Hart the Dixie Season 4 episode 9 Review: end of Days

This was among the most enjoyable episodes of the season! From begin to finish, ns was entertained. 

The opened scene the Annabeth"s dream to be great, and Cress Williams to be hilarious in it. Annabeth should have actually never said Crickett about her dream, yet I"m glad she did.

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The chaos the ensued to be fantastic. Every time one more omen come true, the townspeople got more out that control.

If ever there to be a time to "YOLO", that is now!


How good was the night scene wherein everyone to be gathered in the town square? i was make the efforts to count how countless of Tom and Wanda"s alpacas to be walking about in the background. 

The idea of it gift the end of the civilization provided wonderful moments that moved the main characters forward simply in time because that the finale next week.

Now as lot as I prefer George, it"s much fetched to believe that Pamela would provide him a task as her manager so quickly and also easily. I"ll let the slide since this new job ultimately gives George a possibility to leaving town. Periodically I forget that the George we met earlier in season 1 let go the interesting life the had exterior of Bluebell once he live in brand-new York. 

George isn"t meant to it is in in Bluebell forever.

Annabeth has acquired to it is in the most supportive, expertise girlfriend ~ above the planet. She motivated George to monitor his desires without any kind of sign of hesitation.

If this yes, really is our critical night ~ above earth, then I want to know that we invested every second of it chasing ours dreams.


Obviously George will certainly be back for the finale, and I wonder what will certainly go down in his connection with Annabeth. Probably they"ll discover long street isn"t as easy as castle thought. Probably Annabeth will relocate to Nashville come be v him and finish nursing institution there.

Wade was more surprised 보다 I was to uncover that Zoe didn"t believe in marriage. It"s understandable considering how her parents" marital relationship went.

Still, that was difficult to ignore just how sweet wade was. The felt hurt and also surprised she wouldn"t want to marry him.

Zoe: since when carry out you even care around this stuff?Wade: since I met you.Lemon: Zoe, you need to admit that was nice sweet.Lavon: If friend don"t get married him, i will.

I"m happy it to be George that helped Zoe realize she want to marry Wade. I always saw these two as friends. Over there was never that romantic spark necessary in order for them to ever before be a couple.

Their day expedition to brand-new Orleans also detailed an chance for them come share more scenes together prior to the end of the season. He provided Zoe the advice she required to understand where Wade to be coming from. If anyone understands Wade, it"s his best friend.

Zoe: So ns don"t believe in marriage. You know my parents, theirs was a complete sham therefore why would I?George: since Wade does.Zoe: but why? we love each other. We"re having a baby together. Why perform we need some item of file to prove it?George: due to the fact that it"s much more than simply a item of paper, Zoe. I median we"re talking about Wade Kinsella, famous ladies" male that we"re talking around here. Now he wants to stand up in former of anyone he cares around and vow that he will certainly love you and also be faithful to you for the rest of his life. Forever. I mean, it"s favor it"s the last stage of his metamorphosis, you know. He desires to show us all just how much he"s changed, and also that"s a quite damn large deal.

Sadly, Zoe"s proposal to Wade gained hijacked. I"d love to check out Lemon and Lavon obtain married, but will she discover out the truth around his proposal (or lack thereof)?

The look on Lavon"s challenge as Lemon assumed he was proposing to be priceless. I know him no coming front in that moment because she looked therefore happy. 

The preview for following week"s finale reflects Lemon and Lavon seemingly gaining married. Can there it is in a twin wedding though? I"d hate to view Zoe no go v with proposing come Wade prefer she plan in this episode.

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Overall, this illustration was great in setup up the season (series?) finale. There were so many an excellent pieces that dialogue that i simply might not perform them every in this review, for this reason go check them out in the Episode Quotes section.

I"m sad to view this show potentially involved end following week. I have actually a feeling that if the end of Bluebell is here, then the writers will certainly send everyone off right and also happy. 

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? were surprised by the proposal mix up? perform you desire to view Wade and Zoe obtain married? What room your predictions for Hart that Dixie Season 4 illustration 10? 

Sound turn off below, and don"t problem if you"re not captured up because that the finale because you can watch Hart that Dixie online via TV Fanatic!