Great Minds hosted by Dan Harmon, who "invests" in a time machine and is ultimately visited by history"s greatest minds. He then discusses your lives and also brings them out right into the modern world. A ton the funny world are slated to show up as different historical numbers throughout the series: Jack Black, Nick Kroll, sarah Silverman, Paul F. Tompkins, Robert Smigel, Kristen Schaal, Jason Sudeikis, Dana Carvey, Aubrey Plaza, Scott Adsit, Andy Dick, Ron Funches and also Thomas Middleditch.

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John F. Kennedy shows up from the past; the president and also the whole team space threatened by an undesirable visitor.

Dan Harmon takes his ar fortune and also builds a Time Machine. His guest indigenous the past is Ada Lovelace (Gillian Jacobs). Ada, the world"s very first computer programmer, bring away a liking come Spencer and also the 2 of them embark top top a journey.

Dan Harmon take away his ar fortune and builds a Time Machine. His guest native the previous is man Wilkes Booth (Andy Dick). To test Booth"s acting abilities, Dan casts him as Abraham Lincoln in a play.
Dan Harmon bring away his ar fortune and builds a Time Machine. Hisguest from the previous is Buddha (Danny Pudi). Dan offers Buddha tointegrate assets into the present with unanticipated results.
His guest native the past is Edgar Allan Poe (Paul F. Thompkins). A visiting network executive, management (Mary Lynn Rajskub) takes a liking come Poe, and also Dan provides him to win her over.
His guest indigenous the past is Sigmund Freud (Nick Kroll). Freud offers Dan and Spencer an impromptu therapy session to work-related on your issues.
His guest native the previous is Amelia Earhart (Kristen Schaal). Amelia sets off on a search to find her earlier lost self.
His "guest” native the past is Betsy Ross (Sarah Silverman). Betsy bring away an attention in the 2016 presidential election and also lends her flag-making talent to among the candidate’s cause.
His guest from the previous is Idi Amin (Ron Funches). Idi gets power hungry and Dan and also Spencer finish up victim of a coup d"etat.
Dan is visited by wilhelm Shakespeare (Thomas Middleditch) and also gives the lesson on modern entertainment.
His guest indigenous the past is mary Wollstonecraft (Aubrey Plaza). Dan introduces mar to his girlfriend and gets a great on feminism.
His "guest" indigenous the previous is thomas Edison (Jason Sudeikis). Edison i do not care obsessed v his legacy and Dan helps him update his history
His guest indigenous the past is Ernest Hemingway (Scott Adsit). Dan and also Hemingway obtain to know one another and also spend the work drinking, fishing, and fighting.

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Dan is saw by Ludwig valve Beethoven (Jack Black), that shares the lyrics to his most famous compositions.