Hearts of steel IV is a game all around balance. In order come win, whether against the AI or human being opponents, girlfriend must find out to balance your strikes between different kinds that attacks.

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The biggest instance of this is the airdrop. Also if you space a grasp of ground combat, your worldwide plans mean you’ll need to grasp dropping pressures into other countries. And also that way mastering just how to usage paratroopers.

Wondering how to use paratroopers in HOI4? Keep reading to find our substantial guide!

All about the Paradrop


One that the HOI terms you’ll hear fairly a little bit is “paradrop.” This refers, of course, to you dropping her paratroopers into foe territory.

Keep in mind that no every force can be used as a paradrop force. Because that example, heat battalions room unable to land via carry planes. Pay attention to your division designer screen to identify if the department can be supplied as paratroopers.

As with many aspects in hearts of stole IV, paradrops are simple to execute but daunting to master. Through our guide, you will certainly learn every little thing from the basics every the way to more advanced paradrop combat techniques.

Paradrop Basics


You will need an airfield through transport planes in order to initiate a paradrop. You will additionally need come make sure you’ve got enough transport airplane to handle the load of your forces (more top top this below).

You can’t just drop into any type of territory at any kind of time. Instead, you space going to require to manage at least 70% of the airzones between your initial airfield to her intended drop location.

Mechanically, the paradrop is rather simple. When you control those airzones, you are just moving troops via transport airplane from one ar to another. Yet if you no careful around exactly where you land those paratroopers and what orders you offer them, then they can be jumping to your doom.

Air Superiority


Earlier, us mentioned just how you require to regulate at the very least 70% the the airzones in between your airfield and also the autumn location. Just how do you perform this, exactly? It all comes down to wait superiority.The best means to achieve air superiority is to use your aerial fighters. Through directing them to the right region, girlfriend can create air superiority and make the skies safe for your transports.

While planes space the best method to establish air superiority, you have the right to use closer wait support and also non-naval battle to clear the area. It’s just a issue of making the most out of whatever forces you have actually in the area.

Transport Planes and Weight


Remember all those times you said the teacher you were never ever going to use math? Unfortunately, using carry planes correctly is all about doing some quick mathematics top top the fly.

Each transport aircraft has a moving capacity of 2.0. Meanwhile, paratrooper battalions have actually a weight of 0.5 and also paratrooper support companies have actually a weight of 0.1.

The math on this is fairly simple. If you want to focus completely on paratrooper battalions, each transport airplane can bring four battalions. Otherwise, you deserve to transport any mix of battalions and also support troops you want (though us recommend pack at the very least three battalions every transport).

Whatever girlfriend do, make sure you don’t try to transport an ext people than your planes deserve to carry. This will reason the planes to do multiple trips, disrupting your strategy and also putting your pressures at greater risk.

Where to Land


By now, you know just how to load your carry planes v troops and begin a paradrop. That brings up an apparent question: where, exactly, should your troops land? This is just one of the gameplay mechanics that closely mirrors actual wartime tactics.

When friend land paratroopers, you will do it quickly an alert they are low on supplies. In order to give them a fighting chance, you require to help them situate supplies as shortly as possible. Since of that, you’ll should land close to a supply resource and capture it as shortly as possible.

If you have actually the Waking the Tiger DLC, friend can likewise establish an waiting supply system for your troops on the ground. This help them carry on your fight for longer periods, also if friend haven’t otherwise captured any kind of supplies on the ground.

Coordinating v Ground Troops


So far, we have actually focused entirely on your paratroopers. However, among the best strategies in HOI4 is come coordinate your paratroopers with any type of existing pressures on the ground.

For example, you have the right to place your pressures on the border the a nation you intended to attack. The enemy will answer by sending their forces to the border to oppose her troops. At that point, you deserve to drop paratroopers into key areas and seize success while the foe ground pressures are otherwise occupied.

As with any other strategy, you’ll need to conduct part “trial and error” practice to uncover what works ideal for your certain play style.

Advanced Strategy


Once you have a great handle on paratroopers and also paradrops, you might want to shot a an ext advanced strategy. One of the most progressed strategies involves selectively dropping your forces into various provinces.

Instead that dropping everyone right into one province, try dropping one battalion per province you wish to attack. This allows you an extremely quickly seize unprotected areas from the enemy.

With a little luck, you deserve to use this strategy come circle about the opponent front. Merged with an attack from soil forces, you can use this strategy to an extremely quickly certain victory.



As a player, her biggest foe is always the computer. Not just the A.I. Of enemy troops; you have to be wary versus occasional gameplay glitches together well!

Sometimes, you may encounter troubles dropping right into an area even if you have air superiority. This can happen when you are trying to land in a province whose central node is actually outside your transport aircraft range. If you try to land in together a province, you will be unable to finish the paradrop since the whole process is grounding in an unlimited delay.

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Fortunately, this has an easy fix. Just click the paradrop stimulate on her Air Map, left-click the order’s one icon, and also then right-click to reassign the order. So long as the new main node is in ~ range, girlfriend will have the ability to complete the drop together ordered.

How to use Paratroopers in HOI4: what’s Next?

Now girlfriend know just how to use paratroopers in HOI4. But what if you’d quite lead an strike by sea?

In the case, you need to know exactly how to start a naval invasion. As soon as you’re ready to dominion the waves, check out our complete guide!