At period 14, I automatically identified with Mikey. And I’ve never ever stopped thinking around him, right into my adulthood and middle age.

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Mikey was the kid, maybe 3 years old, who, in the currently iconic ’70s television commercial, to be sitting in ~ the kitchen table v two enlarge boys.

The older guys were arguing about the bowl of Life cereal between them.

Why someone had actually poured one bowl of cereal, poured milk end it, and collection it in former of three boys stays a mystery. If the boys were already suspicious of the cereal, the doesn’t make sense they should have actually poured it. If the mother or father had poured the cereal, climate why didn’t she or the pour three bowls — one because that each kid? and are these boys brothers? Or neighbors? If neighbors, i m sorry of the kids actually resides in the house?

Back to the occurring plotline, however:

Apparently some adult had said the grain was “good for them.” So, assuming that nothing might be both good for you and tasty, castle took transforms pushing the bowl toward each other, daring the other to try it. Earlier and forth the bowl went. Then the older guys hit upon an idea: “Let’s gain Mikey to shot it! He’ll eat anything!”

Little goober Mikey obediently shovels in a big bite, and also then chows down in earnest. The likes it! Mikey likes it! and the older boys room incredulous. “Hey Mikey,” lock exclaim.

Somewhere deep in my unconscious, I wanted Mikey to stand up for himself. “Oh contraire,” my alternative Mikey would say. “You deserve to pour this key of grain in your ear! ns won’t, in fact, ‘eat’ anything, just since a couple of cowards asking me to.” Then alternative Mikey would rotate the key of grain upside down on his comrades’ heads, to punctuate the point. Ah, justice! you go, Mikey!

Give it to Mikey. He’ll eat anything. Something about that ended up being a an allegory binding chin to mine soul. Mikey’s life resonated with something acquainted to me. Special, there have been times throughout my life wherein it seemed people were making similar assumptions about me: “Steven will eat anything.”

And, normally speaking, they were right. If it would save the pretense that peace and affection, i ate mine anger. Mine indignation. I ate injustice. Ns ate humiliation. Pride. In some cases, self-respect. Mikey was such a formative metaphor for me, I discovered myself occasionally using the TV commercial together an illustration in therapy for patient with similar experience. Mikey to be my poster child.

Until today. Until, on a whim, ns searched and found the commercial on YouTube. And here’s exactly how the dialogue goes:

Boy 1: What’s this stuff?

Boy 2: some cereal. It’s claimed to be good for you

Boy 1: walk you shot it?

Boy 2: I’m not gonna try it. You try it.

Boy 1: I’m not gonna try it.

Boy 2: Let’s acquire Mikey to try it.

Boy 1: Yeah!

Boy 2: he won’t eat it. He no everything.

Huh? Unbelievable. Every these year I’ve to be remembering the conversation incorrectly. Conveniently incorrectly, I can add, since it fit my check out of self and the world. I “heard” something nobody said. Mind you, i didn’t misunderstand; I level concocted something rather entirely. In graduate school, we supplied to call this clinical phenomenon “MSU.” as in the sentence, “My patient is MSU.” Making ingredient up. Except, together I recall, we didn’t use words “stuff.”

The advertisement doesn’t say, “He’ll eat anything.” it says, “He no everything.” And, in that, ns can’t determine with Mikey at all. Since I don’t dislike everything. To the contrary, I’ll try just about anything — a brand-new food, a brand-new idea, and, if halfway reasonable, I’ll mull just around any criticism. It many cases, i err top top the side of giving folks’ behavior and opinions the me too much credence. Too much license. And also for too long.

In a very real way, I never saw the commercial. I only saw my very own life as I projected into the advertisement. Makes you wonder how often your historical resentments and also unmet demands clutter up or also poison your contemporary relationships, joys and also activities.

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Human storage is a disconcerting thing, come say the least.

Steven Kalas is a behavioral health consultant and also counselor at las Vegas Psychiatry and the writer of “Human Matters: Wise and Witty Counsel ~ above Relationships, Parenting, Grief and also Doing the ideal Thing” (Stephens Press). His columns show up on Sundays. Contact him at 227-4165 or skalas