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What Is Accepted:>Stories where Harry is a single father>Stories whereby Harry adopts or is given a kid to take treatment of>Stories whereby Harry gives birth toa boy ie. MPreg>Stories where at one suggest Harry is single and has actually a kid What Is not Accepted:>Stories whereby Harry is married >Stories whereby Harry doesn"t take care of a child>Stories where Harry takes treatment of a canon character. Over there is a seperate list forthatcompliedby lanta. It have the right to be uncovered here. If girlfriend would like to rec a story please either e-mail me or post to mine livejournal. In those post/e-mails please give a summary, pairings, rating, and whether it"s a (WIP, Complete, on Hiatus, Abandoned, or a One-Shot). Before I upgrade the website I will article the to update on mine Livejournal. You can include me to your friends if girlfriend like. ** i really favor it* It"s okNR Didn"t review itNew Just included

482 class in Child care by Triola NRWhat would occur if Draco Malfoy uncovered a baby exterior his former door, and also the only one he could turn to to be Harry Potter? HP/DM Complete. PG-13

A minute In Time by The shadow Bandit ** during his seventh year, harry learns that his life can readjust forever in a single moment in time. HP/DM Complete. R

A next To take care of Nobody Knew through DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan NR there is a side to bother nobody knew! till now...is it a huffelpuff side? or Slytherin side? HP/SS Complete. R

Autumn"s Giftby Momma-Dar NR 17 year old harry Potter returns for his seventh and final year at hogwart trying come cope through the suspcious death of his girlfriend, becoming a father to his 3 month old son, and also dealing v the ongoing threat that Voldemort and also his Deatheaters. WIP. PG-13

Baby Serenaby Moonstonemystyk Harry has returned "home" to uncover something for this reason unbelievable that is in a daze. Dudley is a - a - Daddy! take care of is take it between enabling Vernon dumping the kid in one orphanage as soon as some "freakish" abilities show themselves or acquisition the son in because that his own. The price is straightforward and now he is an only father top top his own and also not even out that school. Poor Harry. HP/DM Abandoned. R

Birthday Surprises by Lolly Phoenix NRHarry receive a quite unusual 17th birthday present from the Headmaster. A current that changes anything and everything. HP/GW Complete. PG-13

Brighter Morning by GreenGecko NRHarry wakes up in one unfamiliar home with one unfamiliar son, Arthur, who must overcome his Muggle elevator to assist his father restore the life he shed track the fifteen years earlier as well as cope through his own development to the sorcerer’s world. Complete. PG

Call that Love by PissedOffEskimo NRJust enough plot to justify the naughty bits. Well, not even that, really, i mean, it’s more of a plotlett.Complete. R

Coming back by Canniboy NR bother left the wizarding world behind adhering to the break of his heart and also another show of betrayal. He is invited back and demands to challenge his demons when again. HP/OC, HP/DG WIP. PG-13

Coming house by mad Martha **Old friends accomplish up after plenty of years and start almost everywhere again. HP/RW Complete. G

Daddy Dearest by Reptilia28 NRSeven years after the last battle, Harry gains custody the Dudley Dursley"s child. Can Harry take care of this child together with his godson Ted Lupin, and maybe discover love in his finest friend Hermione along the way? HP/HGWIP. PG-13

Daddy Won"t leaving You, Henry by Bruno NREverything brought an air of peace and also contented calm. Yet facades are never ever to it is in trusted, she mused. Harry"s wife has died, and Hermione involves visit him and also his son to see if Harry"s all right. He"s not. One-Shot. PG

Harry Potter and also the boy Legilimens by RandiWeasley NRHarry Potter’s family members was warned through the Order the they should offer him much better care this summer. That plainly meant more totally free time and nutritious food. But, when Uncle Vernon litter a seven-year-old daughter into the equation, it’s a roller-coaster. Abandoned. PG-13

Harry Potter and also the last Horcruxes by Katrina Marie speed NR even though he has to find the final Horcruxes and also fight a dangerous war, Harry’s new job will be his toughest battle yet…being a dad. HP/DM WIP. NC-17

Heartless through Phoebe Halliwell NR A infant is discovered in the Slytherin dungeons, when no one owns up to being the parental Dumbledore asks Harry come take her in, let"s check out what unfolds once the "mother" is uncovered. Slash.HP/? WIP. PG-13

It all Started as soon as the Girl fell From the sky by silver Birch (aka. Phoenix.Writing) NRThe saturday year that the golden Trio is thrown into turmoil once a surprise visitor indigenous the future autumn in on them. HP/DM, HG/SS.Complete. R

Lessons because that Life by Caitlyn1 NREight years after Hogwarts, harry recieves a letter indigenous Dudley. What does that want? A little bit of something because that everyone! HP/GW Complete. PG-13

Meeting the family by Bleudiablo *Harry access time 4 Privet Dr and comes away through a baby young to advanced who has a acquainted family line. Obtaining a friendship through Severus Snape and also being request to assist with a Mpreg potion, life will never ever be dull. HP/DM, HP/SS Complete. R

Princes the Maine by Scoradh NR harry wakes one morning to find an abandoned infant on his doorstep. Little does he recognize that this is just the start of his most an overwhelming adventure yet: parenthood. HP/RW Complete. NC-17

Secrets by Vorabiza (Here) **Beginning with Draco"s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry"s summer after 6th year becomes filled with activity and plenty of secrets. Together his summer progresses, bother generates several unexpected allies as he find himself actively becoming the leader the the irradiate side. HP/DM Complete. R

Shake Meby Roxiesnape * harry disappears ten years ago, from his relatives. Once he comes back he is no the innocent boy everyone knows. The Boy who Lived, flourished up in different way than everyone would have actually imagined. He"s no the goody goody means to polite boy from Number Four, he"s a sarcastic, arrogant little twit, who has love deep down and also wants to it is in loved. Yet can he open up up come anyone roughly him? and also what happens when Dumbledore finds him and wants the back? There will certainly be many shippers. Harry will not be v one human being only, no till the finish of my story anyway. HP/Multi Complete. R

Since when Are There 2 Potters? through Kirallie ** (Here) What happens when a details Wizard find an unexpected bundle ~ above his doorstep? A shinobi raised as a magician instead? Harry/Kakashi Naruto. WIP. PG-13

The tiny Child to command Him through BlueRosesAtMidnight *A Christmas visit to Harry"s relatives collection in motion a number of changes in his life... Fatherhood being the largest. HP/DG. Complete. PG-13

The guy Who to be The boy by Bleudiablo (Here) * 15 year after the final fight left bother Potter Deaf, mute and also presumed dead through the wizarding world, his daughter it s okay her accept letter come Hogwarts. HP/OC, SS/LM, HP/SS Complete. NC-17

The Youngest residents of hogwart by Alliekatgal *Harry"s muggle girlfriend wants to put their infant up because that adoption. Instead, Harry brings the baby back to Hogwarts, and also finds Snape come be all of sudden helpful. HP/SSComplete. R

YourA Wizard bother Potter by Shedoc * 10 yrs post-Voldemort bother is life in the Muggle civilization after shedding his magic in the last battle.

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HP/RW Complete. PG-13