10 Hilarious harry Potter With guns Memes That space Too Funny harry Potter never organized a gun, but what would have actually happened if that did? right here are 10 hilarious memes that imagine a human being with take care of Potter and also guns.

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Harry Potter is among the most beloved story told in this era, and also it doesn"t seem prefer it"s fandom and also it"s result on the pop society world at big is going to dim any time soon. However, as fans and also casual readers and viewers alike have regularly noted, the story of bother Potter can have gone an extremely differently if he had been using deadly weapons.

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So as anyone might expect, this idea of harry Potter with weapons has become a popular ide behind countless a meme, and here room 10 the the best out there.

we all knew the the children of the Harry Potter universe had actually to flourish up eventually, but very couple of people intended them to walk this tough this fast.

In fairness to the gold trio, they walk go v a lot, and also if they had to come up through some kind of dark and unhealthy means to deal with then so be it.

9 contact Of Duty

clearly Voldemort"s stamin and ability to rebound native the literal brink of fatality should no be underestimated, however one needs to wonder just how things would have gone if Snape had just teamed up v Harry indigenous the jump.

Even as soon as Harry thought they were working versus one another, your joined forces finished the dark mr for good, so possibly Voldy would have been taken the end by book 3 if Snape and also Mr. Potter had tag teamed him.

Not only is meming take care of Potter with guns the right an option to make in this scenario, one has to ask oneself, execute you also want come be through someone if lock don"t know that this demands to take precedence end pretty much anything else?

Baes come and also go, but Harry Potter fandom is forever, and when an opportunity like this comes follow me it would be a shame to miss out on out on it.

7 A Real role Model

even Lara Croft would be jealousy of Daniel Radcliffe"s impressive dual gun game.

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Also, if the tendency of gritty realism in movie is kind of played out at this point, this feels favor a much truer to life depiction of what would have actually happened to Harry Potter. Given what he"s been through and the method that he prospered up, it"s borderline unbelievable that Harry didn"t devolve come this at some allude in the story.

For every one of Albus Dumbledore"s genius, it really is a little bit surprising that he made decision to bestow the deluminator top top Ron instead of a deadly weapon.

Giving guns to children is a dubious choice at best, yet there are few things the would have actually come in handier for Ron, Harry, and Hermione than a continuous old gun.

5 The eight Of Babes

Something that is actually very bizarre to realize is that in a roundabout way, a wand could literally be supplied as a gun.

If a wand have the right to create any kind of kind that magic, it"s in reality pretty weird that no one ever before uses it to just develop a bullet and also shoot somebody with it. Perhaps it"s not as reliably deadly as "avada kedavra", yet it"s deadlier than many spells would certainly be.

Ron and also Hermione were truly invaluable friends in take care of Potter"s life. They were rather literally drive or die, and also Harry might not have actually been may be to loss Voldemort without their help.

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With that said, would certainly Harry have actually been much better off with two guns as companions instead of two friends? that wouldn"t have gotten the emotionally or emotional support that Ron and also Hermione offered him, sure, yet he would have had an less complicated time defeating his adversaries quickly and efficiently.

3 The Triwizard Tournament

Harry Potter"s writer J.K. Rowling clearly has a fondness because that wordplay, for this reason while she might not be a fan of guns she deserve to at the very least appreciate the seemingly endless number of puns that deserve to be made about Harry Potter and deadly weapons.

Pretty much any Harry Potter title can be modified come accommodate bother Potter and modern-day firearms, which provides for an interesting readjust of pace.

Look, Draco Malfoy is a jerk, but this seems prefer a pretty excessive reaction, even if he did effort to have actually Buckbeak killed.

Actually, it would certainly be amazing to know just how well versed witches and wizards space in human being weapons. If Hermione really did pull a pistol on Draco when they were having their showdown, would certainly Draco have even known sufficient to it is in scared, or would he have actually just been puzzled as hell?

1 She Was always The clever One

Honestly, even though gun society is no a point in the UK, that is a little baffling to realize that Hermione never ever once argued this as a solution, even though it"s a nice perfect one.

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Not just is that the most efficient way to death someone, it"s additionally pretty safe to assume the if Harry had actually pulled a gun on Voldemort then the dark mr would have actually been too recorded off guard come react and also fight earlier before acquisition a bullet.