Beaches near Tallahassee

Tallahassee is located simply 22 miles from the Gulf that Mexico, i beg your pardon is home to few of the world’s top beaches. With much more than 1,600 mile of coastline and also beautiful, sugar-white sand, there are plenty of choices for residents in search of beaches near Tallahassee.

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Below space a list of 9 of the area’s ideal beach spots come escape summer heat and enjoy the surf and also sand.

Cape mountain Blas (98 miles)Carrabelle beach (55 miles)Dog Island (accessible by aircraft or boat)Hagen’s Cove (85 miles)Keaton coast (79 miles)Mashes Sands (35 miles)St. George Island (78 miles)St. Marks nationwide Wildlife Refuge (19 miles)Seaside (128 miles)

Cape mountain Blas

Pictures the the coast at Dog Island, Florida

Dog Island may be among Tallahassee’s best kept secrets! once it come to surrounding beaches girlfriend won’t find this one on many other ‘Best Beaches close to Tallahassee’ lists. Part of the factor is, Dog Island isn’t quickly accessible. Yet if girlfriend can obtain there, you’ve truly found paradise.

It’s not unusual to be the just one ~ above the beach, for this reason you have the right to enjoy the soft sand and sunshine in finish solitude.

Located simply off the coastline of Carrabelle, the island have the right to be seen from Carrabelle Beach. Tourists can acquire there via motorized boat or airplane, as there is a little airstrip situated on the island. However if those options seem the end of reach, are afraid not. There’s a ferry the runs to and from the island that you deserve to charter because that a relatively low cost.

Hagen’s Cove

Aerial check out of Seaside, Florida. Picture Credit: Visit Florida

Seaside is the furthest ‘close beach’ to Tallahassee, but the strange vibe the the town provides the day pilgrimage 100% worthwhile. Pack your picnic basket and head to Seaside’s Grayton beach State Park. Grayton beach continually ranking as one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the unified States, in component due to the gorgeous sunsets. If you desire to see it because that yourself, over there is camping obtainable (including classic rustic camping and also cabins with an ext amenities).

With restaurants, local shops and even a farmer’s market, Seaside is the perfect location to invest the day, or a long holiday weekend. Pastel homes with white picket fences heat the shoreline. As soon as you gain there, it might look familiar – this city was the backdrop for the so late 90s movie “The Truman Show”, certification Jim Carrey.

Frequently asked Questions about Tallahassee Beaches

Is there a coast in Tallahassee?

While there is not a beach situated in Tallahassee, the nearest beach have the right to be discovered just a half hour away. Additionally, Tallahassee boasts a number of nearby lakes, which space perfect for swimming and also cooling off during the hot summer months.

What’s the closest beach to Tallahassee?

While the closest beach to Tallahassee is Mashes Sands’ Bald point State Park (36 miles), the nearest resort-style beach is St. George Island.

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How far is St. George Island from Tallahassee?

St. George Island is located roughly 90 miles south of Tallahassee, FL.

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