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The resurgence of the Broadway show “Hello, Dolly!,” starring Bette Midler, has been trying to insert itself right into the 2016 choice ahead the its march debut, while playing up its politics past.

The display has run into some roadblocks as component of the effort, however. A proposed advertisement set to run on the front page of a one-of-a-kind “For President” ar in the brand-new York times on Tuesday was rejected by the newspaper. The special section’s former page, which features profiles on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, to be slated to have actually an advertisement in shining red at the bottom with an every caps “IT bring away A WOMAN,” the location of one of the song from the show.

Under the blaring headline in really small type was the opening date (March 15), the theater, the show"s website and also a keep in mind that tickets space on sale.

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Though the time editorial page has endorsed Clinton because that president, the record decided the advertising was also political in nature, and also rejected it. An ad for a different Broadway play being put on by the very same producer Scott Rudin, “The Humans”, is to run in that is place. "Hello, Dolly!" instead got a full page advertisement on the back part of the section.

“As us were prepare the modify content and also the ad appeared top top the page, us realized this specific ad i will not ~ work because it would appear as one endorsement,” time spokeswoman Eileen Murphy claimed in an email. The play"s representatives made decision that they weren"t interested in running an advertisement if it wasn"t the "IT takes A WOMAN" advertisement.

For the “Hello, Dolly!” show, the advertisement was intended to make a splash and also a explain — the present has a long history in autonomous politics. In 1964, soon after the play debuted top top Broadway and became a success, the original star that the show, Carol Channing, modified the text of the titular song into one about Lyndon B. Johnson for the autonomous National Convention.

"Hello, Lyndon, it"s just good to have actually you there whereby you belong," the 1964 version goes. "You"re the guy who to know just just how to get things done."

Rick Miramontez, chairman of DKC/O&M., a Broadway PR firm the is representing the play, stated they setup at some suggest to recreation the lyrics for the 2016 election.

"The whole point of it was to make a statement. Ns don’t recognize that it to be a pro-Hillary endorsement as much as it was to track the history of "Hello Dolly" v the democratic politics that it,” Miramontez said. "We didn’t understand what the layout that the page was going to look like, however it seemed choose the perfect possibility to crossing the background of ‘Hello, Dolly!" with present events."