Wish them a Happy Birthday with our fan-favorite cupcakes and also candles! This s... Read much more + around this product Happy date of birth Cupcakes & Candles

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wish them a Happy Birthday through our fan-favorite cupcakes and candles! This sweet gift comes completely equipped with 25 handcrafted, mini cupcakes in 12 mouthwatering flavors and also our new ‘Happy Birthday’ candle set! Cupcake flavors encompass our ever-changing Mini that the Month, 3 seasonal cupcake flavors and all eight the Melissa"s original Greats. Read much less - about this product Happy date of birth Cupcakes & candles

Flavors Included

2 x Tie-Dye2 x Cookie & Cream2 x Peanut Butter & Jelly2 x Cookie Dough2 x Triple chocolate Fudge2 x cacao Chip Pancake2 x Red Velvet2 x Mint Cookie2 x chocolate Caramel Crumble2 x chocolate Candy Crunch2 x chocolate & Cookie Butter3 x Cake Batter CrumbleLearn more About these Flavors

cacao Cake, filled with Cookies & Cream filling, and topped with Vanilla Icing and also Chocolate Cookie


chocolate Cake, filled v fudge stuffing, and topped with chocolate Icing and Mini coco Chips
Mint Cake, Stuffed through Fudge, Topped through Mint cookies & Cream Icing, Mint Cookie Butter & green Drizzle
chocolate Cake, Stuffed through Dulce de Leche, Topped with Salted Caramel Icing and also Shortbread Streusel Topping with chocolate Drizzle
chocolate Cake, Stuffed through Fudge, Topped with cacao Icing and also Dark chocolate Krispie Crunch Brittle with White cacao Drizzle
Yellow Cake, Stuffed with Dulce de Leche, Topped with Cake Batter Icing and Streusel through Rainbow Sprinkles

7 work A Week

Order anytime! For following day-arrival, order Monday - Friday by 2PM ET. Sunday arrivals obtainable in select areas.

Courier distribution & In-Store choose Up

Same day cupcake delivery and also in-store choose up available, 7 work a main in Manhattan Only! (Available at pick locations for pick products).

Serving Suggestion

We introduce 4-5 treats per human if ours treats room the key dessert and also 2-3 treats per human being if other desserts are being served.

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