We’re talk Christmas trees, of course, and which is much better for the environment. Is it better to reduced down much more of our already disappearing woodlands or to collection up ticking time bombs of chemicals in our living rooms? With passionate arguments on both sides, it looks choose the jury is still out on this problem.

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So what’s a treehugger to do as soon as it’s time to deck the halls? reduced your own tree! according to some research, synthetic would should be reused because that at least twenty years to it is in greener 보다 buying a fresh-cut tree, while reduced trees have the right to be recycled. Plus, a visit to among the many Christmas tree ranches in fifty percent Moon just makes because that fun, festive vacation activity.

Why it’s Farm-tastic: Kris and also Carol Mungle, that own and run little Hills, room all around family. And also their farm yard is about family tradition, from their gorgeous trees to their barn animal friends).

When come Go: Little Hills Christmas Tree farm yard is open up from 10 a.m. Until 6 p.m. Top top weekdays and from 9 a.m. Till 5 p.m. On weekends (cut your own until 5 p.m. All days). Santa access time on weekends only. If girlfriend don’t uncover what girlfriend like, head under the road to the Mungle’s various other outpost, Liberty Christmas Tree Farm, open up 9 a.m. Till 5 p.m. On weekends.

Green Tip: The folks who run little Hills Christmas Tree Farm and also Liberty Christmas Tree Farm under the road are cursed to sustainability, native pesticide-free planting to recycling and also mulching.

Directions: The farm yard is situated at 961 Chapman lane in Petaluma.

Farm: Valley of the Moon/North Eagle | 6191 Sonoma Highway | Santa Rosa | valleyofthemoonpottery.com

The Trees: The farm supplies eight varieties including firs, pines, redwoods, sequoias, and cedars. Prices variety from $35 to $48.

Why it’s Farm-tastic: Part pottery shop, component Christmas tree farm, this two-named spot has a Zen high quality to it. Apple cider, candy canes, and also smiles all included. Plus, you deserve to probably hit of several of your gift list while you’re at it. (Here’s how.)

When to Go: The farm is open up daily, from 9 a.m. Till dark.

Green Tip: A couple of bottom branches room left when the tree is cut, so the a brand-new tree can thrive in that place.

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Directions: The farm is located at 6191 Sonoma Highway in Santa Rosa.

Keep ~ above Keepin’ Green

Most cities will certainly collect Christmas tree curbside after ~ the holidays. There are likewise nonprofits and also recycle centers that will take them as well. Check Earth 911 for everything you should know about “tree-cycling.”