Socrates was lastly sentenced to death because his judges declared that the spoiled youth by his teachings and that that learned various other Gods. Yet what exactly did he teach?


most of this accounts miss the reality that censorship to be legal in all countries prior to modernity. That's what makes Liberalism necessary on the modern scene. Socrates was properly condemned, follow to the law. That's a an excellent issue in the existing legal world. Legit Positivism, just the law, as over and versus the quality of Socrates, phronesis, great sense. Socrates was no wise, yet a phronimos. The effort to drainpipe the law, the judges especially, of good sense is facility of legal arguments in many quarters the the world. The destruction of the usual Law & the difficulty of Sovereignty.
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There is a non-philosophical ingredient to this which i think the various other answers touched on, but did no quite obtain to.

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The year leading as much as Socrates" trial were difficult on Athens. Athens had actually just lost the Peloponnesian War against its long-time rival Sparta, and Sparta had installed the Thirty Tyrants. Though their dominance only it is long 13 months, it was extremely brutal, and quite unpopular. According to the Wikipedia short article I linked, they eliminated 5% the Athens" population. This government additionally ran respond to to plenty of of the values Athens held dear: they to be (unsurprisingly) anti-democratic and also pro-Sparta.

Socrates, with his suspicion of democracy, was connected with the Thirty; in fact, one of the key leaders of the Thirty had actually been a college student of Socrates". Store in mind that the political theory of the job was largely a tussle in between democrats and oligarchs. Through critiquing democracy, Socrates was successfully supporting (or seen as supporting) oligarchy, a system of federal government supported by Sparta and also the Thirty. The was what part of "corrupting the youth" most likely included: "it was her teachings that helped get these monsters right into power."

The Thirty were toppled in 403 BCE; the attempt of Socrates to be a mere 4 years later. The people of Athens to be still reeling from the Thirty, and also were looking for revenge. The particular charges may have been trumped up.

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Put in that light, his joking solution that he must be rewarded for his duty would have actually been particularly ill received. Come the extent that his trial was implicitly one accusation the he had a hand in the Thirty"s rule, that not only refused come deny that accusation, yet in fact argued that it was a good thing.