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\"Have girlfriend Ever remained in Love\" is a song recorded by Canadian record artist Celine Dion, included very first on she seventh English studio album A new Day has actually Come (2002) and also later, on her eight English studio album One heart (2003). The track is a strength ballad, composed by Anders Bagge, Peer Åström, Tom Nichols, Daryl Hall and also Laila Bagge, while manufacturing was tackled by Bagge & Peer. \"Have you Ever remained in Love\" build from a gentle, piano-laced opening right into a theatrical, string-framed climax. The song got acclaim from music critics, while gift reviewed in both albums. Many critics referred to as it a classic-sounding ballad and also one of the strongest cuts from the album. Critics also provided similarities between Dion and also Barbra Streisand. \"Have friend Ever been in Love\" to be released on 14 April 2003, as One Heart\"s second (promotional only) solitary in the united States and also Canada, if on 3 November 2003, it was released together the 3rd commercial solitary in selected european countries. The tune spent fourteen weeks in ~ number 2 ~ above the US hot Adult modern-day Tracks, setting a record for many weeks at the second position. The music video was shot between 29–30 April 2003 in Los Angeles and also released top top 2 June 2003.more »

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Have friend ever been in loveYou can touch the moonlightWhen her heart\"s shooting starsYou\"re holding sky in your armsHave you ever been so in loveHave you ever before walked on airEver felt prefer you to be dreamin\"When you never ever thought the couldBut it really feels that goodHave you ever been for this reason in loveHave you ever remained in loveYou could touch the moonlightWhen your heart\"s shooting starYou\"re holding sky in her armsHave you ever remained in love, have actually youThe time i spentWaiting for something the was heaven-sentWhen you discover it don\"t allow go,I knowHave you ever before said a prayerAnd found that it was answeredAll my hope has actually been restoredAnd ns ain\"t spring anymoreHave you ever before been so in love, have youSome ar that friend ain\"t leavin\"Somewhere you\"re gonna stayWhen friend finally uncovered the meanin\"Have you ever felt this wayThe time i spentWaiting because that something that was heaven-sentWhen you discover it, don\"t permit go,I know\"Cuz have actually you ever been for this reason in love, therefore in loveYou could touch the moonlightYou can even reach the starsDoesn\"t issue near or farHave you ever before been therefore in loveHave you ever remained in loveHave girlfriend ever remained in loveSo in love

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Celine Dion Céline Marie Claudette Dion, CC OQ, (French pronunciation: ( listen); born march 30, 1968), is a well-known Canadian singer. Born right into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec, Dion emerged as a teenager star in the French-speaking people after she manager and future husband René Angélil mortgaged his home to finance her an initial record.

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In 1990, she released the English-language album Unison, developing herself together a viable pop artist in phibìc America and other English-speaking locations of the world. An ext »