There are a lot of crucial gay movies that don’t have the happiest end for gay characters, specifically when those movies shot to tackle important topics favor homophobia or the HIV/AIDS crisis. Still, it have the right to feel a little depressing once you keep seeing the same Bury your Gays trope played out over and also over again. It’s additionally important to view happy reflect of gay life in media. If you’re simply in the movie for a fun film through a happily ever before after ending, examine out this 11 movies!


The 2007 movie Shelter follows Zach, an aspiring artist who puts his college desires on host to assist out his family. He drops for his ideal friend’s brother, Shaun, but struggles with his feelings. When their family members are initially uncomfortable, they expropriate the relationship by the finish of the film. If you’re in search of an uplifting story about romantic love and families through a final scene that’s uplifting, check out Shelter

The romantic coming-of-age drama The way He Looks has actually a happy falling in love through your best friend and riding off into the sunset finishing that so countless straight high college romance movies have. The film complies with Leonardo, a blind high institution student, as he falls for new student Gabriel. That also accessible to present on Netflix.

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The 1996 comedy The Birdcage (the American remake of La Cage aux Folles) follows Armand, the owner that a traction club in south Beach dubbed The Birdcage and is companion Albert who’s drag persona Starina is the club’s star attraction. As soon as Armand’s son Val announces he’s marrying a woman through ultraconservative parents, Armand and Albert try to pull off a ridiculous farce. The all-star cast (Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane, and also Dianne Wiest), over the peak situations, and light tone make this the perfect movie because that an evening whereby you just don’t feel favor watching anything heavy. 

The 1987 british drama Maurice is based upon the E.M. Forster novel that the same name. The film is set in early 20th century England and also follows Maurice room from his childhood to beforehand adulthood. Maurice struggles with his feelings, however eventually meets his life partner Alec Scudder. Though society condemns their relationship, they’re willing to offer up anything to it is in together.

This netherlands coming-of-age film explores 15-year-old Sieger’s very first love as he drops for Marc. When there room a couple of melancholy moments, the finish makes the clear that Sieger is on a trip of self-acceptance, Marc will be a part of the journey. The film is streaming top top Netflix.

Latter Days is full of ridiculous rom-com tropes, yet this movie about a happy party boy and also his closeted Mormon missionary neighbor fall in love is funny to watch. When there"s definitely some heartbreak, the movie eventually has an uplifting ending. 

Sometimes you just need some good romantic comedy fluff. Touch the Pink never ever takes itself also seriously (see: Kyle MacLachlan playing the ghost of carry Grant), which makes it a fun, endearing film. Alim movie to London to gain away from his conservative family. As soon as he comes the end to his mother and faces troubles with his friend Giles the ghost of cary Grant offers him advice that regularly seems come do much more harm than good. 

Jeffrey is a 1995 romantic comedy that’s set in Manhattan throughout the height of the AIDS epidemic—but hear me out. Fairly than walk doom-and-gloom, the movie follows title personality Jeffrey, who is afraid of fallout’s in love with someone who might die. He swears off sex due to the fact that of the AIDS crisis, and also then meets and falls for Steve, one HIV confident man. The realizes he has to challenge his fears to live and also love fully. Over there are also some great cameos by Patrick Stewart, Sigourney Weaver, and Nathan Lane. 

This 2000 romantic comedy complies with Henry Hart, a brand-new York City artist that returns come his countryside hometown in Montana to take treatment of his grandfather. The townsfolk welcome Henry earlier and room accepting that his sexuality. Henry has actually to confront his unresolved feelings because that his high school friend Dean Stewart, but he’s oblivious come the feeling of Pike Dexter, the indigenous American owner that the town’s general store. When films around rural happy life often emphasis on hardships, Big Eden is unique. The entire film is there is no of homophobia. 

The groundbreaking 2018 film (based off of Becky Albertalli"s young adult novel Simon vs. The humankind Agenda) complies with the story that typical, suburban high school an elderly Simon Spier as he tries to navigate life after being blackmailed and also threatened through outing by among his classmates while likewise trying to number out the identification of his anonymous, romantic, digital pen pal called Blue.

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Although over there are major themes and instances the casual homophobia throughout the movie, like most teen rom-coms, the ending is yes, really sweet and gives the audience a emotion of hope because that the titular character and his life together a newly-out, happy man.