If there to be anything that preserved Gen-Y babies inside and safe top top Friday nights, it was “Cartoon Cartoon Fridays” on Cartoon Network. We’d postpone ring of Manhunt until Saturday nights at our own freewill thanks to the lovely cartoon marathon offered to united state after a long, stressful main of commuting via the yellow bus.

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Whether us remained totally innocent by continuing to be in and watching these collection is questionable. If you to be like many of united state who remained up means past our bedtimes, you’d let the kid-appropriate cartoon specials roll right right into Adult Swim, forever corrupting our childlike innocence yet molding our senses the humor into dark, satirical developments for years to come.

Yet, re-watching several of those so-called “innocent” series now (Powerpuff Girls, because that example), you’d be surprised at exactly how offensive and also off-the-wall specific episodes can be, back at the moment the under-the-radar remarks walk unnoticed. Here’s where you have the right to find all of Cartoon Network’s most beloved series, innocent and also corrupt, top top Netflix and AdultSwim.com.


10. Adorably Innocent: Codename: youngsters Next Door (2002-2008)

This should have been dubbed the Biggest Bullies Club: Why gift in a Spy gang is the Only method to obtain Ahead together a Kid. Codename: KND taught united state a few things around adolescence and also beyond, “Numbuh One” being you need to have a cool nickname favor “Numbuh One” and also have accessibility to a ailing treehouse equipped with intimidating weaponry choose mustard guns. It also helps if the adult in your life are completely clueless so her gang operations prove effective.Codename also clued us right into what acronyms are because the just seemed come speak in abbreviations.

Fun Fact: Numbuh One’s rocket shoes room activated when he clicks his heels together favor Dorothy native The magician of Oz.

Codename: children Next Door is available on Netflix. 


9. The Faux-Feminists: Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)

Welcome to the City that Townsville; whereby sugar, spice, and everything nice were the ingredients provided to “create the perfect small girls.” don’t let the name deceive you, together this show was anything however adorably innocent. Blossom, Bubbles, and also Buttercup were created by your scientist father, Professor Utonium, who accidentally knocked a hefty dose of “Chemical X” right into his daughter-making concoction, spawning 3 crime-fighting dolls who arch nemesis is an evil brainiac monkey recognized as Mojo Jojo. Possibly we weren’t mindful of it at the time, yet in enhancement to fighting crime, the girls also dealt with hefty bouts that sexism wherein they were often treated choose property (i.e. Professor Utonium declares in one illustration that that “invented them”) and also ended up fighting in between each other around who to be the cutest, the strongest, or the leader that the group.

Fun Fact: Elizabeth daily (then well-known as E.G. Daily), the actress who voiced Buttercup, additionally voiced Tommy Pickles of Rugrats and played Pee-Wee Herman’s love interest, Dottie, in Pee-Wee’s large Adventure.

Powerpuff Girls is easily accessible on Netflix. 


8. Factor for the Worst Pick-up lines in recent History: Johnny Bravo (1997-2004)

Often entering the room announcing “Heeere’s Johnny” prior to flexing his pecs, Johnny Bravo was a self-obsessed women-chaser who lived through his mother, had actually one serious head the hair, and a voice prefer Elvis. “Women? it is slang because that babes,” and also “How around you and also me go find an island somewhere and also make fishy lips,” are among the countless overeager pick-up lines indigenous Johnny, that tries and also fails continuously to floor a warm date.

Fun Fact: Seth MacFarlane was one of the original writers on the series, in addition to Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!) and also Butch Hartman (The reasonably Oddparents).

Johnny Bravo is available on Netflix. 


7. The deeply Disturbed Duo: The Grim Adventures that Billy & Mandy (2001-2007)

Originally titled Grim & Evil, The Grim Adventures follows Billy, who isn’t the brightest bulb in the socket, Mandy, that is is permanently in a bad mood, and the Grim Reaper, their mythological friend whose powers Billy and also Mandy use to their advantage. Exactly how this present got the eco-friendly light is questionable, yet it assisted us laugh in the confront of death, quite literally.

Fun Fact: Grim speaks in a Jamaican accent.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is accessible on Netflix. 


6. Great We might Unwatch: Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002)

In case you were also terrified to clock this present (which is totally understandable, together the only people who watched this horrifying series had very sick senses the humor), it complies with Courage, an abandoned pup with a distracting hole in his tooth, who gets adopted by the sweet Muriel and also her grumpy husband, Eustace. All three live together in a creepy barn home in the middle of nowhere, and just around every illustration is like a mini youngsters horror movie. This is just one of those mirrors that we look earlier on and say, “Whoa, there’s no method we watched this before bed.”

Fun Fact: The name Muriel and Eustace were inspired by Chandler Muriel Bing and also Ross Eustace Geller of Friends.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is obtainable on Netflix. 


5. All the Was missing Was the Joint: Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy (1999-2009)

One that the most memorable bromances in cartoon history, Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy followed three codependent friends and who always seemed to be on summer vacation as they annoyed anyone in their ar on a daily basis. Ed was completely brain dead and only appeared to respond in third person followed by a “huh what huh” chuckle. Edd, or “Double Dee,” to be the token Nervous girl name of the group. Finally, Eddy clawed to it is in the center of attention, acquired off by continuous making fun of various other people, and also was obsessed v making money in any type of devious means he could.

Fun Fact: Since he want to the present to be accessible to any type of generation, creator Danny Antonucci had his characters use various an innovation that span decades, from a rotating phone come a computer.

Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy is available on Netflix.


4. The an initial Adult Swim present You Understood: The endeavor Bros. (2003-present)

Currently in that tenth year ~ above the air, The venture Bros. is an Adult Swim standard that helped define what the top late-night cartoon go-to is every about. The collection follows scientist Dr. Rusty Venture and his entourage the nerdy personalities who room re-imagined from the ’60s series Jonny Quest. The show’s off-the-wall humor and also relentless homages to nerd culture have made the an animated treasure for over a decade. Corrupt in its very own demented way, this is the show our parental or enlarge siblings should have urged us come watch more often as youngsters since we would all it is in far more cultured had we you disturb yourself in it together kids.

Fun Fact: Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, rule of Engagement) voices bodyguard that the endeavor Brothers, Brock Samson.

The undertaking Bros. is obtainable on Netflix and also AdultSwim.com


3. Cue etc Sound because that Cusses: Metalocalypse (2006-present)

Dark parody humor at that is finest, Metalocalypse adheres to the worshipped hefty metal tape Dethklok in a far-off future when hefty metal culture is now the prevailing culture and the only means of life. The unruly cast of characters includes Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion, that is the just level headed member that the team (and rocks several of the many beautiful hair in animated history), complied with by wilhelm Murderface, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, and Toki Wartooth. The most defining aspect of the show is its intricate soundtrack that deterred plenty of parents who bought into the stereotype that heavy metal “is bad,” do Metalocalypse every the much more fun come watch.

Fun Fact: series co-creator Brendon tiny plays and records every one of the music for the series and performs songs from the show live together Dethklok with various other musicians.

Metalocalypse is easily accessible on Netflix and also AdultSwim.com


2. Completely Warped Brilliance: Sealab 2021 (2000-2005)

One giant satire, this show was means too smart for united state to totally understand till we obtained to high school. A parody of ’70s-era Hannah Barbara classics, Sealab followed the accidents of one aquatic colony and also the shenanigans they got into ~ above the job. However, this present covered virtually every topical worry in pop society Simpsons-style but with late-night adjustments. RevisitingSealab, the currently washes over you that Seth MacFarlane and Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard were greatly influenced by this entirely dark underwater classic.

Fun Fact: Marco’s complete name is “Marco Rodrigo Diaz De Vivar Diego Garcia Marquez” inspired by a Spanish national war hero and a Columbian writer.

Sealab 2021 is accessible on Netflix and AdultSwim.com


1. Completely Corrupt: Aqua teen Hunger pressure (2000-present)

“Arise chicken, arise!” Inspiring enough for an entire Danger doom album, Aqua Teen is just one of the ideal social commentaries top top America through one of the most widely recognized definers that American culture: fast food. The dark comedy adheres to Meatwad, grasp Shake, and Frylock together they roam your suburb of new Jersey and also relentlessly annoy their trashy, hapless neighborhood Carl Brutananadilewski. House to few of the ideal throw-away lines and bizarre plots, Aqua Teen is among those reflects that serves together a litmus test for coolness. Want to recognize whether someone’s friendship is worth your while? Ask lock if they prospered up top top Aqua Teen and you’ll have actually your answer.

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Fun Fact: Dana Snyder, the voice actor behind grasp Shake, was born v that distinctive a voice. The well known voicemail indigenous Shake featured on risk Doom album, The Mouse and the Mask, was motivated by an actual drunken voicemail indigenous Snyder to series creator Dave Willis.