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Why space you in so such hurry?Is it yes, really worth the worry?Look around, then sluggish down.What"s it favor inside the bubble?Does her head ever before give friend trouble?It"s no sin, profession it in.Hang on, help is ~ above its way,I"ll be over there as rapid as ns can,"Hang on", a tiny voice go say,From what deep within the within man.Are you constantly in confusion?Surrounded by illusion?Sort that out, you"ll do out.Seem to do a great beginning,Someone rather ends increase winning,Don"t seem fair, don"t girlfriend care?Don"t girlfriend forget who"ll take care of you,It don"t matter what girlfriend do,Form a duet, let him sing melody, you"ll carry out the harmony.(Repeat an initial verse)(Chorus x 2)Help is top top it"s way (x 2)
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