Misheard text (also referred to as mondegreens) occur when civilization misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These space NOT knowingly rephrasing the lyrics, i m sorry is referred to as parody.For more information around the misheard lyrics accessible on this site, please review our FAQ.

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This page includes a perform of the songs that have stories around their misheard lyrics submitted.

Song names space sorted by first letter, not included A and also The. This is sorted by song title only, notby tune title and performer. For this reason if two various performers preformed the exact same song, you"ll seemisheard lyrics for both ~ above the same web page (provided the tune title to be spelt the same both times, andmisheard lyrics have been submitted because that both!).

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The Story: my 22 year old boy started to sing this fractured gem today as i was steering him come Walmart. Ns cracked up. He to be genuinely surprised to discover that the song was not around the coast Boys! I immediately thought the inter-base.net!! - submitted by: Stray Pooch
The Story: due to the fact that this tune was popularized again by Uncle Kracker in the summer that 2003, a young man sang this track on a TV talent present televised in my area. He didn"t annunciate his native clearly, and also this is what the sounded favor he said. - submitted by: Sharon Krebs
The Story: all I might think was that “pee poise”, meant the ability to urinate with dignity - it is registered by: Dort
Give me The Beach guys and totally free my soul.I wanna acquire lost in her rock and roll and also drift away.Beginning to fact that I"m wasting time.I don"t understand the things I do.The world outside looks therefore unkind.I"m count on friend to bring me through.

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Give me the beat guys and totally free my soul.I wanna gain lost in her rock and also roll and also drift away.Beginning to think the I"m wasting time.I don"t understand the things I do.The human being outside looks therefore unkind.I"m counting on friend to carry me through.
The Story: ns wondering that Dobie incorrectly refering the Californian rock band, The beach Boys, in choruses. However, Dobie effectively wrote the track "Drift Away" about music quite than The beach Boys together he sing: "Give me the beat boys and cost-free my soul. Ns wanna obtain lost in her rock and roll and also drift away." about this song: Dobie version of "Drift Away" was not the original, the very first version of "Drift Away" that written by Mentor Williams was tape-recorded by man Henry Kurtz top top his album, "Reunion", released in 1972. Later, in 1973, Dobie spanned this tune on his album likewise titled "Drift Away". Dobie version of "Drift Away" to be faring better where it reaching #5 top top Billboard"s pop Chart and also #7 ~ above Canada chart. Entering Dobie into one-hit wonder fame and also later "Drift Away" was covered by countless artists consisting of Uncle Kracker. Uncle Kracker variation was special Dobie himself and also entering Uncle Kracker into one-hit wonder fame whereby it reaching #9 top top Billboard"s popular music Chart and also #25 on brand-new Zealand chart. - submitted by: Wisnu Aji