Zoey Gerson, 4, assembles a house-shaped bookcase with the help of basic contractor Kristi Allen, who is the motivation for the children’s book, ‘’The house That She Built.’’ (Emma Lee/inter-base.net)

About a half-dozen young children, around 5 years old, got a taste of the building trades on the former lawn of the blacksmith Memorial Playground in Fairmount Park, where they assembled a prefabricated bookshelf in the form of a house.

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The team of youngsters to be led by Kristi Allen, a general contractor based in Utah. She found that the bookshelf’s small dowels and also hex wrenches make unique building and construction challenges.

“We struggled at the really beginning because I couldn’t discover the directions, yet we gained it all figured out,” she said. “The youngsters did an awesome job. It was funny to see just how excited they were.”

The assembly significant the launch of a brand-new picture book, “The home That She Built,” by Philadelphia author and also marketer Mollie Elkman. The book for young readers reflects the step-by-step procedure of building a house by a team the workers consisted of entirely the women: from design to excavating the foundation, come framing and insulation, every the method to finishes and interior decoration.



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The publication grew the end of one actual structure project in Utah, also called The residence That She Built, completed this summer, wherein a team of women constructed a showcase house on instead of of experienced Women in Building, a council of the Utah Home home builders Association. About 100 females from all relevant building trades created a 3,200-square-foot, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath house. The house is now for sale, intended to progressive $400,000 for PWB.

Allen served as the general contractor for that build, too, which likewise had unique construction challenges: statistically, women consist of just 3.4% that America’s onsite structure workforce. Wrangling an all-women team intended importing crewmembers from across the country.

“It was very challenging, yes. Absolutely,” claimed Allen. “But there was an amazing group of women that were in charge of recruiting, finding ladies to work-related on it, women working on recognize sponsorships for us. Nearly all the assets in the home were donated and all of the females that come out to be volunteers.”

One the those females recruited right into the project was Elkman, that is based in Philadelphia and works in marketing for construction projects nationally. To extend the article of The house That She developed – that women can properly have careers in the building trades – Elkman and illustrator Georgia Castellano placed together a children’s publication of the same name.

“The home That She Built,” the book, outlines for an extremely young reader the collection of jobs forced to develop a house, mirroring each one perform by a woman.

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‘’The residence That She Built’’ is aimed in ~ encouraging girl to take into consideration careers in the building trades. (Emma Lee/inter-base.net)

“We think that career-based bias actually start at very young age,” claimed Elkman, who claims there has actually been a job shortage in the building industry because that 15 years. “If us don’t have labor to it is provided housing, that’s a genuine problem. Us really feel the that start with an altering the conversation with the youngest learners.”

“The house That She Built” is released by BuilderBooks, a division of the national Association of house Builders. An imprint geared towards professional building contractors with practical titles like “Residential building Performance Guidelines,” and also “Finding hidden Profits,” this is BuilderBooks’ very first book for children and a runaway bestseller: top top the day of that release, that is 10,000-print operation had already sold out with presales.