There’s no denying that mixed babies are the absolute cutest, and so it comes as no surprise that half Korean celebrities are super handsome and beautiful!!


Crystal Kay

Crystal was born and raised in Japan under a Korean mother and an American father. Her parents were both talented musicians as well. Her mother sang professionally and her father played instruments!


David Lee Mclnnis

Half Korean and half German-Scottish, David's smoldering eyes and smile is unmistakable.

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Julien Kang

Julien Kang was born between a Korean father and a French mother. He gained fame through the sitcom "High Kick Through the Roof" and is active in the Korean acting scene.


Dennis Oh

Dennis Oh famous for his beautiful smile was born between a Korean father and an American mother


Yoon Mirae/ Tasha

Yoon Mira, aka Tasha is known as the queen of hip hop. Half Korean and Half African-American, she is married to Tiger JK and a mother to a beautiful boy named Jordan.

Shannon Williams

Former Five Dolls member Shannon, is half Korean and half Welsh. She made her solo debut recently.

Sean Dulake

Sean Richard Dulake was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, between a Korean mother and an British father, and gained fame in "Athena: Goddess of War"

Ricky Kim

Half Korean and Half American Ricky Kim gained popularity on the first season of "Law of the Jungle". Many fans were disappointed when they found out that he was already married and the father of two

Mizuhara Kiko/ Audrie Kiko Daniel

Born between a Korean mother and an American father Mizuhara Kiko was born in Japan and is currently active as a Japanese model and actress.

Kangnam (M.I.B)

Born between a Korean mother and a Japanese father, Kangnam is quickly gaining popularity with his quirky and adorable personality.

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Tia (Chocolat)

Half Korean and Half German/Puerto Rican Tia stole the hearts of many fans when she debuted.

Juliane (Chocolat)

Half Korean and half German/Italian, Juliane is a beauty by any cultural standards

Seventeen's Vernon

Vernon is a half-Korean, half-American idol who recently debuted as a member of Seventeen. After appearing on 'Show me the money' his popularity shot up for his impressive rap skills.