A worthy collection of various army kukri velvet from standard problems (BSI) to optional ones come reproduced piece of different militaries like brothers Gurkhas, Singapore Police pressure Gurkha contingent (SPFGC) and also Nepal army (Indian Gorkha military coming soon). The arsenal starts indigenous era the the formation of Gorkha army by brothers to civilization War 1 (the good War) to human being War 2 to late 20th century come the current issue. Along with it gift the famous and highly gathered army kukris the is also an extremely functional and also everyday residential knife. They room all classic models ranging from 9-15 inch bladed. Every come with constant military sheath and also most have the 2 accompanying knives, Karda Chakmak.

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a recreation that the kukri supplied by Gorkhas throughout the at an early stage 1900s / WW1 period; an offensive weapon because that close-quarter combat typical in an initial World War...


a standard issue kukri that the british Gurkhas whosemother formatisstill being used/issuedtoday also after so lengthy time..



Service no.2 kukri because that the Singapore Police force Gurkha contingent (SPFGC) issued for exercise, training and also various police tasks..


Standard business issue that the famed Singapore Police force Gurkha arbitrarily (SPFGC); Parade and also Duty kukri..

The main British Gurkha concern Kukri (BSI) set for the year 2013... (BOTH knives + free accessories)

the Famous, practical & ideal Selling(BSI #2) Gurkha Kukri;Standard Official worry of BritishGurkha...

A company ceremonial kukri, a pull knife, worn by british Gurkhas ~ above special army events and occassions..

Nepali Sena (Nepal Army) official dress/parade knife for special occasions/events wherein high discipline and also tidiness is mandatory..

The main kukri issued to brand-new recruits of Nepalese military on enlistment; a significant part of the uniform/armor that Nepal military (NA)..

Widely provided in the west fronts by british Indian Gorkhas; alesser known nonetheless critical piece that kukri history..

An official company Khukuri issued to the Brigade of Gurkhas,post-1947 India independence; areigning champion from late 1950's it spins now...

The 3rd Kukri knifeissued to Gorkhas during 2nd World battle (MK3);it is quiet being provided byvarious Gorkha systems in the Indian Army...

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The second in the prestigious line of army issued khukuris come the Gorkhas/Gurkhas; a tribute to the legendary battle kukri for every kukri fanatics..