Southwest Florida is residence to so many gorgeous beaches that we couldn’t simply stick come one ~ above our pilgrimage to Naples. We disputed driving as much as Sanibel or Captiva to uncover some seashells, but decided to continue to be a bit closer. We ended up finding the end that a Marco Island day pilgrimage is the perfect addition to a neapolitan vacation.

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Marco Island is a tropic spot just west that the Everglades and only a thirty minute drive from Naples. That a bit an ext secluded than various other Southwest Florida locations with calm, heat water beaches. There’s plenty of hotels and golf courses to check out here, however you’ll desire to hang out at the beach if girlfriend come below for the day. This guide will share whatever you should know prior to you take it a Marco Island job trip.


Beaches to Visit in Marco Island

There are just a pair of public beaches to select from in Marco Island. Tigertail beach or south Beach to be the people we debated between.

We ended up walk to south Beach since we heard it to be the much less crowded one. Us easily discovered it in ~ the edge of the island, parked in the lot because that $8 and also then took the 5 minute walk to the beach. Once we gained there, the water was together still as glass and really inviting.


We had actually no problem finding a spot and enjoying the sunshine. I will certainly say it obtained busier around lunchtime, yet there was still plenty of sand. The to mark of the beach was taking a walk south previous the condos and seeing some dolphins play by the rocks. There was a bit of seaweed right here so us didn’t snorkel, however we experienced someone else snorkeling and also the dolphins come so close come her!

If you space going with a family, Tiger Tail could be a far better bet. This beach has a concession stand and beach chairs and water sport rentals available. However, the nicest component of the beach needs a mile lengthy walk come the Sand dissension split. Both choices are several of the nicest beaches in Southwest Florida, so girlfriend can’t go wrong with either!


Lunch choices for a Marco Island day Trip

For lunch, there room a selection of choices on the island. That course, if you desire an every day beach day, girlfriend can lug a picnic. I think it’s precious it to endeavor off the coast for having lunch though. We were satisfied through spending around three hours on the beach and also then headed to the JW Marriott Marco Island.

This is a gigantic resort complicated located right on the beach. You deserve to park right here for just $5 and also then discover the resort. Over there did no seem to it is in a means of stopping people from using the coast here, however you can get stopped from happen your own beach supplies. Us took a quick dip in the pool and there to be so countless people, that it was easy to sneak a swim.


There room a few lunch choices here but we were attracted to the Kane Tiki Bar & Grill. This tiki bar is ideal on the sand and also offers drinks and also food. They had happy hour drink deals and also we really enjoyed the rum punch. For having lunch we common a punctured bowl, shishito peppers and the potstickers. Ns was shocked at how good all three options were, especially the peppers v the peanut dipping sauce. For less than $30, it was a vast amount of food! If you prefer things island style, this is the location to go.

Other lunch alternatives near the beach encompass Mango’s Dockside Bistro and also CJ’s on the Bay. Both are on the water and are a good place to have actually a casual, tropical meal. If you like some tasty pizza after ~ the beach, Sami’s Pizza and also Grill and also Joey’s Pizza and Pasta are popular spots as well.


Afternoon points To execute On Marco Island

Again, the coast is the large highlight here and I introduce finding other relaxing come do. We hung out at the Marriott till mid-afternoon and also then drove back to Naples. It to be well precious the $5 parking!

However, if you are young or young in ~ heart, the Marco Golf and Gardens is a funny spot for a game of mini golf. There’s additionally Sweet Annie’s ice cream Cream Parlor for a sweet treat.


For an ext of an adult treat, Marco Island Brewery is among the best place to find great beer top top the island. They also serve food and also have some gamings to play in ~ the brewery. If cocktails are an ext you thing, Dolphin Tiki Bar and also Snook Inn are wonderful waterfront drinking holes.

Probably the best way to finish the day on Marco Island is with a sunset view. If we had an ext time, ns would have actually loved to take it a sunset cruise with either Cool beans Cruises because that a casual time or Marco Island Princess because that an upscale experience. Even if you simply watch the sunset native land, you will certainly still end the day v some beautiful Marco Island memories.

Know prior to You Go: Marco Island day Trip

I was really pleased with our Marco Island day trip experience. It might me glad we were staying in Naples because there is a bit an ext to carry out there, but also gave me a taste the this tropic escape. Right here are my tips to keep in psychic if you are planning a day in ~ Marco Island as well.

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Marco Island is a fifty percent an hour (20 mile drive) from Naples, a 50 minute, (35 mile drive) indigenous Bonita Springs and also a 75 minute (60 mile drive) from fort Myers.Parking costs $8 because that the job at south Beach and is a 5 or therefore minute walk from the beach. There space bathrooms situated near the parking area.At Tigertail Beach, parking is additionally $8. Girlfriend either need to walk a mile to the beach or wade v the lagoon, which deserve to be complicated at high tide. The restroom is also in this parking area so store in mind, it’s a long walk back.If you have to buy any type of beach stuff prefer sunscreen or noodles, go to the CVS or Walgreens top top Tamiami Trail, as whatever is an ext expensive on the island.The high temperature is commonly in the 70’s or greater, for this reason it’s a an excellent place to visit throughout the year. The can get pretty hot in the summer, and stormy specifically in August and also September.

It is pretty common for Andrew and also I to take day trips and also road trips choose this anywhere the state. One point that has actually made our life for this reason much simpler for auto trips, is a collapsible tribe organizer! that fits everything we require for the beach and also then we can fold that down when we don’t require it anymore. You deserve to purchase it online here to make your roadway trips so much easier!


What’s her favorite location to visit in Southwest Florida? Marco Island was definitely a among a sort experience for us! For an ext ideas for points to carry out in Florida, inspect out my Ultimate Bucket List!