If you to be to ask, a fair amount of gun owners would likely tell girlfriend they have actually a firearm in their houses to protect their households from the opportunity of an intruder. However, these same gun owners could not realize that simply by having a total in the house, they"re actually placing their own family members at risk. A new video native the ad Council mirrors a conversation between a gun-owning father and also his young boy that will certainly send a deep chill up your spine. However, the campaign video raises awareness for the potential threats unsafely-kept weapons may be including to her family"s home. And also this must-see "Family Fire" video clip reveals the scary truth about keeping a pistol in the same house as her children.

Here"s a harrowing statistic come consider: Every job in the U.S., eight kids are unintentionally eliminated or hurt by a pistol — and also often through one the is found loaded and also unsecured in the home, according to a news release from the advertisement Council. This destructive reality is described as family members fire in a brand-new public education project called "End household Fire," which is led by the Brady center to avoid Gun Violence. This eerie ad, which to be released top top Tuesday, begins light-heartedly through a dad playfully tickling his kid as he sits on the floor the town hall cartoons. "All right, buddy, gain ready because that the day," the dad says after the tiny boy giggles and also exclaims, "I surrender, ns surrender!" however out the nowhere, the video clip suddenly bring away a dark turn.

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We have the right to all agree, eight youngsters being unintentionally shot and also injured or killed every work is simply unconscionable.

"Hey dad, carry out we have actually a gun?" the tiny boy asks.

"Why perform you asking that, kiddo?" the father replies casually.

"Can i play v it?" the boy wonders.

"No, no absolutely not. It"s not a toy. You understand that," the dad answers sternly.

"Do I? ns bet it looks prefer one."

The conversation continues, with the gun-owning father plainly becoming an ext disturbed by his son"s curiosity about the firearm. "Yeah, well it"s not. Anyway, I should to safeguard you, her sister, and also mom."

"From what?" the kid asks.

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"From negative guys, favor on TV."

"But what about the eight youngsters that gain shot every day by mistake?" the son points out. "Their daddies probably thought they were safe, too."

Three in four kids know wherein the firearms are save on computer in their home.

Chilling, right? that course, that"s the intent. See, this advertisement isn"t meant to show what an actual conversation about guns might look favor with your child. What it"s expected to carry out is light a light on feasible scenarios that parents whose kids have come to be victims of family members fire probably never considered. Follow to a statistic indigenous TheTrace.org, much more than 4.6 million kids live in homes with unlocked and loaded weapons — and three in four kids know wherein the firearms are stored in their home. The hatchet “Family Fire” was emerged for this campaign and refers come a shooting entailing an improperly save on computer or misused gun discovered in the house that outcomes in death or injury. These incidents can include unintentional shootings, suicides, and also other gun-related tragedies.

"We deserve to all agree, eight children being unintentionally shot and injured or eliminated every job is simply unconscionable," Kris Brown, co-president of the Brady Center, stated in a news release. "Just prefer the ax "designated driver" changed perceptions around drinking and driving, the ax ‘Family Fire’ will aid create public awareness to change attitudes and also actions around this necessary matter. This is a nonpolitical worry where gun owners and non-gun owners alike deserve to come together and play a function in to reduce the variety of innocent lives lost to pistol violence."


For the record, even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stated "the absence of weapons from children"s homes and also communities is the many reliable and also effective measure up to stop firearm-related injuries in children and also adolescents." with that said, gun owners aren"t going to review this recommendation and simply eliminate their guns. So spreading awareness for the suitable storage of guns kept inside homes, specifically those v children, is the next best thing. If this ad may be tough to watch, hopefully it beginning a conversation that makes gun owners that are additionally parents reconsider the safety procedures they take to secure their handheld weapons.