton is a aboriginal of Lincolnshire, England. That attended and also graduated indigenous the esteemed university of England. He has been interested in the concept of treasure hunting from a really young age. During the year he grew up in Grimsby, Gary would regularly be found bottle digging. His intrigue in old artifacts buried under the ground and the water drove the to transform his childhood passions right into a full-time profession.

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In one interview with History, Drayton mentioned that he shared the Lagina brothers’ interest in the Oak Island secret and speculated treasure. He came throughout the story behind the longest-running treasure hunt in American background while reading around pirate treasure as a boy. Currently, that is as invested in the pursuit as the show’s major cast, fan to i beg your pardon Gary has actually not simply earned a whole brand-new fan base but has also added to his earnings. If you space curious to recognize what his net worth is, we have actually the answers for you.

How walk Gary Drayton make His Money?

Gary Drayton began out as a bottle digger in the UK. He dug victor trash pits and went about digging through the mud along river financial institutions to find old bottles, clay pipes, and other artifacts. Several of his finds dated earlier to the early 14th and 15th centuries. Among his most prominent finds to be the exploration of a bottle, which could be traced back to roman inn occupancy, making it his earliest find. After moving to Florida, he take it to metal detecting ~ above the beaches that Florida. Here he used assorted search approaches he had actually garnered from year of research and also studying and also to date has found several jewel pieces and Spanish treasure. The most valuable item he has discovered is a $500,000 1716 Spanish emerald ring made from 22 ½ carat Inca gold v nine emeralds installed in it. That speculates the the ring to be a part of Queen Isabella’s dowry.


His occupational as a metal detecting expert and also treasure finder caught the attention of several manufacturing houses. He has thereafter showed up in several treasure-hunting shows, consisting of ‘Expedition Unknown,’ ‘The Curse that Oak Island,’ and ‘The UnXplained.’ once he is not functioning in former of the camera, Gary gives one-on-one beach treasure searching lessons in Florida. He also customizes lessons according to the volume of his students. The has also penned down number of treasure hunting guides, each concentrating on various sorts of treasure searching scenarios, for instance, ‘How to discover old coins and artifacts at the beach,’ ‘Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure,’ and ‘Water Hunting.’ His official website furthermore sells his merchandise choose t-shirts, hoodies, drink holders, pins, and caps.

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Gary has actually a far-ranging social media presence. His YouTube channel Crossbonesnation has vlogs the his day-to-day life activities on the various sites of work and some tutorials on metal detection. His Instagram profile has accounts that his miscellaneous finds and some behind the scene from his experienced ventures. Gary additionally offers fans to put in request or chat v him v a Cameo account. Requests space priced in ~ $99 each, while every chat session costs $2.99.

What is Gary Drayton’s network Worth?

Gary Drayton’s profession as a steel detecting expert and also his illustration on well-known treasure searching TV reflects have added to his net worth. As of 2021, that stands somewhere approximately $2 million.