Grayland coast State Park is a beautiful, even romantic, location for a serene outdoor adventure. Picture by Michael D. Martin.

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​Better call shotgun!

The sun is starting to emergence out and is intended to provide a warm welcome to the Washington coast this weekend. The moment is ripe because that a road pilgrimage to the beach!

With temperatures ultimately creeping upward, this is a an excellent time to head to the Pacific s for a low-key spring adventure! The urban of Westport and also Grayland space in Washington’s south beach, well-known for fresh, delicious seafood, kite festivals, gray whale watching, surfing and also more.


For this adventure, you’ll be avoiding at four different state parks—all through beach access. You could want to lug along part light wind/rain gear, and you will certainly need your uncover Pass. If you begin out in Olympia, head west on U.S. 101 and stay top top it together it alters from state course 8 come the US-12/Olympic Highway. Follow it for around 50 minute west to Aberdeen, whereby you’ll hop ~ above State course 105 heading south.


Sandpipers are simply one of the dozens the bird types that constant Bottle coast State Park. Picture by Nathan Hamm.

After around 20 minutes on State path 105, you’ll pertained to your first stop. An episode the binoculars! bottle Beach State Park is a birdwatcher’s dream. The open tide flats support a rich supply of invertebrates that tempt shorebirds as they migrate from central and southern America come Arctic breeding grounds. In all, more than 130 varieties of birds have actually been it was observed at this park! Plus, you’ll discover three wildlife the town hall platforms simply for watching birds without disrupting them. Note: girlfriend will must leave Fido at home if you stop at bottle Beach—no dogs room allowed.

Take the interpretive trail for .7 the a mile the end to the wildlife blinds. Then get back in the car, warmth up and also continue top top State course 105 S because that 7 minutes to twin Harbors State Park coast access.

Stop 2: twin Harbors State Park


Thar she blows! shell digging is a popular task at pair Harbors State Park. Photograph by Derek.

Twin Harbors State Park is a little camping park with multiple campsites and also two yurts for overnight remains in the middle of a Pacific coast forest. Yurts make overnight continues to be in the park much an ext comfortable in chillier seasons. However for job trips, you’ll want to visit the beach, which friend can access across the street native the campground ~ above Schafer Road. Here’s wherein you can dig her toes right into the sand.

Explore the beach and also the assorted shells and stones that roll along the shoreline. This time the year, store your eye the end for migrating shore birds, such together snowy owls. Store an eye out for gray whales cruising phibìc after your winter in warmer, southern latitudes.

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Twin Harbors also is a popular spot because that razor clam digging.Want to try your hand at digging this Pacific Northwest delicacies? This is a an excellent year because that it! Take her fishing license and check the Washington department of Fish & Wildlife website to see once the following digs room scheduled. Traditionally, razor clamming is excellent by this time. However, WDFW might be adding a couple of dates in May.