Given the formula K = LMN, what is the formula for M? A. M = LN/K B. M = KL/N C. M = LNK D. M = K/LN
Given the formula K = LMN, what is the formula because that M? A. M = LN/K B. M = KL/N C. M = LNK D. M = K/LN
What details do all dictionaries administer for each entry? A. Language beginning B. Definitions C. Synonyms D. Background of words User: girlfriend can regularly tell what a word way by that _______ in a sentence. A. Context B. Assignment C. Order D. Placement 91 is a composite number. User: In the trouble 4 × 12 = 48, which numbers are the factors? A. 4, 12, and also 48 B. 4 and 12 C. 12 and 48 D. 4 and 48 (More)
An essay that offers the words first, next, and also finally shows what form of organization? A. Comparison and also contrast B. Chronological bespeak C. Examples and explanations D. Cause and also effect one essay that supplies the native first, next, and finally shows Chronological order. User: which statement around fairy tales says an indirect cause? A. Cinderella shed her glass slipper top top the stairs specifically at midnight. B. Jack killed the giant since he marketed the cow for magic beans. C. Hansel and Gretel go out right into the woods and also ended up gaining lost. D. Sleeping Beauty was warned to remain away indigenous needles yet did no listen (More)
Which the the complying with phrases best explains the term bias? A. An opinion donate one viewpoint B. A point of see that often tends to change C. An translate of others" ideas D. A negative perspective ~ above an worry
Which one of the following statements includes a simile? A. Ns think that i shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. B. The maple attract a gayer scarf. C. The woods went increase in flame. D. The soaring bird conveniently disappeared from ours sight.


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