Height:12 – 20 inches
Weight:30 – 50 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 14 years
Colors:Brown, tan, black, gold
Suitable for:Active families, security duty, children
Temperament:Playful, loving, loyal

The golden Dox is a blended breed created by mix the golden Retriever with the Dachshund. The a smaller-sized dog that rarely gets taller than 20 inches and is usually lot shorter. It can weigh between 30 and 50 pounds and has a pleasant personality the gets along well v children. The illustration of your gold Dox have the right to vary dramatically depending on what parent it take away after. However, the usually has a lengthy muscular construct with brief legs and floppy ears. Its color can it is in any mix of the parents, and the fur is very dense however does not melted too heavily.

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Golden Dox Puppies – prior to You Buy…

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What’s the Price of gold Dox Puppies?

You can expect to salary between $500 and $1,000 because that your gold Dox, relying on where friend live and also the breeder you choose. Since both parents are famous in America, that shouldn’t it is in too hard to find a breeder in her area the can acquire you a puppy in ~ a reasonable price. Most of the better breeders will certainly run genetic tests top top the parents to make certain they space not passing on genes that can lead come a health trouble later on, and these tests have the right to raise the price of her dog.

Besides the puppy, girlfriend will need to make several various other purchases together well, particularly if this is your first dog. Friend will need to buy a food bowl, leash, and other accessories. Girlfriend will additionally need to make the dog several appointments at the vet to get all of its shots if the breeder didn’t carry out them and get your new pet spayed or neutered. Food and treats will certainly be an continuous expense, and also though the golden Dox isn’t a huge dog, it will eat quite a little each week.


3 Little-Known truth About golden Dox

1. The Daschund parental is a German badger hunter over 300 year old.

2. People began calling the Daschund a “Badger Dog” to avoid its German association after civilization War Two.

3. The golden Retriever parent breed is regularly employed together a guide dog to assist the visually impaired.

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The parental breeds of golden Dox: Left – golden Retriever (RebeccaPictures, Pixabay); best – Dacshund (Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay)


Temperament & intelligence of the gold Dox

The temperament of your golden Dox have the right to vary depending on which parent it takes after ~ more, but they space usually fairly friendly and get follow me well v children. This breed typically has lot of of power to spare and also is welcoming to strangers however is also alert and will allow you know if someone unanticipated is in the yard, therefore they make an excellent guard dogs. It likes to it is in the facility of attention and also will call for plenty of positive reinforcement. Early socialization will help it reap being approximately other pets, yet they commonly make friends quickly with many other dogs.

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